Sci-Fi The Expanse (2015-?) Syfy


Jun 6, 2018
For anybody who hasn't read the series yet but does enjoy the TV adaption, would you recommend reading any of the novels now or waiting till the TV show (eventually ends) to avoid making comparisons?
That's a tough question, as it's fairly subjective, and who knows where they are going with the story. The TV series stuck pretty close to the novels until this past season, and even then only deviated in that it amalgamated some characters and shrunk the timeline, which is understandable since they don't have bags of money to flesh it out like the books. Apparently the show will have a much bigger budget with Amazon, but it's probably too late to go back and redo some things.

Personally, I would say to start reading the novels already. I really enjoyed doing that in between (and during) seasons. When I read I tend to picture the character's faces, voices, and mannerisms, so watching the show while reading kept that fresh in my mind, and I kind of liked seeing the little differences in the show and telling my wife about them as we went, because none of them "ruin" anything in the show, at least IMHO they don't.

Plus, they are just too good NOT to read. This isn't a spoiler, as the author(s) have made it known, but they will be finishing the series at 10, so we are getting down to the end. The only reason I would say to wait, is if you are someone who doesn't like to wait for the next books to come out. So starting the series after #10 drops would be understandable. Recently I started Sandersons' Way of Kings series, which is excellent, but then found out he is planning 10 books, and #4 isn't coming until next year, so I wish I would have waited a bit longer.
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