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The Dreaded Exams Results Thread!

Discussion in 'Open Chat' started by Tim, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Tim

    Tim Creative Writer

    Jan 16, 2005
    it;s that time of the year when us UK students start to receive our exam results.

    today was the A level results handout, GCSE's are in a week or a month (forget when.

    did you get what you wanted? are your eyes opened in horror or drooping in the pub in the midst of celebrating?

    i took AS English Language and English Literature this year, passed the Language, although at a D grade, the Literature i never managed to hand in my coursework although can retake next january at my own expense, which i will considering my exam scores were higher than the Language exam! An "AS" result is the first half of an "A" level, the second half is called "A2". the gap between GCSE and A level is considerable (and many people going to university say that it's easier than A levels were!)

    5701 English Language 174 D(d)

    EA2C Using Language (Cwk)(90) 45
    ENA1 Discovering Language (105) 55
    ENA3 Interacting Through Language (105) 74

    5746 English Literature 107

    LTB1 Intro to the Study of Literature (105) 56
    LTB2 Genre Study : Poetry and Drama (105) 51
    LTB3 Shakespeare (90) 0 (thats the coursework never handed in!)

    not bad for someone with a brain injury! and don't forget it's textbook english as the governments education departments are dictating and probably have no correlation to my own writings, especially since my teacher believes scifi is so small and inconsequential a genre that it has no feasible place in business/careers

    i'm happy, i finally have an AS to add to my list of achievements (11 x gcse's, several office computer exams) and should get the second when i do my coursework for the literature next january! (shakespeare, not my favourite area, english as a foreign language!!!)

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