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"The Alternate View" columns of John G. Cramer are short (~2,000 word) essays about cutting-edge science. They are aimed at readers (and writers) of "hard" science fiction, as exemplified by the SF stories of Analog, but are about real science, usually physics or astronomy. These columns are published bimonthly in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Magazine.

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Group 1 -- Cutting Edge Science
Group 2 -- Quantum Mechanics
Group 3 -- Neutrinos
Group 4 -- Cosmology and Astrophysics
Group 5 -- Gravity and General Relativity
Group 6 -- Wormholes
Group 7 -- Mega-Projects
Group 8 -- Space Drives
Group 9 -- Evolution and Catastrophe
Group 10 - Communications and Virtual Reality
Group 11 - Flashes in the Pan - Things That Didn't Work
Group 12 - Science Policy
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In The Fullness of Time The universe in the far future

The New Recycling Universe A new alternative to Big Bang cosmology in which the universe recycles between claps of extradimensional "branes".

The Tachyon Drive: Vex=[SIZE=+1]¥[/SIZE]and Eex= 0. Using tachyons as reaction fuel

The Rise and Fall of Gyro-Gravity Spin-modification of gravity?

Dyson on Space Freeman Dyson's views on the space program

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