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the danger of love

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by aliaschica47, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. aliaschica47

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    Dec 8, 2002
    felgercarb felgercarb felgercarb...i think all my posts since i changed my name to aliaschica got lost, shoot shoot shoot......
    grrr i guess i will repost it soon
  2. Alias Elle

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    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    That's nothing. I lost Til There Was You, the Daredevil crossover fic, part of Happily Ever After, and I haven't even checked to see how much I lost in Unresolved. And all of this is in addition to lost over five hundred posts. Isn't that nice?

    ~Me :angel2:
  3. SiriCerasi

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    Dec 8, 2002
    :o omg, I'm so sorry! All of those fan fics! And I really liked that crossover too...

    I lost about 2300 posts I think :(

    And Sark vs Vaughn did you have your fic saved somewhere else?
  4. Alias Elle

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    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA

    Well, I'm happy to report we're re-configuring the crossover fic, so it should be up shortly.

    ~Me :angel2:
  5. aliaschica47

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    Dec 8, 2002
    yeah i was lucky at least i had this one saved but i lost about 200posts two, oh well, at least we still have the site
  6. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Right now, I'm finding it hard to look on the upside when this is the second time around that I've hit my 500 post.

    ~Me :angel2:
  7. aliaschick4mv

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    Feb 26, 2003
    East Coast
    I had my entire account deleted. It sucks being a walk in again. I think that's what I am. I don't feel like checking. I was up to 117 posts. It's so sad when these things happen. Poor us.
  8. kleverkitten

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    Feb 26, 2003
    :P Same here.
  9. Alias*Kelli

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    Jan 27, 2003
    I know I was so happy I just turned an agent and now i'm a sucky walk-in again this majorly SUCKS! I was so mad when it went down there was like no prepous of going on the internet. I'm glad it's back though!

  10. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Yes, I assume we can all be glad it's back...

    ~Me :angel2:
  11. aliaschica47

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    Dec 8, 2002
    Syd POV

    I land with a small thud about 200 yards away from a small mansion, pulling off my protective suit it reveals a small red dress, it ends around the knees and it made of a beautiful silk and I pull my scarf from out of a matching bag. I hear Vaughn on the other line and I have to keep my self from letting the sting of tears turn into them. I remember the times when Dixion was actually talking to me when he didn’t hat me.
    Syd……...Syd, are you there?
    “Copy that boyscout I am in” I said through my ring
    Walking up to the patio, I step onto the old cobblestone as I conspicuously walk towards the door.
    Once inside I pick up a drink and a few crackers, and since the doors are only open from ten to twelve then that leaves me five minutes to sit down and enjoy myself. Looking around I only see rich snobs in Gucci shoes and designer dresses mingling
    Syd times up get in there now
    Standing up I walk over and go up the huge spiral steps at the top I count the doors
    …one…two…..”Boyscout it is the third door right” I whisper into the ring
    I walk through the door and immediately head to the small safe sitting on the desk
    Walking over I take out the compact that Marshall made for me to unscramble the lock
    Inside there was a file, on the mathematician that Sloane had kidnapped to put together the Rambaldi device, with the file the CIA would be able to track him down and hopefully stop him from putting the Rambaldi device together
    The compact let out a small beep letting me know that the code lack was open
    Pulling out the case I slipped the file into the rubber band that was on my thigh that kept it from notice while still letting me move around
    “Boyscout I have it I will need extraction in five minutes” I told Vaughn
    Okay copy that
    Suddenly I heard voices down the hall
    As you know Mr. Beaverhousing my employer is planning on having the Rambaldi device in place by next week
    “Boyscout Sark is here it may be a little longer until I get there” I told him very quietly through the ring
    Syd are you ok
    I heard him but before I could respond I saw the door knob turn
    Acting on reflex I ducked under the desk
    I still think that 45 million is to high a price for three peoples protection
    But as I told you the Rambaldi artifacts will be finished in a week and there is no haggling on this price
    As I told you complete protection are you in or out?
    The voices faded away as they walked out of the room
    Syd are you ok? I heard Vaughn asked
    “Yeah they just left ill be at the extraction point in about four minutes” I whispered standing up and flattening my self against the wall. Reaching over I opened the door and winced as it squeaked
    Thankfully nobody was there. Walking out of the room I walked down the hall and back down the staircase. On my way out I also grabbed a croissant for Weiss I am pretty sure he would enjoy it.

    Reaching the helicopter I jumped on and was greeted by Vaughn and Weiss
    Slumping down in the chair I took of the transmitter ring and the camera earrings
    Vaughn walked over with a change of clothes and kissed my forehead, his lips burning a hole of desire in my head. He sat down next to me and then I remembered the croissant
    “Hey Eric this is for keeping your mouth shut about us” I said handing him the food
    “You are the best” he smiled his mouth already full
    “I am to tired to change, I will once we get on the plane” I said resting my head on Vaughn’s shoulder
    “Syd what did Sark say?” he asked me
    “Oh my God I can’t believe I forgot, um something about his employer being done with the artifacts and he wanted 45 million for protection, its all on the earrings, I’m just so damn tired” I yawned
    “Haven’t been getting much sleep lately eh?” Eric teased
    “Hey she works hard, give her a break” Vaughn said while rubbing my neck
    “Yeah I bet she does” Weiss said under his breath
    “What was that?” I asked
    “Oh nothing” he lied
    Voices came through the headphones and Vaughn picked them up listening to what the pilot was saying
    “Ok we are going to be at the switch point in two minutes, so at least change into sneakers
    Vaughn said helping me take the stiletto heels that I had been wearing up until that point, and she hadn’t realized how much they hurt. As I finished pulling on the sneakers as the helicopter jerked downward.
    I reached out and held Vaughn hand, even though I had been on tons of helicopters I hated hitting turbulence. But rest assured Vaughn running his hand back and forth across my hand comforted me.
    “Ok we are there” we heard the pilot say as we hit the ground
    Quickly standing up we jumped out of the helicopter ran across the tar Mac where we were quickly escorted into a nice size CIA plane that would take us from Normandy back to LA.
    After sitting down I decided to change, I walked to the bathroom where I slipped of the dress and put on the comfy worn out jeans and a soft red sweater that Vaughn had packed for me. Walking back to my seat I decided to call Francie to let her know I was on my way home. Picking up my phone I hit 2 on the speed dial, you can guess who was 1. I heard somebody pick up the phone but before I could say hi Francie cut me off
    Sark this is Ana everything is in place
    Tears stung my eye’s I had no clue what to do did she say Sark? It wasn’t Francie suddenly I heard the beep signaling the other person that someone was calling. I switched of my phone and tried to sort things out. A couple seconds later Vaughn sat down next to me.
    “Vaughn I can’t go home” I said turning to him and obviously he saw something was wrong
    “Syd what’s up?” he asked really worried this just made the knife that stabbed me get pushed even deeper through my heart
    “Francie, I called her…she thought I was Sark” I started to cry
    “What, Sark?” he asked really confused
    “I called I was going to say hi, I’m not sure, but she said she was Ana and that everything was in place, but it…was her voice” I said in between crying
    Taking me in his arms he tried to comfort me
    “Syd it’s ok we will figure it out” he calmed me but it wasn’t working this couldn’t be happening, what happened to Francie………

    Walking of the plane Vaughn had to support me, honestly we had become closer but not yet had a repeat of what happened last week, I knew he loved me, it was just overwhelming to get so many things that you want but lose so much in the process. Walking into the CIA car we were driven back to headquarters.
    “Agent Bristow I congratulations you got us the information we need. And about your friend we will send in a team, we think that she may have been the other clone made with the doubling machine so in that case don’t go home. I am pretty sure you won’t have problems finding a place to stay.” Kendall said shooting a look towards Vaughn
    “Thanks for breaking it to me so easily” I said under my breath
    “Well that’s life kiddo” Kendall said using his new favorite word
    Turning around I headed for the door
    “Syd, wait up…are you ok?” Vaughn asked
    “Yeah, I’m just trying to cope with reality and I need a place to crash” I said
    “Well I think Kendall took care of that” Vaughn said
    “Yeah I think he figured out somewhere in-between the hundreds of reports he got from your show at SD-6 and to flirting during debriefs” Weiss said coming up behind them
    “And you know I won’t be home tonight so you are welcome to stay at my place” Eric said
    “Yeah where are you going?” Vaughn asked
    “What you think I don’t have a life?” he asked
    “Well….” I said I couldn’t help it even though I was torn up inside I had to
    “Hey, for your information I have a date with Phillips” he said
    “Doesn’t she have a boyfriend
    “Yeah supposedly I did to but you know” Eric said walking away
    “Seriously Syd will you be ok?” Vaughn said slipping his hand around my waist
    This caused even more conflicting, I am trying to figure out this messed up situation with Sydney, but I am enjoying myself being next to Vaughn.
    Tears stung my eyes as we walked to Vaughn’s car, he opened the passenger door letting me in.
    “Thanks” I whispered
    “Syd you seemed ok in there but now, no offense but you don’t look so good, you are kind of pale” I heard him say I knew I should have said something but I just sat there mortified It had just hit me that Francie could be dead, I felt tears running down my cheeks but I couldn’t move I was frozen
    “Syd are you ok?” I heard Vaughn ask me
    I shook my head barley from left to right in a no motion
    “look my place isn’t that far, you can lay down get some sleep” He said entwining his hand with mine, but this time it didn’t help. Francie has been my best friend since college, I couldn’t be happy not know it wasn’t fair to her

    I saw trees and people whoosh past the car as we made our way towards Vaughn’s apartment.
    “Syd…Syd we are there” I heard him say something but it didn’t click
    He got up and came over to my door opened it and took my hand
    That was my reality slap. “Syd come on, its only on the second floor, we will be there in a minute but you have to come with me” I actually heard him this time
    “Fine” I said quietly wiping my tear stained cheeks knowing that I looked like a mess because I hadn’t worn waterproof mascara today. Ten hours ago I was on a regular mission, my Friends were safe, I was in love my life was at an all time high, and yet again it all came crashing down.
    Reaching his apartment he directed me towards the huge black leather couch.
    “Syd look it will be ok” Vaughn said sitting me down
    Taking me in his arms I laid down pulling him with me I laid there tears rolling down my cheeks.
    “When you wake up it will all be sorted out” I heard Vaughn say faintly, the feel of his arms around me making me feel safe and protected, and as I drifted off to sleep all my problems slipped away.

    Waking up I felt safe and protected with Vaughn’s arms around me. But then the haunting memories of yesterday’s events drifted back to me. “Mmm…morning Syd” Vaughn groaned pulling me closer to him.
    “Do we have to go in today?” I asked
    “No” He said
    “Good” she said
    I took his arms pulled them away and stood up
    “Hey” he said pulling me back down
    “I kinda need to change” I said
    “Into what?” he asked
    “I’ll find something” I said standing up
    “Hey Syd, do you want anything to drink?” he asked
    “Um wine” I said only because it was the first alcoholic beverage that came to mind.
    “Ok, feel free to take a bath to I know you enjoy them” he said
    Instead of heading into Vaughn’s room I took a right and opened the door to the bathroom, opening the medicine cabinet she pulled out a bottle of aspirin.

    NO POV

    Taking the two pills with a cup of water she started to fill up the bathtub with steaming hot water. While she was waiting she looked through a few cabinets until she found the one with four huge white fluffy towels folded neatly next to four white face towels and a stack of wash clothes. Pulling out a towel she sat it next to the tub.
    Once the tub was full she slid in and rested her head on the back of the rim. Closing her eyes she tried and tried to find a way to forget what was happening but she couldn’t it was impossible. She heard a phone ring in the distance but she was to tired and worn out to even care. A few minutes later Vaughn carefully opened the door.
    “Hey Syd, that was Kendall. He wanted you to come in, o help with the take down of Sloane. But I told him I there was no way you were coming, and he actually agreed, but I’m not so sure you want the news of why he let you stay here” Vaughn said ever so quietly
    Sydney looked at him, letting him know to go on
    “Well, that wasn’t Francie, you talked on the phone with, it was Ana Espinosa, Syd I…I don’t know how to say this but…they think your Francie is dead, Ana won’t talk, I’m sorry” he said
    He watched as a tear started to roll down her cheek, Vaughn moved a little closer and wiped it from her face.
    “Syd we will work it out, and think on the bright side, Francie may still be alive” he said
    “The one person I had left, The one person that I have been close to, My best friend in the world, didn’t know me, she never did, she knew the real Sydney for about 3 months before college and then I got the job, and I hated Lying to her, and I was going to tell her to, as soon as Sark and now she is probably dead and thinks I am a horrible person, Oh my God Vaughn Will, they were going out.” She cried but these words only inflamed the situation and made her hurt even more. Which caused Vaughn pain to know that he had inflicted this upon her.
    “Syd look we will figure this out” Vaughn said quietly caressing her cheek
    After about an half an hour just sitting they’re with Vaughn, Sydney felt a little over heated and decided to get out. Holding the towel Vaughn helped her out and wrapped it around her. Sitting on the couch with her head buried in his shoulder a new anger whirred up in Sydney.
    “I am going to kill her” she said sitting up
    “What?” Vaughn asked
    Standing up Sydney headed for the door grabbing her gun and taking her coat
    “I am going to kill her” She said
    “Syd wait” Vaughn said running after her, half way down the hall he caught up with her
    “Syd you can’t do that, she is in CIA hands, ok just chill” Vaughn calmed her down
    She tried to turn back in the direction she was heading but It was useless Vaughn stopped her
    “Syd she goes to trial tomorrow, if she doesn’t get death penalty then you can kill her” Vaughn said finally getting the point through to her.
    “Fine” she said handing him the gun and walking back towards his door
    “Plus walking into baseop’s with my jersey and boxers on probably wasn’t the good Idea
    Sydney looked down at her attire
    “Yeah I guess you are right she said walking through the open door and sitting back down on the couch
    “Vaughn can I go back to my house to pick up some stuff, I mean is it safe?” she said sleep dripping off every word.
    “Sure do you want a ride?” he asked
    “nah its only a block or two” she lying she just wanted to run for some reason it made her feel better, the rhythmic beat of her shoes on pavement, the babble of passerby’s it calmed her.
    “Alright fine” he said kissing her forehead as she walked out the door.

    Once sydney was home she headed straight for the bathroom, she picked up a few nessecities and crammed them into a bag, next she moved over to her closet, while trying to pick out what sweater she wanted she suddenly got the feeling that there was someone behind her, her stomach did a flip but before she could turn around she felt a hard bang on her head and then blackness consumed her…………..

    As much as I hate them Im sry I had to anyway more soon like I said my bat mitzvah is in two weeks I am not ready at all im totally freaked out and REALLY nervous and the only person who could even attepmt to get me to feel better, get this is STILL in california, yeah with no computer so im screwed (micheal you suck come home) anyways sry it is short but I haven’t had much time I am now reading this insane book called the sisterhood if the traveling pants it is VERY weird. Anyway more soon

    Waking up Sydney felt a bolt of pain shoot through her arms, her head hurt and her eyes felt like they weighed about a hundred pound. But then she thought she could faintly smell…. well Vaughn. Openeing her eyes just the slightest bit, she realized it was just the jersey that smelled and to her discomfort saw an unfamiliar face sitting across from her.
    “Ah I cee that ve are up?” the man asked with a heavy Russian accent
    “Wha…” Sydney was so confused
    “A I am sorry, my name vis Kevin Beaverhousing” the man said
    “You work with Sark” Sydney said to herself remembering the conversation she had over heard
    “Well in a way I am his employer” the man said
    “You see I know you know about Rambaldi, but unfortunately with out you mothers help there Is no way possible that we can put this device together. But ve know that you know where she is don’t you?” he asked the Russian accent getting heavier and then lighter a true sign that he was not Russian and his name made Sydney believe he was German, maybe a nazi activist but that wasn’t important, or was it.
    “You’re not from Russia are you?” she asked
    “What importance does it have to you” he spat
    “None, but I can assure you that you will not be getting any information out of me” she said
    Kicking her hard in the stomach,
    “think about that a little more” Beaverhousing said

    “This is Bristow leave a message at the beep” Vaughn heard the machine say
    “Damn it Jack pick up Sydney is in trouble just pick up” Vaughn said on the verge of hysterics
    He has already gotten the worst verbal abuse of his life from Kendall for letting Sydney go out alone, and now Jack wasn’t picking up. All of a sudden he heard something
    “hello?” he heard a tired voice at the other end, he had forgotten it was two in the morning
    “Jack I am sorry to call you so early, its Vaughn, listen Sydney is in trouble meet me at the warehouse in ten minutes, I think I know where they may have taken her” this sent jack right out of bed, in a rush to get out the door hr realized he had forgotten socks.
    “screw it” and he headed for the car


    “Vaughn what happened?” jack said sternly
    “She went to go get a change of clothes, took a run to, she wouldn’t let me come, about an hour later she should have been back, I went to her house she wasn’t there. I have looked everywhere she might have gone, called people, I think that Sark has her” Jack could see the pain in Vaughn’s eye’s and her knew how much he loved his daughter.
    “Look a remember the time that Sloane gave Sark the tracker, well he may still have it on him, I can see if Marshall can do anything about that, then we can go from there, look I have your pager go home get some sleep she will be ok” Jack said trying to calm him
    “No I am going wih you to see Marshall I don’t care what happens, I’m NOT going back home” Vaughn protested
    “Fine whatever” Jack said and turned to go to his car
    “Um do you really think Marshall will be there at Two in the morning?” vaughn asked
    “yeah” Jack said already half way to the car

    “So you have had some time to think about this, so now you will go see Mr. Sark” Sydney said as she was yanked up by a guard as the car came to a stop, the pain In her stomach growing worse and worse.
    After being pulled down a large corridor she was thrown into the corner of a room.
    “Ah Mrs. Bristow, I am sure that Mr. Beaverhousing has informed you about the information we need” Sark said in a matter of fact tone
    “Go to hell” she said
    “Well you see, there are no gourds they have all left, there is a car waiting for you, all you need to do is tell me where your mothe----“
    “No Irina Derevko” she said her blood boiling
    “Your mother, where is she, and by the way nice clothes” Sark said

    “ok we have picked up location from a small warehouse in Malibu” Marshall said quickly
    “I’ll go” Vaughn said already picking up his gun
    “if I’m not back in four hours, come after me” Vaughn said walking out the door

    A little while later-

    Sydney sat there trying to figure out what to do…
    Suddenly Sark got a call turning around he picked up his cell phone.
    “Yes, fine bring him here” Sark said
    Right as he was pushing the off button Sydney jumped up did a perfect roundhouse kick knocking Sark out and then crumpled to the ground clutching her bruised stomach.
    Standing up she ran down the corridor, she didn’t trust the car that Sark had standing there so she just started to run. Reaching a pay phone she called a taxi and then her dad.
    “Sydney where the hell are you?” he asked

    “I’m not sure, I think somewhere in Malibu, look just tell me that everyone is ok” She asked
    “Well, just come home soon” She heard her father say
    “What the hell happened, Dad what…is is Vaughn” She said tears stinging her eyes
    “Well, he went after you about 6 hours ago, so I don’t know” click…………

    “Ahh Mr. Vaughn, I see you came after Sydney, I guess our message didn’t keep you away” Sark said as Vaughn blinked his eyes, his mouth hurt, there was blood staining the front of his shirt
    “Wha…What message” He said every syllable hurting his mouth even more
    “Well lets see I guess you didn’t bother to check your computer your phone or your cell” Mr. Sark said putting a smile on his face
    “Now either you tell us where Derevko is or I’m pretty sure you still have some teeth left.” He said in the disgusting accent.
    “Wha.. I don’t know where she is” Vaughn lied
    “Ok then we will have it my way” Sark said

    “Dad what do you mean Sark has him, what will they do with i…..oh my God dad they wouldn’t” She said tears now streaming down her cheeks.
    “Syd look, here is where the place is” Jack said handing her a map
    “Here is your gun, and a com.” He said handing her the gun and a tiny ear piece
    “Dad….” Sydney said questionly
    “Look just go” He said
    “Fine she said grabbing the gun and sticking the earpiece on
    “Thankyou” she said giving her dad a quick hug and then running to her car.

    Driving down the highway Sydney sped and wound around other cars, she could here tires screeching behind her but she didn’t care.
    “Ok take this next exit” She heard Marshall say through the ear piece
    “Next right keep going, park your car about a fourth a mile away you will come to Drain, next to it there should be a loose piece of concrete when you get there call me onyour cell phone, and Syd be careful” She heard Marshall say through the com.

    Using the directions that Marshall gave her she reached the loose concrete, lifting it up she called Marshall.
    “ok the combination in 4-7-2-24-03.” He instructed
    Typing the numbers she heard a click, and the “drainage lid” lifted up to reveal a ladder leading to an obyss of darkness. Taking in a deep breath she took hold of the top rung and descended down the hole.

    “Now Mr. Vaughn what will it be?” Sark asks
    Seeing that he has no intention of telling Sark resumes his torture.

    Putting her leg down for the next rung she slipped, looking down she realized there were no more rungs. Hesitant to jump she thought about Vaughn and did it. With in seconds she had hit ground safely.
    Picking up her cell phone she tried to call Marshall but was to deep underground. She started running reaching a door she put her ear up to it. Opening it she saw Sark and behind him was someone she couldn’t make out, but then she realized who it was. Anger building up she ran over to Sark, Realizing he had an attacker he swung around and threw the knife he was using on Vaughn to throw at her. A white-hot pain flew across her left side, but she couldn’t stop the sight of Vaughn there was sickening. Taking the knife from the floor she threw it at Sark, much like the last time it hit him in the leg causing him to shrivel to the ground in pain. Kicking him over the head, and knocking him out she rushed over to Vaughn.
    “Oh my God, Vaughn are you ok?” she said tears in her eyes
    “Syd just get out of here” He said his mouth full of blood.
    Undoing the leather straps she finally got him free. Realizing stupidly that her com was still on she called told Marshall that they needed immediate extraction. Helping Vaughn up they ran together out the door through the small under ground tunnel and to the place where the ladder was.

    “Vaughn there is no way we can get up there” and if as on command they heard guns start to fire from down the corridor…….

    Hehe sry guys but I have to go eat cake……I am really happy I love birthdays!!!!!!

    Hehe now that the action part is almost over I can get some good old fluff in here….
  12. kleverkitten

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    Feb 26, 2003
    Poor Vaughn! :(
  13. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    Ring Ring Ring
    “Hello” Sydney said rushed
    “Sydney, look where are you, we lost your connection a few minutes ago” Her dad yelled
    “We are at the ladder, but guards are coming and the ladder is to high to get……” but it was to late they had both been hit with tranq darts, there was no way out, they both fell into manipulates sleep.

    Blinking her eyes open, she came face to face with Sark.
    “You see it is harder to get away from us as you think” he said
    turning her head she looked at Vaughn who lay lifeless in the next chair.
    “Mrs. Bristow now that we have the man you love, I would consider you give us the information we want because I am sure you don’t want to see him die a slow painful death in front of your eyes.
    “Now what will it be” he asked holding up a key to the chains they were in and some large coarse looking needles.
    “You wouldn’t” She said glaring at him
    “Oh I would” Sark said with way to much confidence for his age
    “No” Sydney said refusing
    “fine have it your way” Sark said moving over to where Vaughn was, lifting up his pant leg and placing the needle right on the bone in his shin.
    Sydney knew that the minute he brought the hammer down it would shatter the irreplaceable bone.
    Vaughn gave her a helpless look that was still filled with love.
    Sark brought up the hammer…………..

    Suddenly the room was filled with the light from six flashlights and machine guns in hand.
    Before Sark could even respond he was taken into handcuffs and dragged off, the keys laying on the ground. Jack walked into the room picking them up, first unlocking Sydney then Vaughn.
    “Are you ok” he asked Sydney’s eyes filled with tears. Giving him a hug she stood up with out hesitation and walked over to Vaughn. Helping him up, she buried her face in his blood stained shirt and cried.
    “Sydney there is a helicopter waiting for you, we have to go now though” He said walking out the door.

    Walking in the door, Sydney collapsed on the couch. Vaughn following her.
    Not only when they had gotten back had they had to go to the longest briefing of their life But they made Vaughn wait to et medical assistance until they were done, proving how much of an ass Kendall really was.
    Sydney was now resting her head on Vaughn’s chest, still in the blood stained shirt.
    “I’m going to go take a shower” Sydney said as Vaughn kissed her head before she stood up, her clothes blood stained her hair wet and her make up was running, but to Vaughn she was still the most beautiful person in the world.
    They heard the keys turn in the door.
    “S***, Vaughn that is Francie, come on” She said pulling him up and running into her room and locking the door.
    “Look just stay here” She said
    “But Francie knows me” Vaughn said
    “Yeah but how do we explain how we look” She said
    “Ahh yeah kinda forgot she doesn’t know” Vaughn said sitting down on the edge of the bed
    ring ring ring
    “Hello” Vaughn said flipping his cell phone open
    “Weiss here, tell Syd that you have been through hell and that you deserve to get lucky tonight” Weiss said
    “You are sick” Vaughn said
    “And by the way I’m in her room right now so shut up” Vaughn said closing the phone
    “SYD ARRE YOU HERE?” the evil Francie wannabe shouted
    “Yeah I’m getting in the shower” Sydney said
    “Can I come in I have to tell you something” the evil Francie wannabe said
    “Well…um…Vau..Micheal is kind of here” She said
    “Ohhh ok later then” The evil wannabe Francie said walking away
    “Good one” Vaughn said sticking his head in the bathroom door
    “Well it was the only thing to keep her out, there was this time in college..well ill tell you later” She said
    “um you can watch TV or something, there are a couple of your shirts in the closet so you can change, and I’m pretty sure will has some pants you can borrow when he come home” She said turning on the water and starting to undress. Vaughn slipped out and sat back down on the bed.
    “Um hey Vaughn do you think you could help me” Sydney said from the bathroom
    Walking in his eyes came to a cut on her back, it wasn’t huge but it was bleeding
    “Syd that’s awful” Vaughn said walking over to her, grabbing a washcloth he started to wipe up the blood around it, putting his hand on her shoulder to steady her she flinched. Picking up his hand it revealed a black and blue bruise.
    “Syd what happened” He asked
    “That is from a while ago, I think it was Sark” She said
    “I’m going to kill that bastard” he said
    “Look I’m going to get into the shower, ill have you fix the cuts when I get out” She said
    “Alright” he said yet again walking out of the bathroom
    Stepping in the shower the water immediately hit her injuries soothing some and stinging others.
    Suddenly she felt arms behind her, her first instinct was to fight but looking down at the hands now in hers she knew who it was.
    Leaning back she shivered against Vaughn, the feel of his skin under hers was intoxicating, she suddenly forgot all her cuts and was lost in well..Vaughn.
    Turning around she rested her hands on his chest, leaning her head up she smiled at him.
    Leaning his head down he pulled her into a kiss, Vaughn suddenly pulled back
    “What” Sydney asked confused
    “Nothing this just doesn’t seem real, I mean you and me together I have waited so long for this and now I finally have you” He said
    “but it is” She said resting her head against him
    He leaned down and started to kiss her neck causing her to moan in delight.

    In the other room Evil Francie Wannabe watched the whole thing through the monitor in her closet.

    Finally realizing she really did need to wash her hair she pulled away from Vaughn and picked up her shampoo bottle. Vaughn though took it out of her hand. Opening it he out some in her hand and leaned her head down. While Vaughn was massaging the shampoo into her hair, Sydney realized something, putting her head up she looked up at the shower head. She realized the water pressure wasn’t as good as it usually was. Vaughn stood there as she turned of the shower and looked at the shower head, unscrewing it she gasped when she saw what was inside. Motioning for vaughn to come look they took the camera out of the shower head………
  14. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    ok more really really soon i dont have any school today!!
  15. kleverkitten

    kleverkitten Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    Hee, Hee, Hee.... I love it! I don't have school either- midwinter break or something- so I'll be waiting!
  16. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    Stepping out of the shower they both picked up towels, laying the camera upside down on the counter they dried off quickly and changed. Running back into the bathroom she picked up the camera and headed out the door to Vaughn’s car.
    “Vaughn we have to go to ops center” She said
    “Syd no we can’t it would be kind of obvious if we both walked in with wet hair, and a camera from the shower” Vaughn fought
    “Look Vaughn I don’t care, they wont fire us, trust me, Kendall is an ass we cant do anything about that but w have to know how long this has been there, remember the recorder in my house, well if this has been in out house since then it couldn’t have been the plumber” she said as Vaughn drove reluctantly towards base ops.

    Waling in they were greeted by Eric.
    “um guys” he said looking from Vaughn to Sydney and then back again.
    “you do realize that Kendall isn’t that stupid two people walk in together with pretty wet hair and they both look flushed..” but he was cut off by Vaughn
    “ok does everything in your mind revolve around that, because for your information there was a camera in her shower” Vaughn said holding up the small camera
    “mm hmm and how do you know this” Eric said
    “Think about it.” Vaughn said as he walked past him following Sydney
    “Dad wait” Sydney called after him
    “Look this was in my house, what do we do?” she asked
    “What was in your house” Kendall said walking over
    “This” Vaughn said handing the camera to Kendall, who looked back and forth between to the two.
    “Need I remind you two what the protocol between agents it?” he asked
    “Do I need to remind you that I did everything for the CIA I said I would and when I wanted out you blackmailed me. You have no business butting into my personal life” She said she was already in a bad mood because somebody had been watching her and Vaughn, and then Kendall.
    “I also don’t need to remind you that if there was a recording device in that that you can pull the footage from that you are to destroy it and not watch because if you do, you wont live a very happy life” she said
    Kendall brushed it off and walked away with the camera, as did her father who had a look of disgust on his face.
    Walking out they were caught up by Eric
    “So what was all that about?” he asked
    “Hmm lets see, someone is either watching Sydney and me because they want information on us or there is just a huge perv out there who wants more porno to add to his collection” Vaughn said causing Eric to laugh
    “Seriously how much room is there in a shower” Eric said
    this just caused Sydney and Vaughn to glare at him.
    “Hey Sorry Habit” Weiss said
    “Bye you guys have a good time” Weiss said laughing as he walked away leaving Sydney and Vaughn shaking their heads
    “Syd since it isn’t that safe for you to go back home, call Will and have him get some of your stuff to bring over to my place ok” Vaughn said opening the car door for Sydney.
    “Ok” She said sitting down

    Walking into the apartment, she let her briefcase drop to the ground, and fell onto the couch.
    Walking over to her, Vaughn saw tears streaking her cheeks.
    “Syd what is wrong?” He asked lifting her head up, sitting down and placing her head in is lap.
    “nothing I’m fine” She said
    “Syd you are not fine” He said
    “It’s just…someone has been watching Us I mean intimate moments between me and you that were only meant for us, it it just hurts” She said
    “We waited so long for that and someone was watching” she finished
    Vaughn wiped the tears from her eyes
    “It will be ok” He said
    “Oh Syd your cut” He said
    “It’s fine really” she tried to brush it off
    “What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t care about your injuries, hell what kind of handler would I be” he said standing up to go get a washcloth and a band-aid.
    Coming back he had Sydney roll over moving her legs up she allowed him some room to sit down and then she laid down again. Lifting up her shirt he took the wash cloth and wiped the dried blood off leaving a raw cut. Bending down he kissed it sending shivers down Sydney’s back. Putting the bandage on it he rolled her shirt back down.
    “All better” he said starting to massage her shoulders
    “mm that feels really good” She said resting her head in the leather of the couch
    rolling over so she was facing Vaughn she put her arms around him and pulled him ontop of her.
    “I think I’m all better now” she said smiling before Vaughn started to kiss her
    “mmm..Vaughn…ow” she said in-between kissing him
    breaking the kiss Vaughn looked at her
    “What are you ok?” he asked
    “Yeah you just kinda hit my shoulder that is bruised” she said
    unbuttoning the first three buttons on her shirt he pulled the collar away from her neck kissing the bruise lightly.
    “hmm” she laughed to herself
    “nothing” she said as he proceeded to kiss her neck
    ring ring ring
    “damnit” Vaughn said
    “hello” Vaughn said out of breath
    “Vaughn who is it?” Sydney asked sitting up and running her hands through her hair
    “Agent Vaughn may I ask why agent Bristow Is at your house and why you are out of breath do I need to remin…..” but Vaughn cut him off
    “Like Sydney said before our personal life is NONE of you business, this may not be he best move for my carrier but I am taking a day off tomorrow and I am not coming back into work today, so please don’t call again” Vaughn said hanging up the phone
    “What?” Sydney asked
    “Damn that felt good” Vaughn said smiling as he laid back down and began to kiss her more.
  17. kleverkitten

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    Feb 26, 2003
    Oh, this is great. Ya gotta hate Kendall. Hee hee hee....

    More soon
  18. aliaschica47

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    Dec 8, 2002
    Rolling over Vaughn looked at Sydney, the light hitting her face just right.
    Pulling her closer to him he heard her wake up in his warm embrace.
    “Morning” He said into her hair
    “Morning” She said into him chest
    “Syd we probably should get” He said
    “Please cant we stay here” She pleaded
    “Some on lets get breakfast” he suggested playing with her hair
    “Fine” She said pulling away from him
    Pulling on her tank top and a pair of sweat pants she joined Vaughn as they walked to the kitchen
    “What the….” Sydney gasped when she saw Erik sitting in the kitchen
    “Geeze, you don’t just show up at peoples houses” Vaughn said
    “Ohhohoho coming from the man who just slept with his co-worker” Weiss said
    “ow” he responded to Sydney slap upside the head
    “That was none of your business” She said grabbing the coffee
    “So hey man how was it” Weiss said smiling but stopped when Sydney raised her hand threateningly
    Someone knocked on the door
    “ill get it” Sydney Volunteered Walking to the door
    “Oh hey will thanks for bringing me my stuff, look just whatever you do don’t go back to the house, get Francie and go somewhere tell her that I am on a trip or something” Sydney said
    “um hi to you to” Will said
    “can I come in?” he asked
    “Um sure” she said
    “Hey Syd who is it?” Vaughn called
    “Yeah well whoever it is, don’t say anything to them about what happened when the cough slept together cough or else you will end up with bruises” Weiss Called causing Sydney to turn crimson
    “Wait you two, your together?” He asked
    “Um yeah” she said leading him to the kitchen
    “Hey man” Weiss said
    “Beware im serious” he added
    “Ok well I have to go, but it was nice seeing you have a good time Syd” he said walking out the door
    Ring ring ring
    “god if that is kendall” Vaughn said picking up the phone
    “I asked you no…” Vaughn was cut off
    “Really, how long” Vaughn asked
    “Ok yes sir thankyou” he said before hanging up
    “what?” sydney said

    “Good or Bad new?” Vaughn asked
    “Um good” Sydney said sipping her coffee
    “Kendall said they have some leads on who put the camera there and that we have the next week off and that we are booked on a flight to new York at three” he said
    “Bad news” Sydney said smiling
    “Eric’s coming” he said
    “What that is bad news?” Eric said
    “YES” they said in unison
    “Nah we are just kidding its not that bad we still love you don’t worry” Sydney said
    “So that means we have four hours” Vaughn said
    “Look Syd, you can’t go back to our house so lets just get stuff in New York, you already have some stuff from what Will brought, and I have some extra suitcases.” Vaughn added
    “Ok I’m going to go take a shower” Syd said
    “Alright check for camera’s” Eric added
    She laughed as she walked towards the bathroom
    Turing on the shower Sydney stepped in letting the heat consume her thoughts.
    Yet again she felt arms behind her
    “Eric left to go pack” Vaughn whispered his chin resting on Sydney’s shoulder hot water streaming down their faces
    “Finally” She said tilting her head back to kiss him
    “Ok but this time I really have to wash” She said
    “Yeah I know” Vaughn said in undertone
    While Washing her Hair, Sydney felt Vaughn’s hands on her shoulders.
    “Hey” she laughed
    “You promised” she added
    “Fine” He said and rested against the glass pane
    After they finished showering, they packed their bags, ate some lunch and decided to kill some time working out in Vaughn’s makeshift gym.
    After a while though they both got tired and fell asleep on the couch, since they hadn’t had much sleep the night before.
    “Hey you guys, get up our flight leaves in an hour and a half.
    “Fine’ they said in unison rolling off the couch and standing up catching their balance.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen will you please turn off any wireless or electric devices so we can prepare for take off “ Vaughn heard
    Sydney was already asleep on his shoulder and Eric was snoring away on the next row over.

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    East Coast, USA
    Your story is really good so far, can't wait to see more! Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah too!
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    I love this story and it just keeps getting better and better.


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