Sci-Fi The Battlestar Galactica continuation pitch no one heard about

This write up was done by follow Tombs of Kobol member Peter Noble. In June 2011, while looking at eBay listings centered around all-things Galactica, he came across a number of listings for storyboards from a Battlestar project that was neither the classic, original series, the newest one, the Bryan Singer/Tom DeSanto project, Richard Hatch’s “The Second Coming”, or even the Glen A. Larson/Todd Moyer movie proposal. Here is that article. BTW, most of images are back up on Evil-bay.



Quirky Sci-Fi Enthusiast
Very cool! Never knew about that, thanks for sharing! By the way Starbuck was always my favorite. Being an awesome bada** woman myself, I think I relate. LOL.


BSG was pretty spectacular, I made the mistake of watching some galactica 1984 episodes and damaged my wonderful childhood memories.

Be warned. the new BSG was so full of awesome that going back can be painful....