The Future Told

Notes:I know Vaughn is older than Syd but I'm changing it I'm going to say he's only 2 years older cause I can't fathom it that Irina killed William when Syd was quite young.And if you do the math I'm right.

Chapter 2

You see Sydney and Hannah setting the table when the doorbell rings.Sydney leaves what she's doing and goes into the house and goes to the front door.She looks through the peephole and sees its her mom and dad.She opens the door"hi mom hi dad,"she says.

Jack smiles at her"hello Sydney,"he says.She takes his coat and then gives him a one armed hug Sydney then hugs her mother."Where is everyone?"

Sydney looks at him"out back,"she says.They nod and they move outside where Vaughn and Eric have started the barbecue and are putting the meat on the barbecue."They've arrived."

Everyone looks up and smiles at Irina and Jack."Hey Jack hi Irina,"Eric says.He smiles"would you two like anything to drink?"

Irina shakes her head"no thankyou Eric,"she says.Jack shakes his head as well"we're all right for now."Eric nods and goes back over to Vaughn and Will.Irina looks at Jack"are you all right?"

He looks at her surprised but nods his head anyway"I'm fine,"he says.He looks around and sees his daughter walk up behind Vaughn and put her arms around his waist.

Irina follows his gaze towards the couple"your afraid of losing her aren't you?"she asks.Jack looks at her and nods"she'll always be your little girl Jack no one can take that away."

Jack nods his head"I know but I have to share her with another man now,"he says.Irina rolls her eyes and Jack just glares at her.She just walks past him and over to Hannah and Francie leaving him standing by himself.He watches her sit down and start talking to the two girls.

Then you see someone walk up behind him"wondering what you've got yourself into hey Jack?"the person asks.

He turns around and sees a small woman with short blonde hair and blue eyes and he smiles at her."Hello Amelie,"he says.She smiles at him"when did you get in?"

She smiles at him"I just got in this morning,"she says.She stands beside him"Sydney has grown into quite a beautiful young woman you must be very proud."

Jack looks over at Sydney joking around with Vaughn and Eric."I am very proud,"he says.He smiles at the woman"and look at her now she is marrying your son just like you predicted all those years ago."

Amelie nods and smiles"that I did,"she says.She smiles"I'm supposing that neither of them remember their time together as children,"she says.Jack shakes his head she looks at him"we'll have to tell them oneday."

Jack nods"I know but not right now they are happy at least let them keep that for a little while,"he says.She nods her head as they watch Sydney and Vaughn."I never thanked you did I?"

Amelie tilts her head to the side"for what?"she asks.

Jack looks at her and smiles"stop being so modest,"he says.She smiles"for being there for Sydney after Laura supposedly died."Amelie nods her head"it was too much for me to handle at the time."

She smiles at him"it was a welcome the death of William was still too near,"she says.She looks over at Sydney who was now walking over to them."It was nice to have another girl around the house."

Jack nods and also notices his daughter's approach"we will talk some more later,"he says.Amelie nods.

Sydney comes to them"so you two have met already,"she says.Amelie smiles at her Sydney looks at the two of them strangely"are you both all right?"

Jack and Amelie look at each other and then at Sydney and Jack puts his arm around her shoulders"we're fine sweetheart,"he says.She smiles at him"now you go spend time with them I'm taking Amelie over to meet Francie and Hannah."

She takes Amelie's hand and leads her away and Jack goes over to Vaughn,Will and Eric.All three of them look at each other and then at him."So Jack how is living with Irina again?"Eric asks.

Vaughn and Will both roll their eyes and Eric just shrugs his shoulders and smiles"it is fine thankyou Agent Weiss,"he says.He looks at Vaughn and the other man just shrugs"maybe much easier than it was the first time."

Eric nods and then looks between Jack and Vaughn and shakes his head."Come on Will let's go find out what the females are talking about,"he says.

Vaughn just shakes his head and goes and turns the meat over.Jack looks at him and Vaughn stares back"what is it Jack?"he asks.Jack looks startled"I mean when you were talking to my mother you were looking our way."

Jack nods his head"do you remember much when you were a little kid?"he asks.Vaughn looks at him like he's mad"like when you were about 8 or 9?"

Vaughn nods his head"Jack when I was 8 my father was killed by your wife,"he says.Jack nods"much of the rest of the year was a blur for me.Why?"

Jack shakes his head"no reason I was just asking,"he says.Vaughn nods.

Sydney comes over and wraps her arms around Vaughn again"hi,"she says.She kisses his back"what's wrong?"She looks at both men with a quizzical look on her face."Michael what's wrong?"

He smiles at her and he turns around and kisses her on the head"there's nothing wrong Syd we were just talking,"he says.She nods her head he goes back to turning the meat and Jack walks away towards the table.Sydney smiles and Vaughn feels it"what are you smiling about?"

She shakes her head"nothing its just that I'm marrying the most wonderful man in the world next week and everything's right in the world so I'm happy,"she says.A smile crosses his face as well"I love you."

He grins"I love you too,"he says.He notices that the meat is done"come on let's go eat lunch."She nods and grabs the plate off the table and holds it out while he puts the meat there.

She looks at him he has a worried look on his face"will you tell me later what's bothering you?"she asks.He looks at her and nods his head she smiles.He finishes and then puts his arm around her shoulders and they walk over to the table.


You see everyone later they have cleared up the plates and Sydney,Hannah and Francie are bringing out desert.Which consists of either chocolate cake or apple pie with some icecream or cream."This looks wonderful Sydney,"Amelie says.

Sydney smiles at her"thanks but Francie made everything I just bought the icecream,"she says.Amelie smiles as all the girls sit back down."So what have you got planned for this week?"

Everyone at the table groans"you shouldn't have said that it gets her started,"Francie says.Sydney pouts and everyone laughs"but she'll tell you anyway."

Sydney smiles"well the whole thing's being catered I have to confirm with them again,"she says.She smiles at everyone but Francie is scowling"need to check with the florists the marquee people and a few other things."

Amelie nods her head"if you need any help,"she says.Sydney nods her head.

Vaughn puts his arm around her shoulders and her head snuggles into his shoulder."Are you okay?"he asks.She nods her head and he smiles and kisses her on the head.

She looks up at him"what do you want?"she asks.

He looks at her"chocolate cake,"he says.She smiles at him and and leans over and cuts him a piece of cake.She hands it to him and he smiles."Thanks."

Vaughn looks at her and she smiles.


That night you see them getting ready for bed her wearing a pajama top and him the pajama bottoms.Sydney gets into bed and so does he and she looks at him expectantly."What?"he asks.

She looks at him with exasperation on her face"you said you'd tell me later,"she says.

He nods his head"your dad was just asking me about my childhood and what I remembered,"he says.Sydney nods her head"and I just said that that year after my father died was a blur."

Sydney nods her head"but why was my father asking you that?"she asks.He shrugs his shoulders and Sydney picks up a book on her bedside table."Jack Bristow I will never figure out."

Vaughn laughs"that makes both of us,"he says.He picks up a book he was reading as well and he puts his arm around her and she leans against his chest."Do you think we'll still be doing this nightly routine when we're 60?"

Sydney looks up at him and smiles"yes I do,"she says.She leans up and kisses him on the cheek and then goes back to her reading.He kisses her on the head."Ya know we're getting married in 5 days."

Vaughn smiles at that thought"I know,"he says.She smiles as well"and then you will be Mrs.Sydney Anne Vaughn,"he says.Sydney looks up at him and glares"oh sorry Mrs.Sydney Anne Bristow-Vaughn."She smiles at that and he shakes his head.

Sydney looks at him"hey I've been Sydney Anne Bristow for the last 27 years I like my last name no matter how screwy my family is,"she says.Vaughn just shrugs"mm but I like the sounds of Sydney Vaughn."

Vaughn smiles at her"I like the sound of that as well it has a nice ring to it,"he says.Sydney puts her book down and so does he as she straddles him.She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear and Vaughn catches the hand and kisses her ring finger."Remember when I proposed?"

Sydney nods"how could I forget?"she asks.She smiles at him"you were mean tricking me."Vaughn just grins.


You see Sydney in her apartment she is reading the newspaper and drinking some coffee Will comes out of his and Francie's bedroom and sees her there."Hey Syd,"he says.

Sydney looks up at him and smiles"hey Will,"she says.He sits down beside her after pouring himself a cup of coffee and Sydney looks around."Francie already gone to work?"

Will nods his head and looks around as well"where's Mike?"he asks.

Sydney looks at him"Langely they needed him to do something there,"she says.Will nods his head"and I'm really angry its our first year anniversary today and they have to take him away."

Will nods his head"I'm sure he would love to be here Syd and you know that,"he says.She nods and he kisses her on the cheek and then she gets up"where are you going?"

Sydney looks at him like he's mad"I have work remember,"she says.Will nods and groans a few minutes later she emerges in a suit."See you later Will."

He nods and when she leaves he goes over to the phone"hi ya she's gone okay talk to you later,"he says."And good luck for this weekend I'm sure she'll be surprised."He then puts the phone down.

Francie comes out of their room"is everything set?"she asks.

Will nods"yip everything is set,"he says.Francie nods her head.

You then see Sydney get to the JTF she goes inside and is met by Eric."Morning,"she says.He smiles and she walks over to her desk and there's a single red rose lying on the desk.And a note.She looks around she opens the note and it reads

hi sweetie,

I wish I could be there today with you to be sharing our 1st anniversary together.But I had to work but Syd as you travel today remembering what we've had the places we've been remember that I'm always with you and I love you my darling.And keep yourself safe my beautiful angel until I can hold you in my arms again.I love you Sydney Anne Bristow.

Love your Guardian Angel

Sydney has tears in her eyes and Eric and Hannah walk over and smile"hey Syd whose the rose from?"Hannah asks.

Sydney looks at her and smiles"Michael,"she says.They smile and Eric passes her a note and she unfolds it and it's another note from Vaughn.It simply says go to where we first met.She looks at Eric quizzically.

He smiles at her"he's sending you on a scavenger hunt to the places you've been,"he says.She nods and looks at Hannah who has tears in her eyes."And you and Hannah have the day off."

Sydney smiles"see you later Eric,"she says.He nods and smiles and Hannah grabs her purse and jacket and leans up and kisses Eric on the cheek.He watches them leave.

You see Sydney and Hannah pull into the CIA building and go inside.They head for the debriefing room and go inside and sitting on the table is another note,another rose and a package.Sydney opens the package and sees a gold heart shaped pendant on a gold chain nestled inside and she smiles.She opens the note and it says we met in this place and it was the first time you opened up

Hannah looks at her and smiles"where to next?"she asks.

Sydney smiles"the pier,"she says.Hannah watches her go and looks at her strangely but follows.They reach the pier and find a present sitting on a bench.Sydney opens it and finds a cute little teddy bear.And she smiles when she sees the heart says "I love you" she opens the note and it says we met here millions of times and probably the most important of the places we've been

Hannah looks and follows they go to the warehouse and Hannah looks at her like she's mad but Sydney walks in and finds another present on a crate.She looks inside and sees it's a new laptop.She then opens the note and it says I was going to say yes."Where too now?"Hannah asks.

Sydney looks at her and smiles"the Observatory,"she says.They reach there and find a present on another bench and she opens it and sees its a cd and smiles.She sees its some of her fav songs such as Glen Lewis's "Fall Again".She opens the note.And it says I offered to go with you.

They reach the train station and she sees something lying on the bench she picks it up and opens it.There lies some pictures of them together.And she smiles.She then opens the note the place where we found freedom to express our feelings

Sydney groans but smiles anyway they had to Credit Dauphine and go down to what use to be SD-6.She sees sitting on a desk another rose and a package.Inside is a pair of leather sandals.She opens the note and it says go to the place where everything seemed to make sense

They make their way to her house and inside she goes to her bedroom and finds a package sitting on her bed.She opens it and inside is a long white skirt and an off the shoulder burgundy top.She opens the last note and it says go outside tonight at 5 wearing this outfit and there will be a surprise I love you.She smiles and.

Later that night you see Sydney standing outside and suddenly a limo pulls up"oh my,"she says.She goes towards it and a man opens the door for her.She slides in and he shuts it a few hours later she feels the car stop.The man opens the door for her and she steps out she sees they are at the beach."Why are we here?"

She's lead down the beach and she sees some candles burning and a blanket"please sit down ma'am,"the driver says.She nods and he leaves.She looks around and notices a dinner on the blanket.

You see someone come up behind her"hi,"he says.She turns around and sees Vaughn standing there she jumps up and throws her arms around his neck and kisses him."Mm hi to you to."

She smiles"hi,"she says.He tucks a strand of hair away he then leans down and kisses her"thankyou."

He smiles he then looks at her and goes down on bended knee her eyes grow larger"Sydney Anne Bristow will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"he asks.

She looks at the ring and then at him and then smiles"yes of course I will,"she says.He puts the ring on her finger and she tackles him until he's lying on the sand.He smiles up at her"I love you."

He smiles at her"I love you too,"he says.He captures her lips in a kiss and he rolls them over.

Suddenly Sydney pulls back he then attacks her neck and she holds his mouth there."You do realize that we're on a beach?"she asks.

He nods"yes I'm aware of that your point?"he asks.

She smiles at him"my point is my wonderful husband-to-be is that we're not exactly in private,"she says.He looks around and sees no one."And you know what I mean."He grins and goes back to kissing"Vaughn come on."He shakes his head and she feels herself giving in.Her hands reach for the buttons on his shirt.

End Flashback

Sydney shakes her head"I still can't believe we didn't get caught,"she says.He smiles at her"let's get some sleep we've got a long week ahead of us."

He nods and kisses her and she switches off the light and they go to sleep.


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sorry guys I don't think this will be updated till Monday tonight I'm going out and then tomorrow as well cause its my best friends have patience more fluff will come
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