The Future Told


Authors' Notes:Set in the future "The Telling" never happened.It is set about two years after "Countdown".Sydney and Vaughn are together,Francie was killed and Allison is still running around and engaged to Will,Sloane disappeared years ago,Irina is under 24 hour surveillance but she is living with Jack.Jack is still Director and Kendall has left.It starts a week before Syd and Vaughn's wedding and it goes beyond that.I'm introducing a new group called SCAR.And I'm introducing a new character named Hannah she's an old friend of Sydney's and Eric's girlfriend.
Summary:During Syd and Vaughn's wedding there is a shootout and Jack is shot not fatally they find out later that Sloane sent out an attack on Jack by a group named SCAR.They then find out that they've all been targeted Jack asks Vaughn to take Sydney and run and Vaughn agrees.Two years later you meet up with Sydney and Vaughn under the names of Maria and Ryan Jacobs living in Boston Sydney is an English Professor at the college and Vaughn is also a teacher he is the coach for the hockey team and also the History Teacher at a High School.So what are their lives like now?Wait and find out.
Couples:S/V,J/I,E/J and W/F
Disclaimer:None of these characters belong to me they belong to JJ, Disney, Touchstone, Bad Robot, ABC and whoever else they belong to.

The Future Told

Chapter 1

You see Sydney sitting in the apartment that she shares with Vaughn he comes out of the kitchen he hands her a plate she's looking through some magazines.He sees it's a wedding magazine he rolls his eyes"Syd we have to have nearly everything planned we're getting married in a week,"he says.

She nods her head"I know but I want it to be perfect,"she says.He nods and strokes her face she turns her head and looks at him."I'm marrying the man I love."

He smiles at her and leans down and kisses her"I love you and it will be perfect because your perfect and nothing nor nobody can change that,"he says.Sydney rolls her eyes but smiles anyway he looks down at the hand that's sitting on his knee.It's got her engagement ring on it."As long as we get there I'm happy."

She looks at him and smiles"so am I,"she says.She leans her head back against the couch and he watches her while he turns on the tv to hockey.She looks up and rolls her eyes."Ooh look hockey."

Vaughn glares at her and she just smiles and goes back to eating her sandwich"I wonder where Eric and Will are,"Vaughn says.Sydney shrugs her shoulders"your helpfull."

She smiles at him"they probably got held up,"she says.She goes back to reading her magazine then the doorbell rings and Sydney gets up and you see her move towards the door.She opens it and smiles when she sees Eric standing there."Hey Eric,"she says.

He smiles at her"hey Syd,"he says.He walks in and then Will walks in too and she rolls her eyes Francie comes in too.She smiles and they walk back into the livingroom Eric is now sitting beside Vaughn.Sydney goes over and taps her foot"what's wrong Syd?"

She glares at him"out my chair thats where I sit,"she says.He groans and gets up and goes over and sits on the floor she grins and sits back down.Vaughn smiles at her.

Eric looks at Will"hey why does he get to sit on the couch while we sit on the floor?"he asks.Sydney looks at him and just shakes her head and goes back to reading her magazine.

Francie is watching her"Syd are you forgetting something?"Francie asks.Sydney looks at her quizzically"we have a fitting today for our dresses."

Sydney sits up"oh right whoops,"she says.She gets up and as Eric's about to move up onto the couch Donovan jumps up instead Eric looks dejected.

He creeps over to the dog Vaughn watches him and shakes his head"Eric I wouldn't do that if I were you,"he says.Eric looks up at him and Vaughn shakes his head.

Eric looks the dog in the eye"come on Donny move for me,"he says.The dog just stares at him Sydney comes out of the bedroom and watches the exchange."Come on Syd get him to move I wanna sit."

Sydney looks down at the dog and Vaughn laughs"Eric he won't budge since Syd moved in here he's become her dog not mine,"he says.Eric looks at Donny whose tail is wagging.

Sydney smiles and leans down and kisses Vaughn on the lips"bye baby,"she says.

He smiles at her"bye honey,"he says.She steps away and he watches her leave and Will and Eric just shake their heads and Vaughn turns and glares at them."What?"

Eric smiles"you are totally smitten with her,"he says.

Vaughn just shrugs"I can neither confirm nor deny that rumour,"he says.Eric and Will look at him shake their heads and then smile.Vaughn goes back to watching the game.


You see Francie and a girl with shoulder length blonde hair standing beside her."Oh come on Syd come out let's see what the dress looks like,"the girl says.

Francie looks at the other girl and they both smile then Sydney steps out of the dressing room and both girls smile"wow,"Francie says."That dress looks gorgeous don't you think Hannah?"

The blonde girl whose name is Hannah Johnson nods her and smiles"it's beautiful,"she says.Sydney smiles at her as she twirls around and looks at herself in the mirror."It's perfect in fact."

Sydney smiles"thanks and you two look great as well,"she says.

They smile and the lady comes over"you look magnificent Ms.Bristow,"she says.Sydney smiles at her as well she then goes back into the dressingroom.And changes and when she comes back out Hannah's there dressed back in normal clothes."So when are you getting married sorry I forgot?"

Sydney smiles and nods her head"it's all right we're getting married next week Saturday,"she says.She smiles"in Santa Barbara at the Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort."

The woman nodded and took Sydney's dress and then the other two dresses she puts them back in their pockets.And she brings them back over and hands them over."Here you go have a wonderful wedding next week."

Sydney grins"thankyou I'm marrying a wonderful man I know I will,"she says.The woman smiles and they leave."So where do you guys wanna go now?"

Francie and Hannah look at each other and just shake their heads"you've got dinner with your parent's tonight,"Francie says.Sydney rolls her eyes."Do you have food?"

Sydney nods her head"yes,"she says.Francie nods"let's go home."

They nod and leave the mall.


You see the boys back at the house they have set up the barbecue the girls are in the kitchen making the salads."So you won't be a bachelor anymore from next week,"Eric says.

Vaughn smiles"ya but I'm marrying the most gorgeous girl ever,"he says.Sydney walks out as he says that and she smiles at him and he puts his arm around her shoulders.Then the other two come out.

"Aren't they cute?"Eric asks.

Sydney and Vaughn glare but kiss anyway"I can't wait to marry you,"she says.

Vaughn smiles"neither can I,"he says.He kisses her again.


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First to reply! YAY! LOL! Is their anything that u aren't good at writin...i mean Time Telling ... wow! I love it! Its so cute. I love how its a 'different story' I havent really read any where there still is a evil francie! Keep up the amazing job and i love the S/V romance!

i love it already...i can't wait to see what happens. that was a great chapter,keep up the great work. (y)

-please PM me when the next chapter is up. :smiley:
Great start! (y) I love how it's different!! :lol: And you got J/I in it as well!! :P ;) Can't wait for the wedding!!! PM me!!! :angelic:
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great and interesting start! Thnaks for the PM!!!
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I'll get more up tomorrow I've got the whole day off so apart from going shopping for my best friends birthday present I will be working on the next chapter
liliana said:
I'll get more up tomorrow I've got the whole day off so apart from going shopping for my best friends birthday present I will be working on the next chapter
That sounds really good!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D (y)
that is so saweet i cant wait for more i am so loving this syd and vaughn are so smitten and its just so cute i wish i had a relationship as cute as theirs....please post more i will definately read this one....i just love all your stories you are such a great writer please write a book i would definately buy it.....i give you props.... :P ;)