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The End Is No Where Near!

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by pennstatechic, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. pennstatechic

    pennstatechic Rocket Ranger

    Jan 26, 2003
    Florida (Now PA for college)
    Hey guys this takes place after the fall of sd-6, and now Irena Derveko turned against the CIA again.

    The End Is No Where Near

    Summery: Vaughn and Sydney think they are on their last mission, and then there free, but the end is no where near for them!

    Rating: I will say pg-13, but you never know!hehe

    Chapter 1- The Capture

    "Syd go you have to get out of here!" Vaughn pleaded with concern

    "I'm not leaving without you Vaughn!" Syd pleaded back

    "Syd you have to go! Go before the catch you. Just go please!" Vaughn pleaded even more

    "No! Vaughn I'm not leaving her without you!"

    Vaughn looked deeply in her eyes, and grabbed her by the arms

    "Syd please, I know you don't want to go, but you have to! You have to. You have to get the information back to the CIA. That could bring Dreveko and solane in, and you know that. You have to go. I will be fine, but for God sake's just go!" Vaughn pleaded again

    "Vaugh..n..." was all sydney could get out, as the tears started to come

    "Syd just please go. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you!" Vaughn took a moment to look at her before he responded again. " I love you, and I promise I will come back, now go!"

    Tears were now filling her eyes compeltely " I love you too.......promise me Vaughn!"

    Vaughn looked at her and gave her that smile that mader her weak in the knees " I promise, now please go!"

    Sydney took one last look at Vaughn, and regertfully turned the other way and ran as fast as she could. With every step she ran faster, but the feel of her heartbreaking only slowed her down. Sobs of tears wre falling from her face. Sydney ran out of the building and into the CIA van waiting outside. In a matter of minutes the building exploded, and the only thing that sydney thought about was Vaughn.

    "Michael........No........." Sydeny yelled.

    Sydney tried to run back in, but Weiss was restraining her made it difficult

    "Sydney come on, you can't go back in!" Weiss continued to restain her, but Sydney continue to fight until, she didn't have any strength left.

    "Let go of me! I have to get Vaughn, I have to , I have to..." Sydney just sank to the floor repeating Vaughn's name over and over again, as the tears took her over.

    "Come on Syd, it's not safe we can't sit here, let's go!" Weiss picked up Sydney, and put her back into the van.

    **Back in the building before the explosion**

    A door swung open not only a minute after Sydney ran out, and in walked only three men. Two guards, that immeditly ran to Vaughn, and a man who just remained behind the shadows.

    " You know Mr. Vaughn, you shouldn't make promises that you can't keep." The man said appraching Vaughn still hidden in the shadows.

    " Well I attend to keep ever promise that I make, including killing you!" Vaughn shouted back coldly.

    "Well see about that." Smiled the man "Now, we can do this the easy way and you tell me were your friend took my information and I will let you go, or we can do this the hard way and I get the information and then kill you!" The man shot back.

    "Go to Hell!" Vaughn shot back once again at him.

    The man just looked at him and laughned, then responded." Ok, I guess we are choosing the hard way. And when I am finish with you Mr. Vaughn, Ms. Bristow will be next."

    "You touch her and I swear on my life I will kill you!"

    Once again laughter excapse from the man's mouth. "Will see. Take him out of here!"

    As the guards take Vaughn away the man from the shadows open his cell phone and makes a call.

    " This is Mr. Hect..... No I didn't get the codes, but I got something even better. Give me one minute to get to the extraction point, then blow upthe building as planed. Yes.......ok....... I love you too........Bye!"

    Danny hangs up the phone, smiles then exits the building along to.

    Note: Hey guys, I hope you like chapter 1. I have more chapters written, I just want to see if you guys like were I'm going! I hope you like it, but let me know if I should keep going! And don't worry, It's going to have a lot of evil people and fluff! Thanks a bunch! :D (y) (n)

    Love ya!

    Lauren (Pennstatechic) :angelic:
  2. Sun Tzu

    Sun Tzu Ensign

    Mar 21, 2003
    (y) (y) Omg. Wow. That was a great start, but I have to admit I'm a little confused about where this is happening and all.....Please write more soon!
  3. aliasfreelancer

    aliasfreelancer Captain

    Mar 2, 2003
    Wow, very suspenseful! I like where this is going! And just who was Danny talking to?? Please keep writing!!
  4. kleverkitten

    kleverkitten Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    He he he...evil Danny...
  5. liliana

    liliana Rocket Ranger

    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    WOW! interesting evil danny okay please update soon
  6. nancee

    nancee Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
    o0o0o0o0oo good one
  7. Danny... interesting....
    --Mandy :angelic:
  8. girlincognito

    girlincognito Captain

    Mar 8, 2003
    omg this is great! update soon cant wait to see wut happens!!! :D

    sIm1 :movie:
  9. aliaschick4mv

    aliaschick4mv Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    East Coast
    <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH OMG!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHH OMG!!!!!! DANNY!!! OMG I SOOO DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! DAAAAAAAANNNNNNNYYYYYYY EVIL LITTLE TWIRP!!!!!!!!</span>
  10. sbmv12

    sbmv12 Rocket Ranger

    Apr 1, 2003
    Wow that was good.
    Please post more soon!

    Kyle :D
  11. bluheart13

    bluheart13 Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
  12. mer_vaughn

    mer_vaughn Rocket Ranger

    Mar 13, 2003
    Sacramento, California
    Awesome! I like how you brought back Danny. I also like the twist with Syd thinking Vaughn is dead. Nice Job!!! :D
  13. Alias*Kelli

    Alias*Kelli Rocket Ranger

    Jan 27, 2003
    Danny's an ass and thats all I'm gonna say!~
  14. Alias*Kelli

    Alias*Kelli Rocket Ranger

    Jan 27, 2003
    But that is a really good story I just had to say!~
  15. pennstatechic

    pennstatechic Rocket Ranger

    Jan 26, 2003
    Florida (Now PA for college)
    Hey guys, thanks for the reviews! Well here's chapter 2 for you, so let me know what you think? K!

    Chapter 2- The Mission

    ****Flashback 12 hours before the mission****

    **CIA Debriefing room**

    Kendel takes his place and begins his meeting.

    "All of you know the recent events that have taken place. With Ms. Derveko's recent actions in decieving the CIA, it's even more impartive that we stay ahead of her and Mr. Solane. With the recent intel we got last night, we are led to believe that Ms. Dreveko and Mr. Solane are working with accomplists searching for the Rambaldi device.

    Sydney cutsin " I'm sorry sir, but do we exactly know who these accomplists are?"

    "If you would have let me finish Ms. Bristow, I would have answered your question." (Sydney just glares at him) "What I was about to say was that no, we don't have any information on who these other people Ms. Dreveko and Mr. Solane are working with, however we did recieve intel on where they might be heading next. Jack..."

    Jack stands up and clicks a picture onthe screen

    "What your looking at is a house in Paris, France owned by a man by the name of Mr. Blanc. (A picture of Mr. Blanc appears on the screen) Mr. Blanc appears to have hidden some very important codes that have to deal with cracking the rambaldi device, this meaning we will finally find out what Dreveko, Solane, and everybody was after. We have reason to believe that it is there next target." Jack finishes and Kendel takes his spot again.

    "So tonight Mr. blanc will be hosting a party for his 50th wedding anniversary. Agents Vaughn and Bristow, you will attending the party as Mr. and Mrs. Devior. For the safe side you will be attending as Mrs. Blanc's cousin. When Mr. blanc goes up to make his speech, you will break into his office on the second floor, and grab the codes. Agent Weiss will be outside the party in a van coaching you through the house. Don't forget Mr. Solane and his accomplists will be attending, so be on the look out. Marshall will give you your gear. Do a good job, and come home safe. Dismissed!"

    Outside the deberifing room Vaughn apporaches Sydney

    "Hey!" he smiles at her

    "Hey!" she smiles back

    "Seems like an easy enough mission doesn't it?" Vaughn asks

    "Yea to easy, but we should be back in no time." she smiles

    "Listen we should grab our gear and pack if we don't want to miss this party."

    "I'm ready if you are Mr. Devoir!" she smiles at him

    "Well then let's go Mrs. Devoir!" Vaughn and Sydney walk out of the CIA together.

    **Paris France**
    (12 hours later at the party)

    "I don't knoe Vaughn, I have this bad feeling about this. I mean if this cracks the Rambaldi device, it seems almost to easy to be just sitting in some guys safe with only two guards guarding it."

    "I know, I know. It does seem to easy doesn't it." He looks at her with a smile. They enter the party near the dance floor, and Vaughn nudges her.


    "Would you like to dance Mrs. Devoir?" He asks in a French accent and a week in the knees smile.

    " I would love to!" answering back in her own french accent, and takes his hand as they make their way to the dance floor.

    As syd and Vaughn are dancing Weiss's voice comes over their ear pieces.

    "Hey you two love birds better not get to comfotable, we have a mission to complete in a little while."


    "Yes Sydney..."

    " Shut up!"

    "That hurts Syd, that hurts." in a hurt tone (yea right weiss hurt)

    " I'm sure it does." she says laughing.

    30 minuets later Weiss interupts Vaughn and Sydney dancing, to give the go ahead.

    "umm.... guys"

    "What is it Weiss?" Somewhat annoyed

    "It's go time, and I don't like your tone Mikey!"

    " Bite Me!" All three break out into laughter.

    As Mr. Blanc makes his way up to the stage, to make a speech both Sydney and Vaughn get ready to go.

    Syd pulls Vaughn closer to her and whispers into his ear "I'm going up the stairs, I will meet you at the office in 2 minuets."

    "Ok. Syd?"


    "Becarful, I love you!" He finishes with a smile.

    "I love you to." She quickily kisses him and then heades for the staris.

    "No I love you, No I love you, No......"

    Both Sydney and Vaughn " Shut up Eric!"

    Sydney makes her way up stairs only to be stopped by two guards.

    "Excuse me sweet cheecks, but you can't come up here!"

    " I'm sorry I just thought I could take a tour of the house." she finishes in a french accent and winks at them.

    "I'm sorry sugar, but we can't let you go up there!" Both men are eyeing her up and down, and the looks there giving make her sick, but what she's about to say makes it even worse.

    "Oh c'mon if you two stud's show me a tour of the house, I'm sure I can find a way to umm Thank.....You...!" She finishes seductively.

    "Well we really shouldn't, but your to hot to pass this deal up." One guard shouts out.

    Sydney's lips curve into a smile from ear to ear."Trust me gentlemen, you wont regret this!" She smiles back at them.

    Just as the guards turn around, Sydney stabs both of them in the back with neddles to make them sleep.

    " On second thought maybe you will." Syd turns on her com link, "Base this is mountaineer, I have successfully taken out the guards, and I am on my way to the office, going radio silent."

    "Ok mountaineer, copy that good job. Boyscout is on his way."

    " 3rd door, 4th door, 5th door, I got it." She starts kicking at the door, but it wont budge. she sticks one of Marshall's homemade bombs at the door, to Marshall the cool this is, it doesn't make any nosie. she ducks and the bomb busts the door down. she enter the room and begins looking for the safe.


    "Vaughn hurry up come here and help me, I can't get the safe to open, without setting off the alarm."

    "Yea well we have to hurry up, Sark just arrived with two guests, and they will be here any minute."

    "Did you see who they were?"

    "No, but it wasn't Solane or Derveko. I had to duck two guards, so I had to flee, but we have to get out of here now, their on their way." Vaughn finished out of breath.

    "Ok grab the metal tool on my belt. On the count of three, press the red button while I open the safe." Vaughn just nods as Syd starts turning the lock for the combnation.


    "Syd, Vaughn get out of their now, Mr. Blanc is heading up stairs along with Sark and two guests! Get out Now!"

    "Copy that, were on our way!" Vaughn repeated.

    "Three!" Vaughn pressed the button and sydney opened the safe. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

    "What the Hell is that?" Sydney asked looking around.

    "felgercarb, Base we triged a second alarm, were on our way out now stand by." Vaughn repeated.

    Sydney grabbed the codes out of the safe. The footsteps were getting closer and closer.

    "Syd go I will mee you outside!" Vaughn Shouted

    "No I'm not leaving with out you!" she reapeated back.

    "Syd you have to go, If I stay they wont come after you, go I will make a distraction. Get out of here!" Yelling at her

    The last thing Sydney remembers is running out of the building several minuets before it exploded with Vaughn inside, then it went black.

    **** End Flashback****

    Note: I hope you guys enjoyed chapter 2, and I hope I cleaned up any confusion. Thanks for your sweet reply's you guys are awesome! Let me know what you think and I will post chapter 3 very soon!

    Love ya!

  16. The Kate Vartan

    The Kate Vartan Rocket Ranger

    Dec 16, 2002
    EVIL Danny, BAD Danny, DIE Danny, DON'T kill Vaughn! Great start!
  17. freedoms

    freedoms Captain

    Mar 2, 2003
    Those chapters were fantastic! This is an amazing fic!! I can't wait for more!!
  18. nancee

    nancee Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
  19. Katelyn

    Katelyn Rocket Ranger

    Jan 27, 2003
    That was good. Very few people have the talent to make it seem real
  20. pennstatechic

    pennstatechic Rocket Ranger

    Jan 26, 2003
    Florida (Now PA for college)
    Hey guys just to let you know, I will be posting chapter 3 tomorrow night! Thanks for your reply's!


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