The Does Anyone Have? Thread

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This is the start post of a thread for asking about gizmos and gadgets.
If we post questions in here then we will be able to find them easier and there wont be so many "Does anyone have?" posts.

Does Anyone Have...
A Cray Computer?
An analog camcorder hooked to their computer via a VCR and a TVCard?
Corell Draw?
A project car?
TV used as a monitor?
Home Stereo system plugged into your PC output sound
Key generators?
Stylus and pad (Cat?) instead of a mouse {Non-Laptop}?
A waterbed?
A Spacefoam bed?
A Camper/motorhome

Hey, I know this is a crazy post!


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well, some of them are commonplace.

i have an analogue camcorder
pci tvcapture card to record tv/vcr/camcorder straight into .avi format
i port movies onto my 28" nicam tv with 4 speakers (the sub doesn't work anymore, port not speaker :( )

and that reminds me (key generators) i better get some spare flat keys cut and leave with someone, be a bit easy to find my dead body in the most dire of circumstances (cant let me cockatiels die of starvation


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Yeah, I kicked my head under the bed a couple months ago and Its still under there collecting dust bunnies!


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ooh, i forgot, i retired my scratty little Creative pc speakers over a year ago!

my sound for my pc comes through a huge Aiwa stacker system, with 50w RMS per channel and some nice (2 way) Sony speakers with base ducting. only using 2 channel output but sometimes i use closed earphones for gaming so i don't destroy my buildings foundations with the sound of mortars, rockets, apc guns and tank cannons when i am gaming online!