The Index: Redux


Mar 28, 2006
Disclaimer: This first attempt at a fic is loosely based on the episode "The Index", I will use the episode as a base....but not base it all on the episode, as I have something in mind hehehe! Creative License shall be used to preserve originality, and shall use fake names and aliases

Summary: This is where I would have taken Season 4 forward if I were J.J

Rated: NC-17 or 18 (UK)

Genre: Drama/Action

Setting: The fic is set around mid season 4, Syd has yet to have been buried alive and left for dead by Ulrich Kuttor, Nadia hasnt long returned to APO and Syd and Vaughn are just beginning to start over after the Lauren debacle.

Author Notes:
- To warn you, this is my first attempt at a fan fic, if it sucks I am sorry, I may be rusty but I used to be very talented at creative writing.
- If this gets any response and anyone likes it, there may be room for me to make further updates for your perusal!

The Index: Redux

By Andy Shanks (JulianSark)
Copyright © 2007

Chapter One

**We join things at the APO headquarters, early on a Tuesday morning around say....9.30am, APO Director Arvin Sloane, his second in command Acting Director Jack Bristow are sat in Sloane's office discussing intel gleaned on a recent operation**

Sloane: "So Jack, it seems that we have been able to ascertain it's location, after all this time, I assume that when it's in our possession our agenda remains the same??"

Jack: "Yes Arvin, our agenda is the same..."

Sloane: "I must stress Jack, we have come this far without involving Sydney or Nadia.."

Jack: "This would be the right time for an operations meeting regarding retrieval"

**At that moment there is a knock at the door of Arvin Sloane's office, both Jack and Sloane turn slowly to see who is's Marshall!!**

Marshall: "Mr Bristow, Mr Sloane..."

Jack & Sloane (at same time): "What is it Marshall.."

Marshall: " a bad"

Jack: "Spit it out Marshall.."

Marshall: "You wanted notified as soon as Director Chase left the premises.."

Sloane: (speaks quietly under his breath) "Yes we cant have Hayden around here, when it all goes down"

Jack: "Thank you Marshall....get back to work"

Marshall: "Back to work means I'm not fired right"

Jack: "It means get back to work Marshall!"

Marshall: "Ooooook..."

**Marshall hurries off out of the way of his 2 superiors Jack Bristow and Arvin Sloane, and scurries away to work on yet another ingenious invention..**

Sloane: "Call them in Jack.."

** Jack steps out of the office, and makes a call on his cell....he's calling his daughter Sydney...**

Jack: "'s your father, I take it your on your way into APO right now, is Vaughn with you?"

Sydney: "No dad, Vaughn left earlier, I offered to give him a ride in but he took his own car, he should be at APO any minute, whats the problem??"

Jack: "No problem, we're just needing you all in as soon as possible, I'd give you more information right now, but it's safer to talk about it when everyones at APO.."

Sydney: "Okay Dad...I'll be in very shortly"

Jack: "Take care Sydney, I'll see you soon"

**Just as Jack is about to hang up, we see Vaughn arriving through the APO doors...**

Sydney: "Bye Dad!"

**After hanging up her cellphone, Syd gets that feeling that it's going to be one of those days, she isnt looking forward to whatever ops breifing awaits her, she sighs, tries to forget the small argument she had with Vaughn first thing in the morning, she puts her cell in her bag and puts the foot down on the accelerator on her Ford Focus...**


Mar 28, 2006
these first couple of parts are just laying the groundwork....the surprises are still to come :)

Chapter 2

Sydney: "Dammit it's gonna be one of those days again...."

***Sydney's Thoughts : "What was with Vaughn this morning?? I didnt think it was that big of a deal, I had no idea how much it got to him....hell we'll work it out, it's nothin major...quit worryin' Syd!"***

Sydney: "Dad was more cryptic than usual, sounds serious, I wonder whats awaiting me at APO..."

....At that point the message tone on her Motorola Razr cellphone, she pulls out the slimline handset and we see the words "We need to talk"....the sender, her missions partner of many years, Marcus Dixon....Syd looks at the handset with a frown and tosses it back in her back as she moves from the red light and heads off on the short journey to APO....At that point we shift back to APO headquarters where Vaughn and Weiss are hunched over a table analysing intel as Marshall scurries around like a rabbit on speed in the background, Jack is talking to Nadia, and Sloane is on the phone, then after a short time the doors to APO open, and in walks the later than usual Sydney, she waves to Nadia, Jack notices his daughter and raises a relieved smile, as Syd makes her way to see Sloane, she passes by Vaughn and Weiss's table but only Vaughn notices, he smiles as he sees her and mouths the words "Sorry babe"...Syd smiles and nods back in his direction before going to see Sloane....then Weiss pipes up...

Weiss: "I guess thats us all in.."

Vaughn: "Yeah, I guess once Sloane's done, we're ready to roll...where's Dixon"

Weiss: "Uh Marshall was with him I think.."

Vaughn: " hey how did things go the other night with Nadia??"

Weiss: "Dude, seriously this is one awesome girl, no other words to describe her really. Hey it wouldnt be weird for you if we end up dating sisters would it??"

Vaughn: "Weiss, I think you better slow down...take it easy, dont rush things so much, thats always been a problem, you remember that girl first year at 'The Farm'??"

Weiss: "Yeah, what was her name again, Felicity?? Joanne?? No wait...Sarah!"

Vaughn: "Whatever, the point is she ended up breaking your heart and you spent the best part of a month building stupid little ships in your closet..."

Weiss: "Dude come on I wasnt that bad.."

Vaughn: "I still have one of the ships you built Eric...I'm serious take it slow buddy"

Weiss: "Whatever man....whoah...hold the phone....Vaughn take a look at this"

****Vaughn is shown an intel report and a surname stick in his head...simply the words 'Sanko'...he turns the page to see a detailed biography on one Andreij Sanko, younger brother of one Ushek Sanko, former head of the Cadmus Revolutionary Front, and heavily involved in Covenant terrorist activities, assassinated by Anna Espinosa only 3 weeks prior****

Vaughn: "Had no idea Sanko had a younger brother..hmm, I guess we better look a little further into this guy"

Weiss: "Detailed bio states nothing more than I expected to see, former KGB, been out of commission for a few years, presumed dead 3 years ago...hmm interesting.."

Vaughn: "You can say that again Weiss.."

Marshall: "We're ready to roll guys.."

*** At that point everyone stops what they are doing and heads towards the briefing room, Syd and Jack first, then Vaughn, then Dixon then Marshall, and finally Sloane. The entire APO team is in the breifing room which is surrounded by numerous large screens...the massive table in the centre of room is scattered with various intel, maps etc, the team take their seats as Arvin Sloane paces up and down slowly...***

Sloane: "Excellent, everybody's here...Right well as you are all aware 4 years ago, the CIA raided and systematically took down The Alliance, and as a result of these raids, came into possession of a number of files, artefacts and intels, one of which included, The Blackwell Index..."

Weiss: "Blackwell Index...whats that...a worst dressed list.."

***Jack immediately cuts in***

Jack: "Damien Blackwell, head of the infamous Gauss crime syndicate.."

Sloane: "The CIA identified Damien Blackwell's base of operations, discovered amongst other valuable intelligence, was the Blackwell Index, it is infact a master blackmail list...on heads of state, government agents, known fugitives..."

Jack: "The Index was encoded in a mobile terminal..and was stolen from a research station in Sareyevo...left 2 of our analysts dead, no leads I assume??"

Sloane: "No it was a clean job, in and out within a few minutes. However it was encoded with 4012-bit encryption, in the 6 months that the Alliance, and the 9 that the CIA had the Index in possession...neither were able to decipher the Index..."

Marshall: "Wow....I mean even with a supercomputer working on it 24/ take years to decode it.."

Sydney: "Why all the fuss over something that you cant read??"

Sloane: "The decoder disk has been located.."

***Everyone looks at Sloane***

Sloane: "3 weeks ago, French police discovered one of Blackwell's safe houses what we beleive to be the decoder's being housed in a police station just south of Le Havre, now we would obviously try to acquire it using legal means...but that appears to be impossible...."

Sydney: "You want us to steal it from the French police??"

Sloane: "Like I said Sydney we would like to acquire the decoder disk by legal means, but at the moment that doesnt seem to be an option...So Sydney, figure out a way to get yourself arrested...."

Jack: "Arvin, are you sure this is the only way??"

Sloane: "Yes, I'm quite sure Jack, if there was any other way around this, around all
the red tape...I would have taken it, but this is the only option Jack, time is of the
essence here, I can assure you that we are not the only intelligence agency that
knows of the Blackwell have your assignments...thats all! Lets have an
ops plan ready within the hours and wheels up at 1400 hours"

more to come later in week :)


Mar 28, 2006
***Everyone gets up to leave the breifing room, except Vaughn who stays behind to talk with Sloane...Meanwhile outside the breifing room Weiss, Syd and Nadia are having a discussion**

Weiss: "Whaddya mean you dont wanna celebrate..."

Syd: "Whats this?"Celebrate what??"

Weiss: "Didnt you know...its your sisters birthday!"

Syd: "Get out!!"

Nadia: "I dont know even if it is my actual birthday, the ladies at the orphanage felt sorry for me as I was the only one who didnt know when she was born, so they just picked a date"

Weiss: "We could try bowling.."

Syd: "Or go-karting"

Weiss: "Bar hopping...or a raging house party...Woo Hoo whassup!"

Nadia: "Thanks guys but I dont feel like celebrating..."

*****Scene shifts into Sloanes office where he and Vaughn are chatting****

Sloane: "Im sorry to hear about your uncle Agent Vaughn, naturally you want to visit him, thats ok Weiss, Sydney and Nadia can handle the mission in Le Havre, if there is any change, will you notify me as soon as you can.."

Vaughn: "Yea of course Mr Sloane...and thanks, I understand this has come at an awkward time..."

Sloane: "Dont worry Agent Vaughn, go visit your uncle, we'll hold the fort till you get back, I hope he's better soon..."

***Sloane and Vaughn shake hands and Vaughn leaves Sloanes office...then bumps into Syd outside...***

Syd: "Hey...I'm sorry to hear about your is he??"

Vaughn: "My mother said that this last stroke's hit him pretty hard, I kind of feel weird going, I mean my uncle made all these promises after my father died about how he was gonna look after us etc...but he didnt do anything, never heard from him.."

Syd: " should still go though...I wish I could go with you.."

Vaughn: "Its ok, I'll be back before you know it...good luck in France Syd.."

****Vaughn and Syd then share a tender kiss, she looks on longingly as he leaves the APO building, as she looks around, in the corridor Dixon appears...****

Dixon: "We need to talk Syd"

****Dixon and Syd walk together to a place where noone can hear....***

Syd: "What is it Dixon....sounds important.."

Dixon: "Ive been going over Sloane's intel cross checking facts and some things have come up....I've traced calls to Sareyevo..."

Syd: "How??"

Dixon: "Ive got a tap on Sloane's phone"

Syd: "Dixon!!"

Dixon: "I traced calls to a hotel in Sareyevo, and hacked into CCTV feed of the hotel...*opens intel folder* Recognise anyone???"

Syd: "Miles Deveraux, former Alliance member, head of Operations SD3.."

Dixon: "And do you recognise this one??"

Syd: "Ramon Valoso...another ex Alliance member, head of operations SD2"

Dixon: "The calls came to those numbers 40 minutes after the Blackwell Index was stolen from the research station..."

Syd: "You think Sloane is working with Deveraux and Valoso??"

Dixon: "I think that Sloane tasked us to steal the decoder from police custody for one reason so that he, Deveraux and Valoso could crack the Index and retrieve the files for themselves..."

*****Syd looks stunned*****

Dixon: "He's USING us....again!! And thats something I'm not gonna let him do!!"

sorry this part is so short!


Mar 28, 2006
*After Syd and Dixon discuss what Sloane has been upto , the scene then shifts from that storage area ,to a building in Central London, overlooking the River Thames, we hear 'Big Ben' strike at 1pm, and we are now seeing a small boardroom, 4 figures stood around a medium sized circular table, one grey haired and well tanned man who is smoking a cigar, dressed immaculatly in a grey suit, 2 other welldressed men, and a tall imposing figure with longer grey hair and a beard...they are drinking, it looks like some sort of expensive bourbon, there is no visible bottle....*

Well Dressed Man 1: "(inhales cigar breifly) Gentlemen, my sources in Paris tell me that we are very close to acquiring something that eluded us for years, I think now, it is time for the next stage of our plan, involving one of our old freinds...are we all agreed?? Osckar?? Ramon?? Alain??"

Osckar: (in Swiss/French accent) "We are agreed.."

Ramon: (in a slower almost Italian/English hybrid accent)"We shall proceed as planned Miles.."

Alain: "(speaks in a French/English accent)Very well, it's settled, lets toast our imminent success gentlemen!"

**All 4 men raise their glasses to each other as the scene shifts from London to back in LA at APO,Dixon and Director Hayden Chase are having a lengthy, animated discussion about Arvin Sloane **

Chase: "Marcus, I know you have a history with Sloane, it may be clouding your judgement regarding this issue.."

Dixon: "He tasked us to steal the decoder from a police station.."

Chase: "I AM aware of the mission, I was the one that authorised the mission"

Dixon: "And he lied about having no heard the damn tape...Sloane talking on the phone with Miles Deveraux, a former Alliance member in Sarejevo, 50 minutes after the Blackwell Index was stolen from the research station?? I mean...isnt it obvious??"

Chase: "Sloane is free to contact old associates...thats why we appointed him head of this task force.."

Dixon: "Contacting a former Alliance member moments after the theft?? Are you listening to me??"

Chase: "Its all circumstantial Marcus, so unless you have something else to give me I suggest you pull that phone tap...PRONTO!"

Dixon: "I'm not making the same mistake i did years ago and blindly following that man's orders, you asked us to keep an eye on him, thats what Ive been doing"

Chase: "I didnt, encourage you to break federal laws in doing so...I suggest you tread carefully Marcus, you're a great asset to APO. Exposing Sloane wont bring back Diane.."

**Dixon tenses up hearing his late wifes name, and coldly stares at former lover Hayden Chase**

**Scene shifts to to a hospital room in Missouri, a 55-60 year old man in the hosiptal bed hooked upto all sorts of different medical apparatus, hooked up to an EEG Monitor with various tubes connected to IV's, into view walks Michael Vaughn, visiting his uncle David who has suffered another stroke...its the first time Vaughn has seen his uncle in over 12 years, Vaughn approaches the bed...pulls up a nearby chair and takes a seat, he looks towards his seriously ill uncle, with mixed feelings, David promised to look out for his brother Bill Vaughn's family, after Bill was killed by Irina Derevko, but vanished 2 years after Bill Vaughn's death, no explanation...Michael looks over at David, unsure about what to feel, yeah he was family, but he did harbour bitterness towards his uncle, into view walks a nurse making her rounds...Michael looks around and spots the lady..**

Vaughn: "Hello.."

Nurse: "Hello...I presume your family right?? I'm Rosemary, I cover the 3 and 10 o'clock rounds on this wing"

Vaughn: "Yeah.."

Rosemary: "You must be Bill.."

Vaughn: "No...I'm Michael...Bill was my father..."

Rosemary: "Oh..He used to talk about a Bill alot before the stroke hit him hard.."

Vaughn: "Bill died in 1978..he was David's brother, my father"

Rosemary: "Oh...I'm so sorry, you know there is a tendency to get the past and present mixed up when your uncle was talking...its not uncommon"

Vaughn: "Yea...I suppose"

Rosemary: "But you know there is something"

Vaughn: "Huh.."

Rosemary: "It's been a while since David had any visitors and as you're his nephew I supposed it's only right that you should have it...he said it was for Bill, but like you said, your fathers been dead for many years"

**Rosemary opens one of the drawers and pulls out a small sealed brown envelope which she hands to Michael, takes it...examines the envelope but doesnt open it yet, he grabs a black remote control from a nearby table and points it to the TV monitor...and it goes to a basketball match, which Vaughn begins to watch in deep thought as Rosemary disappears from view after examining David breifly...Vaughn just sits back and watches the game, thinks about how felgercarb he felt snapping at Sydney earlier this morning, and how best to make it upto her when he next sees her...***

Slowly getting there!!!


Dec 10, 2004
Germany, Munich
That's good. I liked how Weiss was talking to Vaughn about Nadia. My shipperheart made a jump. :love: :love: And of course the conversation about the ships in the bottles Weiss built after his ex girlfriend broke up with him was priceless. :LOL: "I still have one of these bottles" :LOL:
I hope we will get another scene with Nadia and Weiss. They're so cute together. :love:


Mar 28, 2006
That's good. I liked how Weiss was talking to Vaughn about Nadia. My shipperheart made a jump. :love: :love: And of course the conversation about the ships in the bottles Weiss built after his ex girlfriend broke up with him was priceless. :LOL: "I still have one of these bottles" :LOL:
I hope we will get another scene with Nadia and Weiss. They're so cute together. :love:
Yay! Positive responses!! Thanks Steffi :D And Weiss/Nadia....I'll see what I can do hehe


Mar 7, 2004
great update (y)

That was a bit harsh Chase, mentioning Dianne .... I never really liked her anyway tbh :P


Mar 28, 2006
....Scene begins back at APO Headquarters, with Agent Eric Weiss sat at the breifing table all alone sifting through various intel folders on allies, wanted fugitives, CIA contacts, the pile of folders is stacked by his chair and the pile scattered all over the breifing desk is nearly a foot high, poor Weiss stuck doing the gruntwork!! He finishes reading the current breifing folder, we can vaguely make out the surname on the spine of the folder which just reads 'Ms. E. Fentoni', Weiss shakes his head and tosses the folder onto the desk.......

Weiss: "Christ this is boring!! 250 damn folders and not a shred of usable intel..."

....Weiss snaps the pen he was holding in half and throws it in the trash and you can make him out ever so quietly saying a curseword, someone is pissed off!! He lifts 3 more folders from the pile at his feet one says on the spine "Julian Sark", the next one "A. S'anko", naturally Weiss spends time reading up on any of Mr Sark's movements, takes a few notes...then puts Sark's file in a breifcase seated on the opposite chair, he organises the piles neatly that have been checked and files them away he is just left with the S'anko file, and a few other thin folders, he opens up the S'anko file, reads the first few pages then gets to the official KGB/SVD biography,...which reads....

Andreij Johan S'anko, younger brother of Ushek Sanko, while Ushek drifted towards illegal terrorism activities after leaving the KGB/SVD, younger brother Andreij never met Ushek who was 18 years older, the S'anko family drifted in different directions 20 years ago, due to being brought up in England, Andreij not only speaks English like a Brit, he also seems to be fluent in German, Italian, many Russian dialects as well, seems he speaks at least 6 languages perfectly, was a crack sniper with the SVD, served from age 16...all the way to 3 years ago when he seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth, was rumoured to have died 2 years ago, a rumour which is unfounded, as the surveilance photo that Agent Weiss examines shows...

...Weiss reads on and finds out that currently Andreij is 27, so that means he was at least in the SVD for 7 years....Weiss closes the file...but keeps it marked...places it in beside the Sark file and he lifts the Fentoni file and adds that to the breifcase, Weiss wipes his brow, and wryly smiles....

Weiss: "Maybe this task wasnt a bust took long enough...{Weiss looks at his watch} Oh felgercarb!! I'm gonna have to put the pedal to the metal to get ready for Nadia later, I dont want to blow this, Sloane hates me as it is..."

...Weiss packs up and leaves the breifing room, and ultimately leaves APO out the exit....


..Once again we are back in Central London, overlooking the River Thames, we hear 'Big Ben' strike on the hour, and we are now seeing a small boardroom, 8 figures seated around a huge sized rectangular table, one grey haired and well tanned man who is smoking a cigar, dressed immaculatly in a grey suit, 2 other welldressed men, and a tall imposing figure with longer grey hair and a beard...the bearded man, is Alain Christophe, the founder member of the Alliance of Twelve, the well tanned man smoking the cigar we recognise as Miles Devereaux, former Head of Operations SD3, the slightly greying man can be recognised as Ramon Valoso, Head of Operations SD2, the man across from him dressed in an all black suit smoking a cigarette, we recognise as Osckar Dunst, former Head of Operations SD1....Ramon adresses the group...

Valoso: "It is now time for phase two of our little plan gentlemen, an insurance policy if you will..."

Dunst: "Insurance policy Ramon...I'm not sure I follow.."

Christophe: "I think what Ramon suggests is that he doesnt have complete faith in our old freind Arvin.."

Devereaux: "Don't you think you're being a little paranoid Ramon...everything is going according to plan, noone suspects a thing, as far as the CIA beleive, every man in this room is dead...hell the bastards nearly got me when they raided SD-3, no they beleive like everybody does that we were all killed when the CIA took us down 6 years ago...Project Helix came in handy after all..but Ramon, humour me, what is this insurance policy??"

Valoso: "I'm glad you asked see just incase our plans are leaked, I know where to point the blame at...I dont trust that bastard Sloane...he killed Jean Briault need I remind you gentlemen?? All I shall ask at this time, is do you remember the name Anna Espinosa??"

Christophe: "Miss Espinosa?? Ah I see where this is heading...if there is a leak, you will task her to take care of the problem?"

Valoso: "Alain...sometime's my dear are just too damn smart.."

****Scene fades out*****

Short I know....but the next part will begin in France, some of the ideas I had didnt lost my original work
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