Sci-Fi Tennant Invites Doctor Who Fans to Tardis, Waits on New Deal


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Tennant Invites Fans to Tardis, Waits on New Deal

Wired said:

Fresh off his run as Hamlet and preparing to return to his lead role in Doctor Who for next year's four specials, David Tennant took some time to invite lucky fans into his Tardis for charity.

To promote this year's annual BBC telethon, Children in Need, the Doctor Who production team offers fans a chance to enter the doors of The Doctor's time machine and battle the monsters within.

Meanwhile, Tennant (who is only signed for Who through 2010) has still not sealed the deal for more seasons. His stock has never been higher since his Shakespearian turn was such a success, and rumors continue to swirl that his continuing in the sci-fi roll is dependent on Tennant inking to star in a Doctor Who feature film.

Finally, Tennant's "to be or not to being" this past summer may lead to a big guest star snag for Who. Patrick Stewart enjoyed working with Tennant so much that he'd like to appear as a villain in an upcoming Who episode. The thought of Captain Picard shoulder to shoulder with The Doctor could stop some fanboy cardiovascular symptoms, and the rumors will certainly swirl as to what baddie Stewart could take on. The Valyard? The Black Guardian? The Celestial Toymaker? Pierre Trudeau?

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Patrick Stewart... in Dr. Who... as a villian?!

Now that is an episode that I would love to watch. Heck, Stewart would've made a great Master!