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The icehouse collective: ASA, Catyph...

Discussion in 'Games' started by The icehouse, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. The icehouse

    The icehouse Cadet

    Jul 26, 2014
    Hello everyone,

    we're a small online collective of indie artists. We mainly create video games, and also sometimes short films and comic books.

    One of our current members (Simon Says: Play!), works on a first person adventure game (Myst style), in a sci-fi world. The project name is Catyph: The Kunci Experiment, and it can be discovered here:

    Catyph is the second sci-fi game by Simon Says: Play!. His first game, ASA: A Space Adventure, has received very nice reviews on adventure sites, such as Adventure Gamers.

    These 2 games are inspired by our best animation films at this day, based on sci-fi themes:
    2011: A Space Adventure

    We love telling stories and our favourite genres are Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
    We particularly love sci-fi movies (classics: 2001, Soylent green, or newer: Moon, Ender's game...), sci-fi novels (C. Clarke, Bradbury, Verlanger...), sci-fi video games (Mass Effect, Outcast, Metroid...) and everything related to animation of all genres (Ghibli...).
    Some of us know very well some TV shows such as Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis and Universe). What we enjoy the most in them, is this idea to travel to new worlds through the stargate. It makes us dream: everything seems possible!

    We hope you're curious about us and our games !

    You can visit us here:


    You will find our news and can follow us on Facebook, Tumblr ou Twitter, if you're interested in our projects. It's also the best way to support us.

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