Horror The Hollow One (2015)


An Old Friend
Title: The Hollow One

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

Director: Nathan Hendrickson

Cast: Kate Alden, Jesse James, Chelsea Farthing, Tony Doupe, Tonya Skoog, Russell Hodgkinson, Anissa Davis

Release: 2015-05-01

Runtime: 97

Plot: Rachel and Anna return home two years after their mother’s death, and find the town abandoned with their house left in disgusting disarray. When Rachel begins hallucinating about their dead mother and some ancient artifact, terrifying clues begin falling into place surrounding their family’s past.
The Hollow One (2015)
Watched this film at night and found it to be sorta creepy. It tried to illicit mystery but I feel it would have been better if they would have just told the secret first and then acted out their plans. Its one of those types of films where everything doesn't end well for those involved.

While the concept isn't new, I like the specifics that come out concerning the Hollow One. Just wish there was more on the backstory.

Its a strong 2.5 of 5 stars. Felt like something was missing...

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