Season 4 The DVD - and Dutch subtitles?

Not sure whether I should be putting this here or under DVD discussion, but I was watching this the other night and presume the DVD player picked up my subtitle settings from previously (hey, I like watching in 2 languages at once! :D), because "Universiteit van Amsterdam" appeared on the screen instead of "University of Amsterdam". The next thing I noticed was that when she said "vertel hen het is grappig" or whatever it was, there were no subtitles, which seemed reasonable enough to me since she was, after all, speaking Dutch, but after that there were no Dutch subtitles at all!

Mine is, as you might guess, the Region 2 S4 box set as sold in the UK and presumably the Netherlands - anybody mind checking for me and seeing whether the Dutch subtitles come up in their version?
Hi Alison.

I didn't have time to go looking for where ever I have put my Alias DVDs, but I did a Search on this forum to see if I did a Descriptive Summary of this episode. It turns out that I did. -&nbspallalias Resources and Information.

In my description, I mentioned that the caption did say 'Universiteit Van Amsterdam'.

I recall that the teacher and the class were speaking Dutch while the English translation appeared as an onscreen caption. This appeared on the American on-air broadcast - the English on-screen translation was necessary for the English speaking audience who wouldn't understand Dutch.

English on-screen translations were used whenever a non-English language was being spoken by the characters.
Thanks. I guess that means there *is* a fault with the subtitles on that one, then. I must try some more and see whether it's just that one episode. Ah well, I shall just have to forget about improving my drugs slang in Dutch, then, won't I? :D
I actually solved this the other day: there are 2 different S4 box sets available in the UK (I was renting them) - one allegedly only has English subtitles, the other has lots and lots of different languages. The box I eventually bought was supposedly English only, yet it has all the subtitles on it (work that one out), so I'm happy - my rental company must have had both sets, which was why I could get subtitles on some DVDs and not others.