Animation Test Fire II-Cylon Proving Grounds

Randal R.

Some Test renderings..with modified Sound Efx..and have since added 2 new Sfx to the Blaster sound.
Wanting a new look for the TOS Raider..mesh by David Kerin.

First clip was done a few years ago.2nd clip is currently.3rd clip is
more currently...:D Think I like the Darker version though.Light Version is incomplete atm.

Was trying to think of doing the blasters/lasers differently...
And Added more footage of 2 looks and changes to the Cylon Weps.
See Video Description for Detailed Info


And thank you for visiting my post.

Oooh, I've always had a soft spot for the TOS Cylon designs.

With the missiles and blue energy weapons, are the Raiders a mix between elements of TOS BSG and the re-imagined BSG?
are the Raiders a mix between elements of TOS BSG and the re-imagined BSG?

The model used was made by David Kerin and I am sure it was made a long time ago.(over 10yrs i would bet)
Colonial Fleets was where I gotten it.
I did not change any mesh on it at's great the way it is inmho.

Recently realized I had all the materials in c4d and the means to do other things
and began Skinning the model using poly selection tags..those I completely re-did
from scratch.....almost. I do try and shortcut where I see a way..:D

And I just began thinking and trying and experimenting and learn my way thru it.
I think they came out looking like a Modern TOS Raider would look like..inmho
Sleek,metallic,shiny,reflective,glowy,and at the right angle I think I got a shader look with some texture on it.
I think there may also be some triangle type bump patterns on it too.

Glad you liked..I'm a fan..and I loved the original show.

Randal R.
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