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Exclusive original Alien Soup articles and interviews!

I'm wondering if Alien Soup is still featuring articles and interviews?
Here we are nearing the end of 2020 a very taxing year.
I'm thinking many authors, artists and genre celebrities are looking for a way to promote their works since normal channels have been effected by pandemic restrictions.
I imagine it might be the perfect opportunity to gather some new articles and interviews.

Plus, as Alien Soup gains momentum on the web, our member base has gained published and talented artisans as well. Perhaps you could feature some in-house members interviews and articles?

You could sponsor an in-house gallery section where each member artisan gets their own index of short stories, artwork, YouTube videos and news feeds. A place where our members could discuss their works and see their portfolios.

This idea started with GalacticFish with StarLog but there are many such artisans that are members here.
You could call the section Alien Soup Celebrities or something?
Not only would it benefit our members who are published it would benefit our regular member and the guests. Plus, with published names in headers, the search bots would generate more hits.

It works itself under the ole adage "If You Build It They Will Come". Give the members a forum and they will populate it themselves. If you start with a few, you can always add more members as they participate.