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Now, what happens when you make a film with people messing with someones 'destined' lovelife? Women will furiously see that film. Men will be dragged along. Then everyone who knows the story is based on a P.K.Dick story will be seeing it compulsory. Then it might just stand a chance of being a hit. Oh, and it has Matt Damon in it (and Emily Blunt), so the menfolk were already considering going.

Come September, what initially looks to be a drab film, suddenly takes on more weight.
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I'm off to watch this on Wednesday night with the other half. It's taken a while to come around and for some reason I was dissapointed when Inception came out and I mistook that for this film. I maybe need to watch Inception again with a fresh look on things, without the confusion of, "Hang on! I thought the main character found a woman and he was stopped from seeing her by shadowy men?"

Anyhow, The Adjustment Bureau was the one I really wanted to see all along, even if the posters on bus stops round here describe it as, "When Bourne met Inception" or something like that :smiley:

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Right, finally watched it. There seems to be some subtle changes in the filmography of scifi movies nowadays as they push to become a mainstream genre. This wasn't a total action movie, the music was more a drama, the love story component was definitely drama.

There was a selection of in your face jokes, that the audience all laughed at, then there were some more astounding moments which caused a few of us to snort/laugh/breathe into a too quiet audience. Curiously there was a scene with a subtext where religion was raised as a viable model, democracy was denounced as an illusion, then religion having to submit and change to suit a changed community. But overall, little in the way of intelligent writing and contemporary subtexts. I might just have to find the short P.K.Dick story this is based on to see exactly what the writer of the film decided to include/disclude.
A good cinema (seating, screen, audio) within reaching distance of me charges £6 entry on wednesdays, £8 all other times. By using an Orange (mobile phone network) simcard and sending a simple text I get a code on "Orange 2 for 1 Wednesdays" so me and the GF got in for £6. Our cinema was packed that night.

They not have any offers like that in America?

And I do think this film was fair to good. Although I wouldn't particularly say that it wouldn't detract the experience watching it at home instead.
Thought this one was an okay film, but not one I'd buy on DVD after watching on the big screen...a little too much emphasis on the love story (and even that was a bit far-fetched), in my opinion.
Yeah, but that did mean the GF was willing to watch it with me :smiley: And she's open to watching more scifi movies at the cinema in future.

It was admittedly a bit too rosey, but if films were about reality, we'd snooze through them.
SyFy is working on a new TV series based on The Adjustment Bureau. The series will expand upon the film of a world where everything is controlled but the notion of free will.