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The Box

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by SpyGurl001, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. SpyGurl001

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    Jan 12, 2003
    Hey guys I hope you like this!! Please REPLY!!


    20 yrs later, SD-6 is destroyed , but now KSR is big. Sydney is now teaching. Vaughn is now the head handler, assistant to Kendall. Vaughn and Sydney have a son together but its not happily ever after. Four years after Syd has Michael, their son (18), Vaughn gets Alice pregnant, has a little girl, and marries her. Now Alice is asking for a divorce and its long and drawn with the custody of the child. Vaughn sees both Syd and Michael, but Vaughn and Michael doesn't have the father-son bond Syd wish they had.

    --Syd house--

    Ring Ring Ring.."Hello?" Syd rolls her eyes what now I'm already late for work she mumbles

    "Hey, I'm sorry" Vaughn said truly sorry for calling her so late
    "Oh, Hey Vaughn Its not you its just I'm busy and already late"
    "Well, Syd this is an emergency. You need to come to the CIA headquarters Kendall wants to talk to you immediately."
    "God what does he want now?!??! I haven't been on active duty in 18 years. How am I any use to him?"
    "Syd he wouldn't tell me but he said get you in here fast."
    "Well, I need to call the school and tell them I'm taking the day off."
    "Ok, so I can expect to see you in a little bit?"
    "Yeah, I'll see you soon"

    ----CIA HQ----

    "Hello, Ms. Bristow"
    "Hello, Kendsll Why am I here? I haven't see this place in ages" Syd said looking around seeing the technology.
    "I know, thats exactly why I want you to familarize yourself with this place. I will tell you more when we have our briefing"

    --In Meeting Room--

    *Kendall POV*

    "Here we have Anita Mertina,( a woman in her mid 30s pops-up on the screen in front of them) We have reason to believe that she is working for KSR and is highly dangerous. She has killed three CIA agents and other allies that are with us. Your mission Ms. Bristow is to bring her back here or if she endangers you in any way kill her."
    Sydney was flabbergasted she tried to responded
    " I know you wanted to rid yourself of this place and when SD-6 was destroyed you did However, I wouldn't be asking you if I thought someone else could do the job. Ms. Bristow this mission requires skills that I believe you only have."

    Syd sighed "all right I'll do it. But what exactly am I getting myself into?"

    Thank God! I knew she would she always did helped us out and its true she is the only one who can do this she has experience knowledge she knows how to act under pressure.

    "Well, since you agreed, you will be doing three weeks of training just to get you back into shape and accustomed to the new technology. Then you will go to Barcelona for about 4 days at the most and we'll assign you a partner, Agent Pierson, help you locate her and get her back to us at the school. There will be a team located in an abandon school just out side of Barcelona. However you will be doing most of this by yourself.

    Syd sat there in disbelief Kendall must have planed this making sure she would accept it. So she thought she would get by asking him about her teaching job.

    "I'll have someone call in for you about how an emergency has come up and you will not be able to be teaching for about a month."

    "Well I guess nothing ever really changes you always plan for everything"

    "Thats my job, Ms. Bristow"

    They parted. Sydney wanted to get rid of this life but she couldn't help but smile thinking her country needed her to do this mission.

    So did ya like it??? (y) or (n)

    I'll have the next part up later ( i know most have already read this but I saved this in parts)
  2. Alias Elle

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    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Is this the one you had posted before?

    ~Me :angel2:
  3. SpyGurl001

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    Jan 12, 2003
    Yep I actually saved it to my word processor so its all the same
  4. Alias Elle

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    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Oh, okay.

    Write more please! (even though I already know the next few chaps... but yeah, whatever...)

    ~Me :angel2:
  5. Alias-Hippy

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    Feb 26, 2003
    Exuse me "Vaughn no cheaty on Sydney"if you know what I mean.Otherwise its good.
  6. SpyGurl001

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    Jan 12, 2003
    --Back at Sydney's House--

    ~No POV~

    Opening the door, Michael was cautious coming in something had to be wrong. When he pulled in he saw his mom's Honda was here and she never was home before him.
    "MOM! MOM you home?!?!?"
    "Yeah honey, I'm in the kitchen"
    "Hey Mom, why you home?"
    Michael asked looking at his mom cooking with a smile on her face, she obviously no sick so what was going on

    "Oh so your not glad to see me?" His mother said laughing
    "Yeah, I am but why aren't you at the school, whats wrong?
    "Michael, honey nothing is terrible wrong just something has come up."
    "Mom, What? Whats happening?"
    "Sweetheart don't worry I'll discuss it over dinner I want everyone here so I can explain"
    "Who is coming?"
    "Your Father and Grandpa in an hour. I'll discuss this matter when they come. There is no sense in me explaining it 3 times." Sydney said in her matter-of-fact way.

    All right whatever" Michael mumbled testing the spaghetti sauce. He knew his mom would say whats up when she was ready no use in making a production, but something in the back on his mind knew it was something important, because both his grandfather and his dad were coming.

    --an hour later--

    Ding Dong

    "Michael could you get that?!?" Syd screamed from the kitchen
    "Yeah Mom" Michael screamed going to the door

    Opening the door Vaughn standing there looking at his son. It amazed him how much they looked alike. He knew that he would be there, but didn't know what to say he and Michael didn't have the best father-son bond.

    "Hey" Michael said looking at Vaughn not to happily.
    "Hey, how you doing?" Vaughn said tapping his foot
    "I'm alright....like you care" Michael mumbled, "Come in my mom is in the kitchen."
    "Oh, Okay" Vaughn said stepping in the house.

    Before Michael could close the door Jack showed up. Michael greeted him with a hug.

    "Hey Grandpa, how are you?"
    "I'm doing go great keeping busy, how about yourself school coming along?"
    "I'm doing good, school is school..but do you know what mom has up her sleeve?"
    "No, not a clue, but I have a feeling we're going to find out"
    "Yes all of you will!" Sydney said coming to the foyer to greet her dad

    Vaughn behind her obviously trying to get Syd to tell him what was going on.

    "Well, if all of you like to go to the dining room we can have supper then I can discuss what all of this about."

    Everyone agreed and headed to the dining room. Each eating their share sat around the table full. Finally Jack broke the silence
    "So, Syd are you going to leave us to sit here and ponder on whats going on or are you going to tell you?

    "Well, dad.. This morning I got a call from Vaughn saying how Kendall needed me to come in." She sat there and told them everything that her and Kendall discussed."
    "Mom," Michael was first to speak, "so this means you are going back to what you said you would never wanted to do again?" He said this with question while Vaughn sat there and wondered the same thing.

    "To answer that Michael yes, but Kendall said that I was only agent he thought could do this."

    "Mom, this could be dangerous. I mean what if something happened I mean I'm sure someone else could do it"

    "Sydney, do you really know what your getting yourself into going back to the CIA. I know Kendall and I know if you didn't want to do this I could talk to him he can find someone else." Jack spoke in his logical way.Jack knew he couldn't really talk Kedall out of this but he loved his daughter and didn't want to see her hurt by the spy life again.

    "Syd, I have to agree, are you absolutely sure about this." Vaughn said wondering why Kendall didn't ask him about what he thought of having her come back and why hasn't he heard about the mission she was going to be doing.

    "OK, all of you! I know what I'm getting into me and Kendall discussed this yes it could be dangerous but I know that I did work for the CIA and SD-6 at the same time and have done numerous missions that could have gotten my killed or compromised. Now I don't have to worry about getting compromised but if I do get hurt. I know Michael has a father and grandfather to stay with. In fact I plan on him staying with one of you while I'm gone."

    Everyone sat there in shock when Sydney went off. Michael knew when is mom was aggregated, but something she said set him off.

    He He I change some of it like a line or two just for Alias Elle (its about jack) so that it clears stuff up!

    Please reply! Please.....Please...Please!!!

    ~KM :angelic:
  7. Alias Elle

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    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Thanks (i think)

    Sorry, I'm sick, so maybe I'll appreciate life in general a little more once I feel better...

    ~Me :angel2:
  8. twinzz2003

    twinzz2003 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 13, 2002
    I've read this start to finish, and love it.
  9. SpyGurl001

    SpyGurl001 Rocket Ranger

    Jan 12, 2003
    ok I'm going to be nice I can't post tomorrow cuz I have a competion to go to so I'll post the stuff that I wrote already! Please Reply even if u already read it I like input :)

    "Mom NO I'm NOT staying with him!" Michael said jumping up from his chair looking at his father that sat across from him. Michael went to his room locked the door turned his stereo on and listen to the song that came on

    <<Hey Dad I'm writing this to you, Not to tell you that I still hate you, Just to ask you how you feel? And how we fell apart how this fell apart>>

    As Michael listened to one of his favorite Cds he thought of the words that described his feeling about him and his dad.

    <<Are you happy out there in this great wide world? Do you think about your sons? Do you miss your little girl? When you lay your head down how do you sleep at night?>>

    Michael closed his eyes and took a piece of paper out and started to write everything he was thinking. He wondered if his father ever thought about him.

    <<Do you ever wonder if we're all right? We're all right it's been a long hard road without you by my side why aren't you there all the nights that we cried>>
    His thoughts went to the nights that him and his mother would cry because they didn't know how they were going to get by and why Vaughn wasn't there.

    <<You broke my mother's heart, you broke your children for life, it's not OK but we're alright>>

    He wrote how he couldn't understand how his father broke his mother heart by marring someone else. His mother was a great person, caring, determined, strong, and loving and he hurt her. And when he and his wife divorce everything was suddenly ok. Michael didn't want to forgive so quickly. He knew his dad did try, but that wasn't good enough.

    <<I remember the days you were a hero in my eyes, but those are just long lost memory of mine. I spent years learning how to survive Now I'm writing just to let you know I'm still alive>>

    Michael did remember when everything was ok, when his family was perfect when his father was a hero. He longed for that

    << The days, I spent so cold, so hungry were full of hate I was si angry the scars run deep inside this tattooed body There thing's I'll take to my grave, but I'm ok I'm ok >>

    After those first perfect years with his father...he left and he didn't see his father until years later. Michael was full of hate he didn't understand how he could just leave. As the song went on one part stuck with him.

    <<And sometimes I forgive Yeah and this time I'll admit that I miss you Said I'll miss you, I miss you...hey dad>>(Emotionless by Good Charlotte)

    Michael knew that even though he did hate his dad for leaving he did miss him and he knew his dad was trying.

    --Dining room--

    When Michael stomped off Syd wanted to go after him, but Jack stopped her.

    "Sydney, stop, he is upset he doesn't understand he is worried about you he needs time to think he'll come around"
    "Dad do you think I'm going the right thing?"
    "Sydney I support you if you think you can handle going back and believe your doing the right thing."
    "Dad thank you for your support. I wouldn't do this if I thought this wasn't important."
    "I know sweetheart, but I think its time for me to leave tell Michael that I love him and to stop by after school sometime this week,"
    "Ok, I will I love you drive safe" Sydney said holding the door

    Ok just to clear up the Word in th << >> is lyrics form Good Charlotte I just wanted to say that even if I already put that so everyone knows :).

    Yes, Alias Elle...Michael is being stubborn and sarcastic just like little Syd! he he I'm just teasing ya!

    ~KM :angelic:
  10. SpyGurl001

    SpyGurl001 Rocket Ranger

    Jan 12, 2003
    OK Yall! I just sent my nexy chapter to my Beta (thanks to Sarkie 47 @ SD-1) once she is done I'll have it up for yall!!

    ~KM :angelic:
  11. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA

    ~Me :angel2:
  12. Scarlet Crystal

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    Dec 30, 2002
    wow! intruiging...
    i think that's how to spell it... lol
  13. SpyGurl001

    SpyGurl001 Rocket Ranger

    Jan 12, 2003
    Ok here is a treat my Beta was great and decided to revise my prologue!! So I'll post that and when she is done with the other chapters and the one I just sent I'll post it ASAP!

    The Box


    Twenty years later, SD-6 has been destroyed, but now KRS-1, with Mr. Sark in command, is the head-honcho of the espionage world. Sydney is now teaching at UCLA. Vaughn is now the assistant director at the Joint Ops Task Force, second only to FBI Director Kendall. Vaughn and Sydney have had a son together but cannot live happily ever after just yet. Four years after Sydney gave birth to their son, Michael, (who is currently 18 years of age), Vaughn reconciled with Alice, who, soon after, gave birth to his daughter. Being the honorable man that he is (and since he thought he and Sydney could never be), he married Alice, thinking it would help to normalize his complicated life. After a few years of marriage, though, they began to fight. Now Alice is filing for divorce, and it is long and drawn with the custody of their daughter. Vaughn still sees both Syd and Michael, but the father and son do not possess the bond that Sydney wishes they could share.

    --Syd’s house—

    Ring. Ring. Ring. "Hello?" Syd answered in an exasperated voice as she picked up the phone. She rolled her eyes. ‘What now? Don’t people have any common courtesy? I’m already late for work,’ she thought to herself.

    "Hey Syd. It’s me. I’m sorry for calling…" Vaughn said, truly sorry for calling her so late in the morning. He had forgotten that she was now an English professor at UCLA, and today she had morning classes.

    "Oh, hey Vaughn," Sydney smiled to herself, ‘I should have known it was him’ she thought. "It’s not you, it’s just, I’m busy and I’m already late for class."

    "Well, Syd, this is an emergency. You need to come to CIA headquarters as soon as possible. Kendall wants to speak with you immediately."

    "What could he possibly want from me, Vaughn? I’ve been off active duty for 18 years. How am I of any use to him?"

    "Sydney, please hurry. He wouldn’t tell me what this is about, but it sounded important."

    "Well, I need to call the school and take the day off, but then I’ll come right in."

    "OK. So I’ll tell Kendall to expect you in about half an hour?"

    "Yeah. See you Vaughn."

    --CIA HQ—

    "Hello, Ms. Bristow. We’re glad to have you back."

    "Hello, Agent Kendall. Now, I assume this is a real emergency, seeing as I haven’t been to this place in ages," said Sydney as she looked around the center and observed the CIA’s latest technology.

    "Yes, I assure you, this is a real emergency. But, for now, I want you to re-acquaint yourself with the joint ops center and its new technology. I will explain more about the mission itself during the briefing."

    --CIA Briefing Room—

    "Here we have Anita Mertina," stated Kendall as a picture of a woman in her mid-thirties appeared on the screen. "We have reason to believe that she is working for KRS-1 and is highly dangerous. She has already killed 3 top CIA agents as well as a few other allies of the CIA," Kendall continued with a sincere look on his face. "Your mission, Ms. Bristow, it to bring her back here. If she endangers you in any way, take what action is necessary to restrain her. She is on the international ‘Most Wanted’ list, so, if you must, it is legal for you to kill her if you cannot bring her in."

    Sydney was flabbergasted and stuttered as she tried to respond, "I…what…why me?"

    "I know you wanted to rid yourself of this life when SD-6 was destroyed. You have for eighteen years. However, I wouldn’t be asking for your assistance in this matter if I thought someone else could do the job," he said seriously. "Ms. Bristow, this mission requires skills that only you have."

    Sydney sighed, "I suppose it is my duty as a patriotic citizen and as a former employee of the Agency to assist you in any way that I can, so I’ll do it. But, what exactly am I getting into here?"

    "Well, since you agreed, you will be doing three weeks of training just to get you back into shape and accustomed to the new technology. Then you will travel to Barcelona for about four days, where you will meet your new partner, Agent Pierson. He will help you to locate Ms. Mertina and get her back to the school."

    "What school?" Sydney inquired.

    "I was just getting to that Agent Bristow," said Kendall, somewhat annoyed. "The school is an abandoned one room schoolhouse just outside of Barcelona. We will assemble a team and they will be waiting there to intercept her. However, you will be doing most of this by yourself."

    Syd sat there in disbelief of what Kendall had just told her. ‘He must have planned this knowing I would take it upon myself to rid the world of evil,’ she thought to herself. ‘Maybe I can use my teaching job as an excuse…’

    Just as Sydney was about to bring that up, Kendall interrupted.

    "I’ll have someone phone the school for you and explain that an emergency has come up and you will not be able to teach for about a month."

    ‘What is he? Telepathic?’ Syd thought as Kendall seemingly read her mind.

    "Well," Syd sighed. "I guess nothing ever really changes. You always have to be prepared." Sydney smiled softly as she remembered Vaughn’s codename.

    "That’s my job, after all, Ms. Bristow."

    Soon after, they parted. Sydney wanted to be finished with the spy life, but she couldn’t help but smile knowing that her country wouldn’t be the same without her.

    --Later at Sydney’s House--

    Michael was extremely cautious as he opened the door to the house. Something had to be wrong. When he pulled in, he saw his mom’s Honda was in the driveway. She was never home before him.

    "Mom!?! Mom, are you home!?!" Michael shouted.

    "Yeah, honey. I’m in the kitchen!" Sydney called back.

    "Hey Mom. Why are you home so early?" Michael asked, as he entered the kitchen. His mother was cooking with a smile on her face. ‘She’s obviously not sick. So, what’s going on?’ Michael wondered.

    "Oh, so you’re not glad to see me?" His mother said laughing softly.

    "Yeah, of course I’m glad to see you," he said as he hugged her. "But why aren’t you at the college? What’s wrong that you’re home so early?"

    "Michael, honey, nothing is wrong. It’s just that something came up that needed my immediate attention. That’s all," Sydney answered, and hoped that answer would satisfy his curiosity for now.

    "Mom, what came up? What’s happening? You can tell me, you know," Michael said, hurt that she wouldn’t tell him.

    "Sweetheart, don’t worry about it. I’ll discuss it over dinner. I want everyone here all at once, so I can explain."

    "Who is coming?"

    "Your father and grandpa should be her within the hour. I’ll explain everything when they arrive. There is no sense explaining three times," Sydney stated matter-of-factly.

    "All right. Whatever," Michael mumbled as he tested the spaghetti sauce. He knew his mom would explain everything when she was ready. There was no use in making a huge production of it, but he knew in the back of his mind that it was something important. His mom did not invite both his father and grandfather over for nothing.

    --45 minutes later—

    Ding. Dong.

    "Michael, could you get that!?!" Syd yelled from the kitchen.

    "Yeah, Mom. I got it," Michael called back as he made his way to the door.

    As Michael opened the door, Vaughn just stood there looking at his son. It amazed him how much alike they looked. He knew that Michael would be there (he did live with his mother after all), but he didn’t know how to greet his son. They didn’t have the best father-son bond.

    "Hey," Michael said just to be polite. But Vaughn could tell that Michael wasn’t happy to see him.

    "Hey," Vaughn responded. "How are you doing?" he said as he tapped his foot, waiting to be invited in.

    "I’m all right," Michael said. ‘Like you care,’ he thought to himself. "You can come in. My mom is in the kitchen."

    "Oh, okay," said Vaughn as he walked into the house.

    Just as Michael was about to shut the door, Jack pulled into the driveway. Michael greeted him with a warm hug.

    "Hey Grandpa! How are you?" Michael said with a smile as he pulled out of the hug.

    "I’m doing great. I’m keeping very busy. How about yourself? How’s school?" Jack asked like any normal grandfather.

    "I’m doing good. School is school," said Michael without any enthusiasm. "But, do you know what my mom has up her sleeve?" he asked, his curiosity getting the batter of him.

    "No. Not a clue. I have a feeling we’re going to find out sooner than later, though."

    "Yes, all of you will!" Sydney said with a smile, as she entered the foyer to greet her dad.

    Vaughn came in behind her. It was obvious that he wanted to know what was going on just like the rest of them.

    "Well, if all of you go to the dining room, we can have dinner. After dinner, I will tell everyone what is going on."

    The family made their way to the dining room, eager to get dinner over with and find out what the big secret was.

    ~KM :angelic:
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    Jan 12, 2003
    (ok Just chatting with yall!)

    Ok Last eppie (Dark Turn...think thats what it was called) I totally think JJ is just messing with our minds he wants us to believe that Irene went back to the evil side when she is really helping out the CIA...I don't know thats what I think

    ~KM :angelic:
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    I agree and I disagree. If JJ wanted to screw with our minds, he succeeded over here, that's for sure.

    ~Me :angel2:
  16. SpyGurl001

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    Jan 12, 2003
    yeah he did!!!

    Ok yall sorry this took so long! But her is the link to Krissy's Fic To Know and To Love You

    Please read it really good!!!! thats the second part to her story but she has a link to the second!

    ~KM :angelic:
  17. SpyGurl001

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    Jan 12, 2003
    I'm sorry it took so long!! but here it is!!

    Chapter 2

    "Syd" Vaughn said as he grabbed the dishes from the table and headed to the kitchen.

    "Yeah?" she responded, and then quickly added, "Oh let me get those," as she picked up the few remaining dished and followed Vaughn into the kitchen.

    "Do you think, if it’s all right with Michael, of course, that I could take him out this weekend, you know, take him to a hockey game, so we can get to know each other?" Vaughn asked her as he set the plates down in the sink.

    "Sure. I don’t mind. I’ll have to ask Michael, though."

    "Okay. That will be great. Just let me know what he says." Vaughn smiled. He did really want some quality father-son time with Michael.

    "All right," Sydney said. Both of them looked at each other and neither one knew how to fill the awkward silence.

    Vaughn finally couldn’t take it anymore and said with his head bowed down, "Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, Syd?"

    "Yeah, I have to be at headquarters by 9:00AM to start new techniques, and, Vaughn, Michael didn’t mean what he said. He just doesn’t understand," Sydney apologized for her son.

    "No," Vaughn replied. "He had every right to say what he did. He doesn’t know me and that’s why I want to spend more time with him; so he could get to know me," Vaughn said with such true love for his son and such sorrow for all his mistakes, it made Sydney want to cry.

    "Bye," he said as he reached the front door.

    "Bye," Sydney said in a whisper as she closed the door behind him.

    Sydney walked down the hall to go check on Michael. She approached his door and knocked.

    "Michael, sweetie, can I come in?" she called softly.


    Sydney opened Michael’s door to see him at his desk writing intensely. She went over to his stereo and lowered the volume and then sat on his bed.

    "Hey Mom, I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean it, it’s just you throw everything at me and expect me to just agree with it. I don’t know what to say, my life is already so complicated." Michael sighed.

    "I don’t know how to respond to it all," he continued. "First, you’re going back to the CIA, when I thought you truly hated it, because it reminded you of Dad. Then, when he came back a couple of months ago, told us he was getting a divorce and that he wanted to see me more, you just forgave him, like nothing ever happened. Like he never left us in the first place, like you hadn’t spent nights worrying and crying over him. Next thing I know, you’re telling me you’re going a mission and you want me to stay with him. Mom," Michael said as he looked her in the eyes. "I can’t handle it. I mean, no one even asked how I felt about all of this."

    Michael’s speech left Sydney spinning. What he said was so true and she was mad at herself for not asking his opinion when so much of the situation dealt with him. As she listened to him talk, she noticed how much he reminded her of her own father with his temper and reasoning, and of his own father with his compassion.

    She thought about all the things Michael didn’t know about how wonderful his father really was. He didn’t know how Vaughn would secretly help them out when the bills ran high or that Vaughn asked for his school picture every year.

    Sydney could feel the tears begin to well up in her eyes. She couldn’t tell Michael before because she didn’t think he would understand. She still didn’t think he would understand that she loved Vaughn. Even though Vaughn married Alice and broke up their happy family she still loved him deeply and she couldn’t stop that.

    Michael sat there and watched his Mom just sitting there in deep thought while tears rolled down her cheeks. He hated to see her cry.

    Please review!!! Also Thank my beta Sarkie47!!! She is such a help!!

    ~KM :angelic:
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    Jan 12, 2003
    I see every1 is enjoying the new chapter..... well bumping this up
  19. Moriel

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    Feb 27, 2003
    Mafia Headquarters
    i just started reading this. i love this fic!!! post more soon.

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