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The Fourth Kind - Another hype film or a warning?

I've seen the film and liked it. I was closely looking at the film, I noticed the the "so called" archival footage seems hollywood created. Did they replicate the real film footage purposely to protect the innocent, I wonder.....maybe not. So far the feedback I've been gathering suggests strongly that this movie is only hype, and the movie company is only riding the wave of fear about what is to be expected when the year 2012 arrives.

It could be possible that someone wants to hint at the truth about what some outworld beings are really like, as Steven Hawkings did recently in an interview. He warned us all: Not to look for or even communicate with aliens because they are not to be trusted. I wonder what Mr Hawkings really knows about what beings from elsewhere are really like. Roughly 3000 years ago some cultures mention and depict aliens coming here and giving us knowledge, and around 6000 years ago the Sumerians mention the same visitations by outworlders giving us knowledge on architectonics and astronomy. I suppose we will find out within a few years...............
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I saw the film and the 'Hollywood' feel left me confused afterwards. It is hard to tell exactly what was true story and what was introduced to embellish it. So, I quickly forgot the whole film!
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... I noticed the the "so called" archival footage seems hollywood created.....
Finally got to see this one (anything with Milla Jovovich eventually ends up in my queue for some reason...) and the part about the look of the supposed real footage caught my attention as well -- that it was obviously professional actors. Plus, as is often the problem with found footage films, the audio quality is studio level with no background noise; not exactly something that happens in real life.

The idea of using found footage as the premise of a real movie and then mixing the two together sounded interesting enough but it just didn't feel right with how they did it. Too many cuts between the 'actors' and 'real' people made for some jumpy scenes and the side-by-side cuts of the two video sources served no purpose.

The story overall wasn't bad but I came away from it having neither liked nor disliked it.
Interesting movie.

Milla Jovovich was as easy on the eye as ever. There is no "archive footage" here though. Have a look at the credits at the end, it gives the names of the actors on this "archive footage".

I bought the DVD as I thought it was an entertaining movie, not because I thought it contained any truth. (And it was in the $10.00 bin).