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An Old Friend


An Old Friend
SciFiChick said:
1-kevin j. anderson
2-peter david
3-bob mayer (with aliases: robert doherty & greg donegan)
4-lawrence watt-evans
etc.. etc...

I haven't even heard of any of these! Now I feel like I've been left out. I gotta google them out and see what they wrote. Thanx for sharing SciFiChick! I love new things and you just gave me some stuff to find out about!
yep, anderson also helps co-write the newer (not-as-good) Dune books. and he writes a lot of movie novelizations.. but his original works are excellent too.

peter david writes movie novelizations too (spider-man movies are a couple), star trek books, and original novels as well.

bob mayer/robert doherty for "Area 51" series/greg donegan for "Atlantis" series ... he's a military man that writes scifi/action books that seem like you're watching a movie.

lawrence watt-evans writes humorous fantasy.