The Exorcist

Did You Think The Exrocist Was Scary?

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Alias Addict
i can't remember the first time that i saw it, but i think i was about 13 years old. my friends and i rented that as well as a few other scary movies. i thought i was all brave but boy was i wrong?

to this day i get freaked out when i hear that music and see a close-up shot of regan's face after she's all possessed. (n)


I saw it this halloween as a 14 year old, and it was a joke. It was a gross, disgusting, movie, but I was not scared in the least. It's name precedes itself and I thought it would be spinetingling, but really it wasn't scary at all. The most played up scenes (like the staircase descent) last only a few seconds. You don't know why the devil chose her, and it doesn't clear anything up at the end
It scared the felgercarb out of me when I was younger, and then a couple of years ago my friends and I rented the "Never Before Seen" re-release of it, and it still freaked me out...all 5 of us stayed at my friends house that night b/c none of us wanted to drive home after watching it...
The whole movie I was like, "When is it going to get scary?" And then it just didn't. The little girl was a freak, but she didn't freak me out. I laughed when her headd turned around. :lol:

That didn't stop me from sneaking in to Excorsist Beginnings though.
I laughed when her head turned around too! But I was pretty scared after that. It was well done for being so old I though. Even if it wasn't scary for you though...can you imagine being the little girl that had to play Regan?

There was this documentary on tv and she broke like 3 ribs from doing it from falling and from a harness pulling on her (for the scene when she is going crazy on the bed towards the beginning). And teh girl admitted that she was scared when she did the scenes. Heck I would be!

But also the girls parents had to sign a contract and they didn't tell her parents all the crazy weird/bad stuff she had to do. So her parents had no idea about most of that stuff until they saw the movie. Isn't all that crazy?!?


Parts were funny, but not at all scary. Like Babs, me my cuz and bro kept wondering when it would get scary. Apparantly that was never!



The beginning was boring... I didn't get it... But just what you hear about it, being the scariest movie of all time and whatever, kinda makes you jumpy and nervous... But it wasn't way toooooo bad... Not that I was watching half the time, cos I was hidden under a blanket :lol: But the bit where she crawls like.. upside down sort of, down the stairs... :blink: That was just freaky.


The Holinator
I am TERRIBLE when it comes to scary movies. Nightmares and all. So I never see them, ever. But I had to watch this movie for my film class and I did not find it scary at all. Creepy, sure, but no nightmares.

I'm guessing it was terrifying when it came out for the first time. I remember my mom telling me she saw it when it first came out and it scared the #$% out of everyone!


I've first seen it with some friends and it was just wasn't scary at all, but me and my friends have already seen so many horror movies that nothing can shock us anymore. :lol:
It really depends. The first time I saw it I wasn't scared at all, but I thought a lot about it and watched it a second time and it was kinda freaky, not really though. I think of it more gross than scary. I don't know how it was rated the scariest movie of all time, because there are about 10,000 better horror movie out there -_-

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