THE BLACK RIDERS: Indie film in development


Subtropolis Film Partners presents...

….Part One of a seven part epic sci/fi/action adventure feature film series based on many historical myths, urban legends and conspiracy theories.

A full throttle inter-galactic conspiracy theory on steroids

By Bob Teske

Part One: Out Of The Ashes

John Severen has no memory. He doesn’t remember his teen years or growing up. He doesn’t know he was once one of the Montauk Kids, gifted with special powers like the other seven children. He doesn’t know they were part of an elite task force facilitated by the government who named them. He doesn’t remember how they teleported themselves thru time and space as Black Riders and battled against fierce Draconian Warriors and saved the planet. He doesn’t know they all had their memories wiped for their own protection and reprogrammed with designer memories.

What he does know is…… his memory is returning.

He also knows he is no longer human.

Thirty years have passed since Montauk. Planet X is closing in from its last orbital pass 3600yrs ago, and so are the Draconians. The now adult Montauk kids will reclaim their powers and remember their destiny as members of an elite ancient order of knights, defenders of the Universe known as…


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Subtropolis Film Partners Presents THE BLACK RIDERS