The Best and Worst of Alias!


Before I start naming the best and worst of Alias, let's go over my grading system:

11 - Will go down in television history! Some of the best TV work of all time!
10 - A true work of genius!
9 - Excellently presented, scripted, acted, and directed!
8 - An example of great TV.
7 - A good, solid hour of television.
6 - Flawed, but still has its moments.
5 - Not the best way to spend an hour, but still okay.
4 - Pretty bad and disappointing.
3 - Absolutely rotten. What a waste of time!
2 - Like listening to nails against a chalkboard for an hour!
1 - Death is preferred over this felgercarb!

Best Episodes

1. "Phase One" - the Alias world is shaken up as SD-6 is destroyed. Some AMAZING scenes including Sydney on the plane are in this episode. Sydney and Vaughn also finally express thier love for one another, putting a huge smile on the faces of shippers across the globe. Unfortunately, horrible programming put this episode in the list of the least-watched post-Suber Bowl episodes of TV of all time. (SEASON 2)

2. "Truth Be Told" - Alias begins with Agent Sydney Bristow thinking she's working for the good of her country. Her world is flipped upside down when she discovers that the organization she works for is actually a terrorist group working against the country. Her fiance is killed, her father is unveiled, and torture is abound in this fast-paced, groundbreak series premiere! (SEASON 1)

3. "Almost Thirty Years" - this finale of season one of Alias completely bewilders the viewer with its emotion, action, romace, and heart-pouding ending. I remember shedding tears as Emily confronts Sloane about his true identity. Fans everywhere were forced to wait three months to discover the true fate of Vaughn. (SEASON 1)

4. "The Telling" - this episode put Sydney up against Allison for what we thought would be the final time. Irina makes an incredible, dashing exit down the side of a building. The mind-blowing ending, however, led the next season to a weak, rocky start. (SEASON 2)

5. "Colorblind" - though many may disagree, I thought that "Color Blind" was one the breakout episodes in the flashy season one. Sydney goes undercover in a mental institute to find assassin Martin Shepherd. She later finds out that SD-6 used him to kill her fiance. The emotion and acting in this episode was so overly fabulous, I think awards should have been in order. (SEASON 1)

6. "The Box Pt. I" & "The Box Pt. II" - this two parter put SD-6 in a pickle as McKenas Cole and crew break in and take the entire workforce hostage. Sydney need to bring down these terrorists before it was too late. Sloane also lost a finger, possibly one of the most gruesome scenes ever on Alias. I was shocked to discover that Tarantino did not pick up awards for guest actor in this ep! He was the best actor out of everybody! (SEASON 1)

7. "The Counteragent" - this only gets placed among the top 10 due to one of the greatest disguises Sydney has ever sported! She goes into a Japanese massage center disguised as a Geisha girl, only to poison Sloane to an absolute death. Some very interesting questions were formed in this episode as well. (SEASON 2)

8. "Breaking Point" - the first fabulous episode in Season 3 in my opinion, "Breaking Point" takes Sydney into NSC custody where they attempt to brainwash her for information on the Covenant. Lauren also must face some difficult desicions as she watches Sydney be tortured. The man in the cell next to Sydney was also portrayed wonderfully, and whoever that actor may be, he deserves much success! (SEASON 3)

9. "Rendezvous" - this pentultimate episode aired a week before the eye-opening finale of Season 1, and all fans had to suffer through a LONG week! There was everything- action, suspense, drama, and SYDNEY SINGING! This episode rocked! (SEASON 1)

10. "Blood Ties" - possibly the only other episode in season 3 that deserves lots and lots of applauding. Emotion, action, plot, and fabulous acting were all let loose in this episode. Sydney meets her sister, Nadia, for the first time, resulting in quite a scene. Vaughn and Lauren really stood out in this episode as she and Sark torture Vaughn while he hangs in handcuffs in a sewer. Great episode! (SEASON 3)
RATING: Borderline 7-8

Worst Episodes
I think I'll count down for suspense!

5. "Double Agent" - boy, are we lucky ABC didn't air this episode after the superbowl! Hardly anything about this episode made me excited or wanting more like most of Alias does. The plot was thin, the missions were weak, and Ethan Hawke was barely believable as CIA Agent/Marcavik. The entire "doubling" technique that this episode was based on was completely unbelievable and hardly kept my attention. (SEASON 2)

4. "The Two" - The season premiere of Season 3 surely did not deliver. It's like Sydney's been GONE FOR TWO YEARS and hardly anyone really cares. The explanations were too quick and nothing was portrayed cleverly or imaginative like most of Alias is. Jennifer Garner wasn't even convincing (possibly a first!). (SEASON 3)

3. "Reunion" - And so the love triangle begins in one of the unconvincing episodes of all time. Sure I missed the tension between Sydney and Vaughn as they craved for one another, but the love triangle was was not the way to go. None of it was interesting, convincing, or suspenseful in the least. (SEASON 3)
RATING: Borderline 3-4

2. "Repercussions" - one of the most PATHETIC hours of television I have EVER seen (besides every installment of "Romeo"). Everyone was trying WAY too hard to make this action-packed, suspenseful, fun, and exciting. ERRR! Failure! Everything was L-A-M-E: the casino scene, Lauren driving, Vaughn and Lauren pretending to have chemistry, etc. This was just a flat-out ROTTEN episode. (SEASON 3)

1. "Legacy" - watching the godawful pre-finale episode of Season 3 was one of the worst ways I have EVER spent an hour. Everything was confusing, boring, stupid, and just incredibly pointless. Vaughn's emotion was as fake as most of Britney Spears, I really couldn't care less whether or not Nadia would die, and creativity was absolutely extinct. One positive aspect that keeps this episode from sliding to a "1" on my scale is the sub-plot of Nadia writing out the words in the shape of the eye of Rambaldi, that was pretty cool. I wish I could tell you more, but I hardly remember a thing about it I hated it it so much. (SEASON 3)

Closing Notes:

I'm very sorry if I offended you in any way, dissing all of our favorite show, but besides the five episodes I've listed plus mabye 2 or 3 more, all of Alias' episodes are SO much better than most anything on TV. Don't get me wrong now, I hold in high regard 58/65 episodes that I've seen so far. That's about 90% of all the episodes in existence. I love Alias, and I think that no matter what direction it turns, I will stay a loyal, dedicated fan. Besides, if I stopped watching the show, what would my motivation be of posting here? And I could never stop doing that ;)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your thoughts, opinions, concerns, suggestions, aggreement, disagreement, etc. You could even make your own list of your favorite/least-favorite episodes!! :D

Signing out for now,

P.S. I am a boy. Please stop referring to me as "she," "her," etc. If you want any explanation on my seemingly-girlie username, please PM me! Thanks! ;)
Tenderbear said:
P.S. I am a boy. Please stop referring to me as "she," "her," etc. If you want any explanation on my seemingly-girlie username, please PM me! Thanks! ;)
Maybe you should give yourself a nickname? ;)
well.. if there is such thing has "Worst of Alias" I guess I agree with a FEW things..c'mon "Double agent" wasn't that bad! the last minute of the episode makes you forget the barely believable Ethan Hawke.

hell yeah! Sydney singing was the best :lol: I wish we could watch more scenes like that...

oh! and what about THE GETAWAY?? :eek: that's my all time favourite! (PHASE ONE doesn't count cause it's EVERYONE favourite)

..I always thought you were a boy.. :cool:
I have to say that the scene between Sark and Sydney on Succession, the 3x02 episode, when Sark was in CIA custody was extremely weird and out of character for Sydney to talk to Sark in this way:

Here is the script from that scene (just pulled it up from

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>-------------------------
(Scene begins with a prison-cell door opening. Sydney walks through and we see Sark, sitting on his bunk. He turns to look at her as she speaks, a look of surprise on his face)

SYDNEY: Mr. Sark... I wanted a word before you get traded.
SARK: Dear God, it can't possibly be you.
SYDNEY: Don't start this conversation by acting surprised that I'm alive.
SARK: Sydney, you know how highly I regard your abilities as an operative, but even I didn't think you were capable of cheating death once your remains had been identified... which begs the question... if it wasn't your body they removed from the ashes, whose was it?
SYDNEY: I read the transcripts of your confessions. Including the fact that you and a woman named Allison Doren killed my friend... Francie.
SARK: If you've read my transcript you know how cooperative I've been. I'll be glad to pay you the same courtesy if you simply tell me what you're getting at.
SYDNEY: That explosion in my apartment was a cover up. To make the CIA believe I was dead. What I believe is that Sloane abducted me, I think you know why... but you failed to mention that in your confession.
SARK: If I'm to understand what you're saying, you have no idea where you've been for the last two years.
(Sydney glares at him, but doesn't answer)
SARK: None?
(Sydney continues to glare at him and Sark lets out a laugh)
SARK: Unbelievable! I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh, I'm just... I'm speechless. Look, Sydney, if Sloane had intended to abduct you, I wasn't privy to it. (still smirking at her)
SYDNEY: What if I said I still don't believe you?
SARK: I'd say it'd make no difference. In 24 hours I'll be free, and... you'll remain in the dark.
(Sark stares at her, looking smug. She stares back, but eventually turns to leave)
SYDNEY: See you in Mexico.

OK, first of all, what the hell! "See you in Mexico?????" What?? How about... I hope you go to hell and fry in it, Sark?

And then, "Mr." Sark? Mister? What? Sydney wouldn't talk about Sark ass "Mister" Sark. Just f-ing Sark.

And I just thought the conversation overall was pretty bad and out of character for Sydney to talk to Sark that way. Bad writing and maybe even bad direction on that scene, for sure.

As for Repercussions, I think it was OK. The casino scene was definitely funny. Come on, it's Marshall slapping Sydney's butt. That was great!!! That whole scene was great! But as for the rest of the episode, yeah, I guess it was just OK.

And Legacy, well, Tenderbear - you totally discredited yourself by saying that "but I hardly remember a thing about it I hated it it so much." It was a good episode. Vivica A. Fox and Isabella Rossellini made this episode quite enjoyable. This episode was very good. In fact, every single episode from 3x15 Facade (which was awesome - the whole plot of how they tried to trick Ryan was clever and they kept it interesting until the end when Jack almost killed Ryan and then practically resurrected him so that he'd tell them the codes), all the way to Legacy were great.

Hourglass (3x19), was fantastic. The Sloane execution scene along with Sydney's shoot-em-up-to-steal-the-Hourglass sequence with the Deftones' Change in the background - was really really good.

Blood Ties was great, as you pointed out.

And Legacy was good too.

The most disappointing episode for me this season was Remnants. On Conscious (which was also great, IMO), at the end, they set it up with Sydney's "Oh my God", when in her memories, she opened the doors labeled 47. I thought that was a big cliffhanger, but when it was revealed that she was only seeing Will in her old apartment, I was quite disappointed, and I really was ready at that point for Sydney to find out what she had done in her missing 2 years.

Full Disclosure was great.

I've really liked Season 3, unlike many here.

Oh, and Cecilia - The Getaway was awesome!!
"Phase One" was good, but there are many episodes I like better.
okay i despise Full Disclosure, it was terrible. 3-4

Facade i think was one of the better eps. for Season Three 8-9

AND Unveiled 7-8

The Two I thought was pretty good for a season premire 9
i totally diagree with the eps you didnt like...i thought the worst alias eo was after six. it was just SUCH a pointless ep! i understand what youre just surprised that you didnt like double was sooo good!
I definately agree that Phase One was the best (no duh!) but I really liked Double Agent. I thought it was maybe a little slow right after Phase One, but they had to calm everyone down again and I thought they handled the dramatic change in the plot very well!!
I absolutely agree with Tenderbear's assessment of "Legacy". I rated it as bad or one of the worst (whichever it was) in the "rate Legacy" thread. First time I've ever rated below good. I have really enjoyed season 3 but I thought that episode was just a hot, steaming pile of ...
But hey, even the best running back fumbles one every now and then. This episode was that one for me.
Hey Hey, and what about "A Dark Turn?" By far one of the best. Dont yall agree? Anf I liked "Full Discloser" (or whatever). Not the best, but prettyy good. Maybe a 9? "Truth Takes" Time was another really good one.
My absolute favorite episodes have been Reckoning (the end especially when she is at the mental institution - and she finds the dead body of her partner) and Colorblind. Those episodes showed Sydney's brains and ability to get her out of an extremely tough situation, not to mention her strength and ability to forgive and help the person who actually killed Danny.

Phase One was okay...but definitely not my favorite...I was okay with Double Agent. Not everything that happens on Alias is realistic, so the whole doubling process didn't really bother me. I also thoroughly enjoyed having Ethan Hawke on my screen for the better part of an hour.

I don't think the conversation in 3.02 between Sydney and Sark was wierd. If you watch during the converation, Sydney's facial expresssions clearly emotes "go to hell you SOB" while searching for some answers about her missing two years, which she believes Sark might have known something about. Plus, Sark is Sark when he laughs at her memory loss. But the last line, the "see you in Mexico" part did seem a little out of character for Sydney.
Favorites: The pilot, Truth Be Told, and A Dark Turn (S2). Truth Be Told just blows me away every time I watch it and I really, really miss the sort of campy, 'No One Lives Forever-meets-drama' sort of feel I got from the first three episodes of S1.

And A Dark Turn is just fabulous, any way you look at it. In mho. ^_^

Worsts: Full Disclosure and The Two. I just didn't like 'em, period. I thought season three could have gone in so many different, maybe better directions than the route they took but I especially feel that way when I watch these two episodes. Ugh, don't get me started. ;)
I guess I will go against everybody who have replied here and I say ...

I just plain love Alias ... I can't think of a bad episode ... OK, we have had some eppy's where we were stuck knowing what it was all about, but come on ... it has kept us watching week in week out ... ;)

I love Alias ...

P.S. I knew you were a boy ... ;)
My favorite ep is "Parity" but i have to say in my opinion there wasn't one bad ep in S1.As a matter of fact i think it's one of the best opening seasons of ANY show ever.The only problem is that it will be never be duplicated because of that perfection.

S2 was a strong follow up but S3 has been a major letdown.TB i think Reunion was the worst ep of S3 even though that's not saying much with the lack of quality eps this year.There isn't one ep from this year that could've been aired during S1,and only a few(Prelude,Facade,Hourglass,Breaking Point)that could've been aired during S2.
Tenderbear said:
1. "Phase One" - YES MUST AGREE! It finally closed the SD-6 chapter and allowed her to start a new one~ with VAUGHN!

2. "Truth Be Told" - YEP! This is a great one, how it all started... ahh the beginning!

5. "Colorblind" -OH YEAH! Seriously this was a great one. And I loved the post card at the end where he was seeing in color again. Nice to know that victims can have a second chance.

6. "The Box Pt. I" & "The Box Pt. II" - YUCK!! I hated this one because I think QT sucks! (Sorry ivand67) Ugh, could he get any worse?

4. "The Two" - I AGREE! It really felt heartless... like "OH, HI!" are they that jaded that it wouldn't faze them?

1. "Legacy" - AGREE AGAIN! This was not up there on my good list. I am not sure why, but the tone felt "off". Hopefully the finale kicks it up a notch!

So, Alias is my all time fave.. but this season has been a really bad one for them. Someone said it seemed like they went really slow at the beginning (SO PAINFUL!) and then all of the sudden they were nearing the end so they had to go super fast! Maybe they can get their scheduling in order and next year will be better!
So, Alias is my all time fave.. but this season has been a really bad one for them. Someone said it seemed like they went really slow at the beginning (SO PAINFUL!) and then all of the sudden they were nearing the end so they had to go super fast! Maybe they can get their scheduling in order and next year will be better!

My responses are in the message above.
i'm only gonna name my favs right now cos i hate naming bad alias eps and can usually find brilliantly acted scenes or great dialogue to excuse an otherwise poor ep.

Favs include in no particular order:

Phase One,
The Getaway
Truth Be Told
Almost Thirty Years
The Telling

i really won't name a bad one.

i also love season 3, granted not as much as 1 and 2 but it's still the best show out there. It was always gonna be difficult to top season 2, but i think they've done an alright job.i reckon that next year is going to be absolutely amazing.i really do have that faith.

Tenderbear, i am going to pm you cos i'm really interested in your name. it's just sooo cute. ^_^