The Darth Side : Memoirs of a Monster


Vader and the Empire do get defeated eventually in "The Return of the Jedi". Once they are gone the new republic has new and different obstacles to face. I seriously doubt Darth Vader can come back again.



An Old Friend
I read some of this and I was entertained. From reading the comments I have determined the blog is ending tho. Too bad because it looks like a fun thing to watch. I still have to finish reading the achives and the rest of the replies but Its interesting. If you like StarWars you should like this blog. It was also in My Yahoo Picks this week.


Code Monkey
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Good reading. If they are following the timeline then yeah, it'll eventually end but since the entries aren't being posted in real-time then the site could still carry on for years. The 05/09/05 entry speaks of building of the second Death Star so there is still a lot of days in the life of Darth Vader ahead yet.


An Old Friend
Moo = Cow said...

Not to be a spoilsport or anything, but I just realized this blog is coming to an end.

Unless Annie (lol) takes over.

CheeseburgerBrown said...

Moo = Cow,

All good things must end.

Turn, turn, turn.

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Hybrid SUV Driver said...

Yes, all good things must come to an end. Hopefully, the entire content will be preserved in the imperial archives so we can all learn from the dark one for centuries to come.