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im reading the second in the shopaholic series, shopaholic takes manhattan and before that a false sense of well being, very good and it made me think about what you have and what you want out of life!and extrremley funny, oh my the headless duck!LOL
It took me a while to find this thread too! I must be really slow this week. But seriously, I never get time to read other than assigned books for school. There is never enough time, but I still try. Right now I'm reading Hanna and Walter A love story by Hanna and Walter Kohner. I have a huge interest in historical nonfiction, especially ones of WWII. My favorite was All but my life by Gerda Weissman Klein. It was an incredible book.


eternally nostalgic
I just bought the entire Chronicles of Narnia series, so I'm reading those now, very good books. In English we're reading I Am David, it's also a very good book, kind of depressing in some ways, like he doesn't even know how to smile, but a very good book so far.

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omigod i read the chronicles of narnia when i was six w/ my dad, then when i was ten by myself. i read them again every now and then. my favorite... maybe the horse and his boy? it's so hard to chose!

wow this is in a new forum now.
hey aliasgirl000 and everybody else. (i had to say hi to her b/c she is my very cool younger sister.) you should have told me about this thread before i had to discover this on my own! lol. but now i'm here to stay.

gale levine (?)
ella enchanted

philip pullman
the ruby in the red smoke
the shadow from the north
the tiger in the well

tale of two cities (dickens)

wuthering heights (bronte)

jane eyre (bronte)

romeo and juliet (shakespeare - not a play, but whatever)

and many more that i can't think of off the top of my head!


mara, daughter of the nile! (possible my favorite romance/historical fiction book of all time)

princess diaries x3 (way better than the movies)

and for old times sake, anita of rancho del mar
I love those books kate the ones i have read that is whic is most. I am soooooo determined to read jane eyre but there are lie a million books i need to read
Kara said:
I just bought the entire Chronicles of Narnia series, so I'm reading those now, very good books.
I saw those in the bookstore the other day and almost got them. I'm sort of regretting it. They seem really wonderful ^_^ My friend likes them a lot and I think I'll go by the bookstore again sometime soon and pick them up
hmmm ... loads of books

stepenwolf -- herman hesse
brave new world -- huxley
princes diaries books
georgia nickolson books
Gossip girl books
girl with a pearl earing (the book) ... don't know who its by
devil wears prada
alias books
all american girl - meg cabot
traveling pants books
emma -- jane austin
artemus foul (by: ??)