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The Invasion, from 2007, stars Nicole Kidman as a psychiatrist who must stop an alien invasion.

Overall, there is absolutely nothing about the story line that we haven't seen before.

The cliff notes of the story line...
When a NASA space shuttle explodes upon re-entry, and its debris is strewn across several states, it is discovered that it carries with some type of biological material. It is a virus can that be transmitted through direct contact.

Once infected with the virus a person is fine until they go to sleep. While asleep the virus reconstitutes their DNA and the person is turned into a member of a collective alien intelligence hive.

Dr. Carol Bennel, a New York psychiatrist, notices that the people around here are slowly turning. After dropping her son off with her ex-husband, Dr. Bennel finds that her whole town has been infected while those not infected are being hunted down. Those not infected learn that any type of emotion display is an indicator of being able to tell who is infected or not. Realizing that her son is in trouble, she starts a journey through the city to find her son while trying to hide from being discovered that she is not yet infected.

Along the way Dr. Bennel realizes that one of her patients was not infected while her husband was. Trying to find an answer with her boyfriend, Dr. Bennel discovers the patients medical history shows that the patient had chicken pox. Dr. Bennel's son had chicken pox as well. She tracks her son down and rescues him from her ex-husband. While en route to getting her son, Dr. Bennel was infected. If she sleeps she will be changed. While traveling with her son her boyfriend joins up with her but he has been infected. The boyfriend, along with several others who were locked in a storage room at a drugstore that Dr. Bennel broke into for supplies, try to get Dr. Bennel. With a gun she found on an uncoscious security guard, Dr. Bennel kills the others and wounds her boyfriend so that he can not follow.

Dr. Bennel must get her son out of the city and into the hands of CDC researchers who, now backed by US military forces, are fighting to find a cure for the virus.

After getting her son to the researchers, the movie flashes forward a year.

It is breakfast time and a Dr. Bennel is preparing a meal for her son. A TV newscast explains that most of the world has been treated with a cure for the virus but that there are still some small pockets that might be remaining. Total elimination of the virus is expected soon. Those who were infected have no memory of being infected and are exepcted to resume normal lves. Sitting at the breakfast table we see somebody reading a newspaper. As the paper is folded and placed on the table, it is the boyfriend, now cured.
While watching this movie it becomes painfully clear that there is not a single unique plot element at all. No original ideas, no unexpected twists. Nothing that has not been seen before in a dozen other sci-fi/horror movies going back b-movies of the 50's & 60's.

Alien invasion via a bacteria? Yep, seen before. Alien hive believes that it is better off running Earth because they have no war? Yep, seen before. Those infected show no emotions, they just go about silently in their work? Yep, seen before. The cure for the invasion turns out to be a human based medical condition? Yep, seen before.

Between the boring story lines that we've seen over & over again and the boring action scenes this movie does not even warrant being watched if there is nothing else on TV. Whomever thought Nicole Kidman could carry a movie like this should be fired.

It is just a bad movie.

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