The Annika Martin Conspiracy

Oct 16, 2010
Hi everyone! I'm an aspiring writer looking for some feedback on my blog called The Annika Martin Conspiracy. I've been writing an ongoing story about a girl caught up in a conspiracy surrounding the truth behind her identity, something she doesn't even know. I'd really appreciate any feedback you'd have for me! Here is an excerpt from Part 1- Chains:

"The room was small and poorly lit. A week ago being locked in this room would have terrified me. A week ago I would have sobbed like a frightened little girl and cried out for my release. A week ago I still believed I was Mrs. Annika Martin.

A lot can happen in a week.

Everything had finally come full circle and here I sat chained to a chair in the middle of an interrogation room with a table bolted to the floor on one wall. They had chained me to the chair hours ago. I didn't put up a fight. I was finally right where I wanted to be. It didn't matter that I had no idea when my captors would return to question me. I knew it wouldn't be long. By now Carver had received the news of my apprehension and was no doubt pacing his office, deciding which direction to take. All I had to do was wait."

My last post was Part 7- The Night Annika Disappeared. Monday I'll post Part 8. Thanks in advance for reading it!