Terry Pratchet

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It's quite popular in Russia. You can imagine how it is terribly difficult for translation! I can't say, I'm a fan, just read some. Didn't like the series about witches and my favourite are "Mort" and "Watch! Watch!"... What do you think about "Strata"?


An Old Friend

Colin Smythe, Terry Pratchett's agent, dropped us a line with a couple of updates.

"Our website has now been redesigned, enlarged and updated by Leighton House, adding to Rob Wilkins' original edifice," he said. "The Pratchett pages have been considerably revised and should contain information on every edition and translation of Terry's books that I'm aware of. We shall be adding further information to them as and when I get it. If you notice any errors or omissions, please let us know."
Smythe also added that: "HarperCollins tell me that the American Library Association has named A Hat Full of Sky as both an ALA Notable Book and an ALA Best Book for Young Adults. And French language rights: L'Atalante are signing up Thief of Time and Night Watch."

ON DiscWorld

A word from The Cunning Artificer
I am a very lucky chap, I get to bring Discworld into sculptural form. The Architecture and the buildings that in many cases form an important structure within the plot of the novels are probably the most rewarding aspect of this. Over the years that I have worked with Terry he has become a good friend to me and Isobel. He is kind, unassuming and very witty and one of the most perceptive men I have ever met who observes the human condition with a ruthless eye. Therefore whenever we try to render his vision into sculptural form we do it very, very carefully. Its not for nothing that he has awarded me the sobriquet "The Cunning Artificer".

So what follows is probably the best of its kind you will ever see.