The Arcade has been updated

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The Arcade has been updated! :jiggy:

In recent months we switched from the v3Arcade system to a beta version of ibProArcade for VB. ibProArcade has come out of beta and we've upgraded to the 'gold' version! While there we've also added a bunch of new games including some for the winter holidays that are coming up.

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Speaking of the arcade, be sure to check out the competition going on between brianw and juicdmonte. They are having quite the battle going on to see who can claim the most crowns and everyday the balance shifts between them. I think it's going to be a while, though, before anybody will be able to beat brianw's score in Motherload!


The arcade is a majour addition to the site - a big thankyou and thumbs up dude. good job.
Need any flash or java help, just give me a buzz for the games


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The arcade is a very good part of this site and I liked the Gallery but I have exceeded all hopes of sharing more of my pics. I plan on dominating the links section eventually as soon as I finish sharing the internet with the group.