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Mar 12, 2010
I like writing but I still have a lot of work to do to write something really readable. My biggest problem is that I live in Portugal and to find someone who not only reads English but also likes Sci Fi is hard.

I have created a blog to publish my stories but haven't had many hits so far. If anyone is interested in reading some of my work you can find read it at My Universe. Any comments will be appreciated.


The Red Tarheel
Dec 7, 2007
Morganton, NC
Hi Guys

Way back in school I used to do a lot of writing Short stories, novella's but gave it up when I grew up (never really grew up still a big kid) and my priorities changed. My love of Sci-fi, Sci-fantasy, Fantasy and Horror didn't go but my writing did. Since discovering the world of PC's and the Net fairly recently I have found that I really enjoy writing still, and for about the last two years have been writing again.

I spend a lot of time writing about Audio (which along with music took over from creative writing) and doing reviews of Audio gear on several Audio related Forums, and I have recently become a Moderator on one.

About two years ago on a slow day in work I started writing a story I had been thinking about for a couple of years (still a work in progress ). I was very lucky to have a boss that didn't mind to much as long as it didn't interfere with my work. I was the manager of a specialist Hi-Fi shop and as the current economic down turn gained strength I found my self writing more.

Back in September of last year I found myself out of work (still the case) so I have spent a great deal of time writing and have several works in the pipe line at present. Even if these stories and one Novel don't ever see the light of day I am really enjoying the process and it has been a real joy. Its been like going back to my childhood when I was probably at my most creative before I allowed it to be stifled.

I have a few stories I might post here, if anyone is interested ?

Regards D S D L
That's about the same for me. I grew up writing a lot in my youth, then took up the proverbial pen once again late last year. Even if they don't see any success commercially or on a widespread basis, that's's good to know you've created something of worth, even if it's only on an emotional or intellectual basis. I've got them posted in a couple of places if anyone's interested in looking at them...............

The Sci-Fi Station: Non-SF Fan Fiction
Gojira's Sanctuary: Your Works

Feel free to read them. I got the idea while playing this app over on Facebook, Nitrous Racing(I wrote my first story, "Staring Down The Whisper", based off of a jobline in NR and the "Veloverse" as I like to jokingly refer to the overall setting of my stories[think Los Angeles and the SoCal region on nitrous........LOTS of nitrous] just took off from there. :cool:
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