Horror The Hills Have Eyes

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My boyfriend and I went to see "The Hills Have Eyes" last night. That movie should have never been made. Even he admitted that it was the most grotesqe movie he'd ever seen, and i looked away from it after the worst part, I NEVER look away at movies. About six people left after the middle of it, which was the most disturbing part of it.

The story is about these miners that now have physical deformations because the government tested their bombs out in the dessert, the miners refused to leave. Anyway, at one point in the movie there's a explosion outside and four of them run out to find their father up on a pole burning alive, while that's happening two of these "miners" get inside the trailer where one of the young sisters is sleeping and they take turns raping her while she thrashes around. The older sister hears screaming and runs to the trailer and tries to free her sister, but comes face to face with the miners. The guy points the gun at her and forces her to stay still while he pretty much breastfeeds from her (She's a new mother), then the mother comes in and gets ready to throw a rock on one of the guys head, but is shot, then in anger, the older sister retaliates by putting a screwdrvier through one of the guys leg, which gets her shot in the head. The dad burns to death, which the audience is forced to watch as well.

The beginning wasn't horrible, but after that scene it went downhill from there, no movie has ever disturbed me before. This movie should never be released on DVD. I don't recommend seeing it, it's a waste of money and time and sanity.
my sister has the same feelings about Hostel, i think thats what it was called! she came home real angry and sed it was completely spiggin boring and a waste of her F*kin money. lol


I hated Hostel also. It was such a waste of money but anyway I somewhat liked The Hills Have Eyes. I completely understand why u don't though. I didn't enjoy the part where they raped the girl in the trailer. I thought about leaving but couldn't make myself. About six people left when I saw it too. Me and my girlfriend saw it and she didn't like it much earlier. I asked her if she wanted to leave but she said no so I guess she didn't hate it but I know she didn't like it. Me and her walked out of Wolf Creek because she wanted to. Some horror movies just go a little to far with the rape issue and my girl doesn't like that.