the edge of something new

Title: The Edge of Something New
Author: i love vaughny
Disclaimer: i don’t own anything besides the dvds and the love i have for this show. otherwise, it all belongs to jj. [or later on if i mention something else, it belongs to its respected creator, etc.]
A/N: this is the first ff I’ve ever written. i honestly never thought i’d write one, because i A.) didn’t have a clue what to write about, B.) knew it would never be good. but i have an idea and i’m trying to work with it. it takes place in NJ because i’ve never been to LA and don’t know how things are like over there.
Rating: PG-13, because of some mild language in some parts
Summary: A/U. syd and vaughn meet at the beach on vacation when they’re 16…

oh yeah... i swear it gets better

Chapter One

“Since when do you want to be a ‘Brady Bunch’ family, dad? You never wanted to go on family vacations before. Ever. Why start now?” Sydney Bristow inquired her father, giving him a sour look indicating she was not up for it. Naturally, being an only child with only her father, who was hardly ever around, to care for her, the Bristows were very much indeed far from a ‘Brady Bunch’ family.

“Since when does a month’s long vacation to the beach imply we’re a ‘Brady Bunch’ family?” the tall, stubborn man quizzed in an almost comical tone. Seeing Sydney’s caramel brown eyes give off a glare, he added, “I’m trying to do something nice for you, Sydney. Why can’t you accept that?” he paused, obviously for dramatic effect, before continuing with, “Do you know how many kids out there would love going to the beach for four weeks of their summer break? It’s not like you’d have something better to do at home! At least this way I can at least smell the ocean when it’s a few blocks away from work.” He then complimented her glare by giving her one of his own, daring her to argue more.

Sydney sighed, and adjusted her head on the foam pillow she had leaning on the black SUV’s passenger window, and subsequently turned her head to gaze out to the leafy green trees on the highway. He doesn’t get it. He never gets it. She thought. Doesn’t he understand that I want to hang out with my friends over the summer? Sighing again she remembered that Francie and Will, only her two best friends in the entire world, had the summer days jam-packed with plans. Smiling, she recalled that they were going to watch every great movie imaginable, like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, every Adam Sandler movie known to man, The Count of Monte Cristo, and so many more. The three of them were going to go to concerts too, tons of them. Including Warped Tour. I cannot believe you’re making me miss Warped! She breathed angrily.

“What was that?” Jack asked, glancing over at Sydney, head on pillow, bare feet on dashboard, and all, knowing full well what the sixteen year old had said.

“Nothing. It’s nothing that can be changed,” Sydney replied without moving an inch.

Jack paid full attention to his driving for a few seconds before saying, “Sydney, you’ll have fun. I know that you’re going to miss Francie and Will, but if it kills you to go four weeks without them, maybe they can come for a weekend,” again he waited for a few seconds, glancing over to see Sydney smile ear-to-ear.

Rotating to face him she questioned, “Really?” feeling full of hope.

“Maybe even two,” he grinned one of his famous half smiles that only Sydney saw. It always amazed him how little it took to please her, but only if it was something she really wanted. On the other hand, if Sydney Bristow was stuck in a place she despised, she’d let her true colors show for how she actually felt without a moment’s hesitation.

Staring out the window, she realized that trees were becoming scarce, while businesses, fast-food joints, and stores and shops of all types were becoming abundant, signifying they were reaching their destination.

Eventually, she dosed off as she stared into space.

Making countless turns onto numerous streets, Jack finally pulled in front of a rather large house and turned off the vehicle’s engine. Rocking Sydney gently, he announced, “We’re here.”

Upon wakening and registering what her father had said, her first thoughts were, let the fun begin.
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Aww Syd, don't be sad, you're gonna get to hang out with a droolworthy suntanned shirtless Vaughn all summer. Stop now before you kick yourself for complaining!! Hey, i'll trade spots with you!

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Aww Syd, don't be sad, you're gonna get to hang out with a droolworthy suntanned shirtless Vaughn all summer. Stop now before you kick yourself for complaining!! Hey, i'll trade spots with you!
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Chapter Two

Michael Vaughn was lying on an aged white, ropey hammock located towards the right of his beach house’s backyard. His jade eyes fluttered open, and immediately he noticed and felt the hot afternoon sun’s bright rays. Using three fingers from his left, more dominant, hand, he rubbed his eyes, and then wiped off the light sheen of sweat that had accumulated on his forehead during his nap. Yawning, he stretched out his limbs. For him, this was not an unusual summer act.

Every summer, since he was eight years old, his mother, Amelie Vaughn, brought him to the light blue home. The first time he ever came was right after his father’s death. His mother just wanted to get away; to escape. Appreciating the relaxation and serenity the location brought, the pair continued to return year after year.

They’d stay there as long as they possibly could, which was generally until about a week before Michael had to go back to school.

He enjoyed coming each year, actually. At first he was irritated with the whole concept of being away from his friends, but in time Michael realized that there were worse ways to spend a summer then to be a few streets away from the ocean, and he could make more friends, which he managed to do in the eight summers he’d been coming here.

Straightening his legs and arms once more, Michael stood up and started to put on the white tee shirt he had removed and used as a makeshift pillow while taking his little nap. When the shirt was over his head he heard his mother call out to him. Quickly, his head found the hole and popped out. “Yeah mom?”

“I’m going out for a bit. I’ll be back in a few hours. I got my cell, okay?” The black-haired woman with blue eyes informed, while one of her wrists was resting on the white sliding-door’s handle.

“Wait. Where are you going?” Might as well as her, she’s always asking me, Michael thought.

“Out. I don’t know. Shopping, maybe. Then I’ll go get some groceries,” she answered.

“Okay. I might go down to the beach or something later, so don’t get all paranoid if I’m not home, like you did four years ago,” he teased, scratching the back of his head, making his bed-head hairstyle even messier.


Picking up the receiver once again, this time to call her last hope, the police, in order to find her missing son, Amelie heard the grinding sound of the back sliding-door open. Hastily, she walked through the doorway leading from the kitchen to the den, and saw Michael start to close it.

Instinctively, she began bombarding him with questions, “Michael Christian Vaughn, where on earth have you been?! I come home, and find no son, or note, or message on the machine, or my cell… Where have you been?” she demanded, complete with hands on her hips. Honestly, she didn’t know if she wanted to hug him, or kill him for being so irresponsible.

Not understanding why his mother was freaking out, the twelve year old Michael simply answered, “I was down the street at Eric’s house. I didn’t leave a note or anything because I didn’t think I was going to be there more than an hour, but we started hanging out in his backyard and I lost track of time. I seriously didn’t think you’d be home before me,” before walking to the plush dark green couch to sit down.

She felt so foolish. “So... you mean… you were down the street this whole time?” Amelie asked innocently.

Turing on the TV Michael replied, “Yeah, why?”

Amelie felt herself blush a nice shade of light pink. “Because I had no idea where you were and I called everyone we know around here.” Thinking out loud, she added, “Except Eric’s, because I forgot they came up two days ago.” Feeling herself get redder, she admitted, “I was about to file a missing person’s report when you walked in just now.”

The now hysterically laughing Michael responded with, “No… you didn’t? MOM! I was three houses down!”

*end flashback*

“You’re never going to let me forget about that, are you?”

“Nope. Never,” he stopped for a moment. “It was definitely way too funny.”

“Fine, fine. Make fun all you want. I’m going out. Call me if you need anything,” she said as she slid the door closed to keep the air-conditioned house cool.

Smiling at the memory, Michael decided that he didn’t feel like going back into the house, as he originally planned. Instead, he found a lounge chair, took his shirt off again so he only remained in his blue board shorts, and lied down. Summer sun makes you lazy, he thought starting to drift off to sleep again. And tired.


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Chapter Three
Being the intelligent business man he was, Jack had already arranged for there to be furniture in his new vacation home. He decided it would be best to stay in a nautical theme, so walls were painted soft blues, yellows, greens and white. Pale hardwood floors were evident in every room, excluding the kitchen and bathrooms, which had tiled flooring. Sydney, obviously reluctantly, had showed interest in the home within walking through the front door. Jack could tell she loved it, even though she was acting like it was not a big deal.

Attempting to act bored, Sydney declared that she was going to go look for a room to call her own. Once she climbed the oak staircase, she saw that there were at least four bedrooms on the upper level of the home. After some exploring and investigating, she decided on a decently-sized sea-foam green room, with its own bathroom tiled in blue mosaic.

Sighing, she practically threw her duffel bag on the double bed’s fluffy comforter.

When she finished unpacking, about an hour later, she lied down on the bed. Comfy, she thought. Disrupting her almost asleep state, she heard her father call out, “Sydney, I’m going to the store to get some food. I’ll be back later, okay?”

“Okay,” she yelled back. Hmm…she pondered what she could do. Get a tan, she realized instantly. Changing into her green, blue and white striped Roxy bikini top and matching Lilu boardshorts, she ventured outside.

- meanwhile –

The ever-irritating sun woke Michael up once again. But this time, it wasn’t the sun’s sole fault anymore. Slamming car doors were also involved. He noticed the sounds were coming from the house next door, the one that was recently sold. Curiosity got the best of him, and he, sneakily, walked over to the chain-link fence that divided the two properties. He saw two people, and assumed they were father and daughter. Right when he was about to see the brunette’s face, he heard a different noise which diverted his attention. A noise that could only belong to one person in the whole universe.

That noise was Eric Weiss’ voice. “I said, ‘what’s up Vaughn?’” Eric annoyingly stated.

“s***,” Vaughn mumbled. “Hey Weiss,” he answered turning around quickly, fumbling with his hands.

Seeing his best friend act strangely, Weiss coyly asked, “Watcha lookin’ at, buddy?”

Damn. Eric knows me way too well. I guess that’s what I get for being his best friend since we were five. “Nothing, why would you think I was looking at something?” Please don’t look over there, please don’t look over there.

Weiss looked over, just in time to see a thin girl, their age, he presumed, walk inside the house next door followed by an older man, probably her father. “Oh… I see what you’re looking at. She’s hot,” he concluded, while craning his neck to see if he could see anything else.

“Well, I would’ve seen her face but somebody,” Vaughn pointed at Weiss, “distracted me.”

“Sorry, but how the hell was I supposed to know you were checking out your new neighbor?” he countered, striding towards the back door.

Following his friend inside, Vaughn defensively replied, “I was not checking her out! I was just trying to see who was moving in. Obviously, anyone could tell it wasn’t the Reeds anymore. Lauren,” Vaughn shuddered just thinking about the aggravating and snobby girl who once occupied the building next door, “was blonde. That girl,” he nodded his head to the right, “has brown hair,” he stopped for a second before adding dreamily, “and she looks nothing like Lauren.”

Grabbing a red apple from a fruit bowl in the kitchen and sitting on a wooden chair at the table accompanying Vaughn, Weiss simply stated, “You like her.” It wasn’t a question.

Looking at the maple table, Vaughn sighed, “I don’t even know her.” He looked into Weiss’ dark brown eyes which were clearly concentrating on biting the apple in the correct spot. Weiss took another bite before tossing the core into the plastic trashcan that was behind him. He continued to chew for a few moments.

“You know what? You live freaking next door to her now. We don’t know how long she’s going to be here, but you’re here all summer. And I’m here for the next two months. And you live next door to her.”

“Yeah, you said that already.”

“Well, Vaughn! Come on, do I have to spell it out for you?”

Confusion was evident on Vaughn’s face, causing his brow to furrow and forehead to wrinkle. “I guess you do.”

“Become her friend, you idiot! Then at least you can’t say, ‘I don’t know her.’ Look, she’s new here. She’ll probably want to be shown around or whatever. That’s valuable ‘get to know you’ hang out time,” he said using his fingers to do air quotes.

“Valuable ‘get to know you’ hang out time?” Vaughn repeated in a little laugh.

“What? I’m trying to give you advice!” Weiss defended.

“I know, I know. It’s just… funny wording, I guess.”

“Yeah, well….” Anyone could see Weiss was trying to think of some sort of comeback. “Yeah,” he finally gave into the laughter, “I guess it was kind of funny wording.”

Following the nice little chat the two of them shared, Weiss said that he had to go home.

Bored again, Vaughn opted to take yet another nap outdoors. It can’t hurt. As he was walking down the patio stairs he saw her. The mystery neighbor girl. She was adjusting a lawn chair so that she could lie down on it, or at least Vaughn assumed she was doing that so that she could lie down on it. At last, he saw her face. She’s really pretty. Beautiful.

It felt like he had a huge lump in his throat, and his palms were starting to get a little sweaty. He was nervous. I guess it’s now or never. “Hey,” he dared.


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so i was re-reading chapter four to see if i needed to edit it, so it would be all ready for me to post it tomorrow, but then i realized it was such a great chapter and i have to post it <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>NOW.</span>

Chapter Four

“Stupid chair,” Sydney said under her breath. Her awareness was focused on trying to get the back of the chair to be level with the seat part, so that she could lie down and tan, even though it was already late in the afternoon and the sun would be setting soon. Seemingly out of nowhere she heard a male voice say, “Hey.” She lifted her head up and saw a boy. He was tall, tan, and totally hot. “Hi.” Honestly, she was surprised she could muster her voice level high enough to even utter that much.

Vaughn smiled. She is definitely gorgeous. “You’re new around here, aren’t you?” he asked while walking towards the dividing chain-link fence, slightly leaning on it.

Don’t stare. Don’t stare. Okay, this guy is completely hot, he’s talking to me, and he’s shirtless. Don’t stare! Say something! Smiling shyly, she answered, “Yeah, how’d you know?” Advancing towards the fence, she joked, “What? Do I have some ‘newbie’ smell or something?” Her grin grew into a full dimpled smile.

She, without a doubt, has the cutest smile. No,” he laughed. “No ‘newbie’ smell. It’s… I come here every summer. I’ve been coming for… about eight years now. I would have remembered seeing you before.” s***. Now she knows I would’ve remembered her, which means she knows I think she’s hot. Good goin’, Vaughn.

Okay, now I definitely feel stupid. Two hours ago I was complaining to Dad that this would be the worst summer vacation ever, and now, god, I don’t even know his name, comes along and I can totally become used to seeing him everyday. “Oh. Well, that explains it.” She was embarrassed by her statement. “I mean… since you know the place, what’s there to do around here?” Great, now I sound bored. I bet he thinks I’m spoiled and stuck up. “I’m Syd – Sydney - by the way.”

“Vaughn. Well, Michael, but everyone except my mom calls me Vaughn.” He shrugged, “Last name.” Her name’s Sydney. It’s perfect. “Umm, what is there to do around here? Well, obviously, go to the beach or boardwalk. Then there’s always the mall or mini golfing, or go-kart racing or,” he tried to think of something, anything, else there was to do. “Or just hanging out.”

Vaughn. Michael Vaughn. He looks like a Michael. Well, duh! He is a Michael. Wait, should I tell him my last name’s Bristow? Well, then again he only told me his last name because it’s what everyone calls him. Sydney took a deep breath. “What do you suggest?” She tilted her head a little while asking the question and she swore to herself that she could get lost in those emerald pools he called eyes. Stop staring at him! He’s going to think he has something on his face! Nervously, she tucked a loose strand of her chestnut hair behind her ear.

“Eh, I don’t know. I mean, I guess it depends what you want to do – what your mood is,” he told her, switching his weight from his right foot to his left. “What are you up for?” Yeah, that was audacious, but she’s the one who asked what there was to do! I’m just offering to go with her. I’m being polite. Vaughn truly wanted to believe he was offering just to be nice, but he knew it was because he wanted some of that ‘valuable get to know you hang out time’ Weiss was talking about earlier. He knew that this time tomorrow, or even before then, all the guys in town, including his friends, would want to hang out with Sydney; would want to go out with Sydney. Selfishly, he was just trying to get to know her first, while she still seemed somewhat interested in him.

“Hmm… are you up for just walking on the beach? I’m kind of tired from the ride up here, and I’m not in the mood to really go out. God knows I must look like hell.” She let out a small, uncomfortable laugh. Did I seriously just say that? Oh god. Why can’t I just shut up?

Truthfully, he was surprised that Sydney thought she didn’t look up to par. “You look fine,” he noted. He then corrected himself by saying, “You look great.” Vaughn! He mentally scolded himself. You freaking just met the girl like, three minutes ago.

“Yeah, sure.” Sydney looked down at her feet. She felt modest and couldn’t help but think about how awful she must actually look with her straggly hair and tired, dark eyes. But he thinks I look good? Oh my god. Does he like me back?

“No, I’m serious.”

Sydney looked up at him, and felt something unexplainable. Looking into his eyes she just knew he was telling the truth. She felt it. Gazing directly into those jade orbs, she said, “Okay.”

“No, I mean it. It’s the truth. You really do look great.” For some strange reason, he couldn’t let it go. He felt like he had to convince her that she looked fantastic, because she really did.

Again, she could tell he was not lying. “I believe you.” He’s so sweet. He’s… perfect. Whoa, Syd, you’ve known him, what? A grand total of ten minutes? Slow down.

“Well, you should. I’m not lying.” It’s so easy to talk to her, and I just met her. She probably thinks I’m some psychopath because I won’t let her think she looks bad…. I doubt Sydney could ever look bad. Then he remembered what they were supposed to be talking about. “But, to answer your question, yeah.”

Question? s***. What did I ask? Panic was unmistakably marked on her face. She was about to confess that she had no idea what he was talking about, but he began speaking again.

“We can just walk on the beach. I’d actually rather do that than go out, too. It would take too long for me to get pretty, you know the drill,” he hoped she’d enjoy his sense of humor. He took her giggle as a sign of her appreciation for the pun.

And he’s funny too? Now, why on earth can’t you live where I live, Michael Vaughn? Slowly quieting her laughter she responded, “Lead the way.”

“All right, just let me go get something really quick. I’ll meet you out front in a few minutes, okay?” I should probably get a clean shirt. And brush my teeth.

“Good idea, I should probably at least brush my hair,” Sydney told him while grabbing a few locks of her tangled hair and rolling her eyes. She smiled at him again. “I’ll see you out front in a few minutes,” she confirmed.


Both of them went into their houses to freshen up.

Vaughn put on a blue Billabong t-shirt to match his boardshorts. Yes, he was trying to impress Sydney, but not to the point where he’d change his normal attire. He brushed his teeth and put a little gel in his hair. Good enough. He grabbed his cell phone and starting walking downstairs. Once again he was nervous, but this time it was because he knew, to some degree, what she was like. And he definitely liked her.

“I wish all I had to do was brush my hair!” she muttered. Opening and closing random dresser drawers, she asked herself, “Who would have known that taking a simple walk on the beach would require so much primping?” She was anxious to see Vaughn again. He seemed too good to be true. Continuing the discussion with herself she added, “Who am I kidding? This is not a simple walk on the beach. This is a walk on the beach with a totally awesome guy who I can honestly say I’m starting to have a major crush on.” Starting to become alarmed because she’d been in her room for a few minutes and had accomplished absolutely nothing, she sighed. “Okay, I’ll brush my hair, put a white tank top and flip flops on, and leave Dad a note saying I have my cell, not that he’ll care I’m gone. Oh! Sunglasses. I need to bring sunglasses, because we’ll probably catch the sunset. God, this is like some romantic comedy. I’m going to be walking on the beach with a gorgeous guy during sunset.” The sunglasses made a temporary home atop her head. I totally have to call Francie when I get back tonight and tell her everything.

Once completing all of her pre-determined tasks, she, feeling very giddy, walked over to Vaughn’s house, and not seeing him out yet, sat on his porch steps, waiting for him. While day dreaming, she felt herself beaming with excitement.

He was moving towards the front door when he saw her sitting on the steps through the front bay window. I’ve never been so stressed to just take a walk with a girl. I barely know her, but I know that I like her more than any other girl I’ve ever known. Taking a deep breath, he opened the front door, locked it behind him, and asked, “Ready to go?”

His words broke her daze, but she couldn’t have cared less. “Yup,” she said standing up. As they began strolling side by side down the street towards the beach she decided to tease him a little. “You know, Vaughn,” she started, saying his name aloud for the first time. I absolutely love that name coming from my mouth.

He noticed her lips curved upward when she said his name. Deciding to mimic her act, he responded, “Yeah?”

“You took longer than me to get ready. And, I just wanted to tell you, it was worth it, because you do look very pretty.” Her sunglasses were placed over her eyes to block out the sun’s gradually weakening rays as twilight approached.

Vaughn was blessed with seeing yet another classic Sydney Bristow dimpled grin. He blushed. “Well… umm,” he was completely tongue-tied. What do you say to a girl you just met, but know you totally like, when she says you look pretty? At last, he determined that there was only one thing he could say to her.

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