The Eburacum Gazetteer of Colonized and Inhabited Worlds


An Old Friend
An illustrated catalogue of some of the various worlds found in the civilised galaxy; part of the Orion’s Arm Worldbuilding Project;​
These illustrations have been produced using the Celestia Space Simulator.​

As is well known, Homo Sapiens, also known as Humanity, evolved on the planet Earth, or Terra as it sometimes known, orbiting the G2v star Sol in the Orion arm of our galaxy.
Since the development of artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and antimatter powered starships the Terragens civilisation derived from Humanity has spread across thousands of light years in all directions, and has speciated into a myriad forms to adapt to the various habitats available in other solar systems. A growing number of alien races have also joined with the Terragens civilisation, or become its allies; there have been many setbacks in the expansion of this civilization, but the expansion continues with new technologies; wormholes, reactionless drive and the great artificial godlike Archailect minds themselves.

Comparative Sizes of Various Inhabited Worlds

The worlds inhabited by the genetic or artificial descendants of humanity come in many sizes; Panthalassa, a giant waterworld, is one of the largest terrestrial worlds in the Orion’s Arm Civilisation, but many are small bodies like Bolobo, with much lower gravity, and artificially contained atmospheres.

In between are the many terraformed worlds, like Nova Terra and Mars, which have been altered to replicate Earth’s ecosphere; and a very few so-called Gaian, or Garden, worlds like Old Earth itself, which have a rich biosphere and can be inhabited with relative ease in most cases.

Maps of the Orion's Arm Civilisation