Thank You For Being in My life

Aug 16, 2005
I had this idea for a fic and decided to post it. I will probably update around once a week, or whenever i get a chance to send it to my betas.

Summary: What happens when things go wrong for Michael Vaughn? When his friends avoid him, will girlfriend Sydney Bristow help him cope?

A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY BETAS: NadiaSantosFan, ApoagentNadiasantos, Phoenix shotgun 47, and Winifred.

Chapter One:

Sydney Bristow, captain of the varsity volleyball team at Longwood High School, slammed down the game winning kill. After the talk with the team and coach, she changed and went outside. She ran into her boyfriend, Michael Vaughn, captain of the hockey team, who had come to see her game.
“Nice game!” He kissed her hello.
“Thanks.” She smiled
“So you want to go out to dinner?” He asked.
“Well I need to run home to shower but after that, dinner sounds good. Do you want me to meet you somewhere?” She asked.
“I’ll come pick you up in an hour then.” He smiled, kissed her goodbye and left. Sydney ran home took a quick shower, found an outfit, put on some make up and met Vaughn down stairs just as he was knocking on the door.
“Dad! I’m going out!” She yelled.
“Where are you going?” He asked as he walked into the foyer.
“Just out to dinner with Michael.” She told him.
Sydney met Michael outside and they left for dinner. After dinner they decided to go walk on the beach and watch the sunset. They had been walking for abut half an hour enjoying the sunset and each others’ company when Michael’s cell phone rang
“Hello?” He answered.
As he listened to the person on the other line, Sydney knew that something had happened. Michael hung up the phone and sank down into the sand. “Michael, what’s wrong? What happened?” She asked frantically.

Once again thanks to my betas. Please read and review. All comments are appreciated.

Jul 29, 2006
Once again thanks to my betas. Please read and review. All comments are appreciated.

aww thanks Jess!
Im loving this fic already!
And i loved the cliffhanger. .
I cant wait for you to write more. . .

:hug: Zoe
Aug 16, 2005

" I don't know how to do this." He said.

" Dad? Whats gonna happen to Michael? He has no other family left."

"Hey man, How are you holding up?" He asked Michael

" Dad, being here makes me miss mom. I still feel like it was yesterday." Sydney said.