The Best Parts of London 2012


Creative Writer
Jan 16, 2005
I think we need a place for all those special parts of the London 2012 Olympics, whatever nation you're from. The ones that really enthuse you with spirit. Not just for your own team, or nation, but what just stands out as really special.

Today in my news feeds a story has already stood out for me, and caused me to read further, find more media:

Michelle Obama hugging the entire US Basketball team after their win against France.

There is a gallery clickable on the page, some of the later pics are from previous events.

What is really interesting is the way she is dressed down, her hair tied up, looking like a concerned family member, and fully engrossed in wishing the team well. It makes it more special not just for the team, not just American citizens, but anyone reading about it from whatever nation you're from. This is the wife of the US President, the 'most powerful man on the planet', and she is showing once more her approachability and concern.


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Aug 4, 2011
Here's to my brothers and sisters in England, specifically London, who have done an excellent job of hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics. I hope to one day visit your great country and see it for myself.