Terminator 5 Travels In Time And Space? [Terminator]


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Terminator 5 Travels In Time And Space? [Terminator]

Will the fifth Terminator movie return to the more familiar time traveling formula of the first three, following the disappointment of Terminator Salvation at the box office? A new rumor suggests yes... but with a twist.

Claiming unnamed "industry sources," Bleeding Cool says that the sequel to Salvation will see resistance leader John Connor himself travel back in time to try and stop the robot takeover of the world - but that he'll be abandoning America to come back to 2011 London. Quite why London would be chosen as the new battleground - in plot or production senses - isn't immediately clear, but the site claim that Christian Bale will again play Connor in this potential return to form. We're skeptical, but willing to be convinced.

Terminator 5 Comes To London [Bleeding Cool]

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London? :confused: OK, in the now canceled T:TSCC series the flashbacks of the future dealt with an international resistance movement but the movies and the TV show are taking place in two different timelines.

Was there some reference to London and/or Europe in any of the prior movies?