The Guy Next Door

Has anyone read this book? I have read it probably like a thousand times beucause it's so GOOD! LOL :D
well, if anyone wants to talk about it... here's a thread for you!!! ;)
Well there's this girl called Mel. She saves her neighbor from a, well like a robbery attack. Well her neighbor is in coma and the neighbor has pets so Mel finds the only living relative, the neighbor's newphew Max(a photographer) so that he could take care of her aunt's pets and everything. But it turns out to be that Max is a very cold hearted person adn does not care if her aunt is in coma so he asks his friend, John to go and substitute him until her aunts gets well. His friend accpets the favor and goes to take care of the pets and saying that he is Max. John meets Mel the girl who saved his supposely aunt and falls in love with her and vice versa. But Mel thinks that she's in love with Max and John wants to tell Mel that he is John not Max but he can't do it becuase he fears that she will break up with him....
well that's mainly the "story".
It's really good for the people who likes funny love stories! :)