The Black Book:Diary of a teenage stud

Ok...The only books ive ever read for enjoyment have been the harry potter series...but i still didnt really even get into those. For my comparative Lit class, we have to have an independent book to read, and follow it up with a presentation on it. I didnt have one, so i went to the library, and a book literaly fell at my feet. I picked it up, and I knew immediately it was something i was going to like.

The Black Book(diary of a teenage stud)
Girls, Girls, Girls
By:Jonah Black

I got it taken away from me in 3rd and 4th period. I literaly could not put it down. The first book of the series is 233 pages long, and i finished it before school was out. The next day, i picked up volume 2, "stop, dont stop" and finished that one by the end of the day, which is 229 pages. As you can see, i was addicted. Im trying to find the third one as we speak, which i will also most likely finish in a day. There are 4 books in the series. It is SUCH AN ACCURATE account of what actually goes through guys minds. Guys, it is a good read because it talks about alot of topics that we are interested in. Girls, it is a good read because it could help you understand what goes through our minds. :D I definetly RECOMMEND this book to EVERYONE!!! :woot: