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The Island reviews (Spoilers within!)

Discussion in 'Sci-Fi and Fantasy Talk' started by Tim, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Tim

    Tim Creative Writer

    Jan 16, 2005
    SPOILERS : do not read on if you haven't seen it yet or don't want to know the storyline!

    this film is worth watching! do not listen to user reviews round the net, most of them seem to be from people who didn't understand the film. you have to make your own opinion and an educated opinion will show this film is technically correct and quite enjoyable.

    I finally saw The Island, although i was wanting to see Cronus : The Horror first obviously due to the pending legal action over copyright issues with this latest version.

    i had read reviews myself, mainly user reviews where people were pulling the film to pieces which turned out to be a lack of understanding on the users side of things rather than the films fault.

    there is a problem with many users over the dates in the film. two dates are mentioned, 2019 and 2050. lets clear this up right now. the films current time is 2050 at least. the clones are kept thinking it is 2019 when some calamity occurred, the "contamination". since the clones are only around a few years till needed, half the truth is easier to manage than the full truth. here they couldn't keep normal timeline with the clones, still saying historically the contamination occured in 2019 and having the clones missing vital chunks of memory. it also keeps costs down for the company.

    I only had one problem with the film that produced two results to the idea of tribal memories of the clones as the story progresses with the second result given in the film being totally plausible.

    basically the whole issue of tribal memory, memories in the clones minds that they had not experienced, were doubtful at first as it would take dozens or even hundreds of generations to build up memories like animals on earth have done. i refer to knowing which plants not to eat, which animals/sounds to stay away from.

    when the idea of tribal memory pops into your head you think the film producers have made a scientific mistake that would dissolve this film into a blockbuster similar to others that have gone before. they had the money, the contacts but not the definitive scientific know how.

    this is answered near the end when it is proved that the process the company used to clone is having problems with everyone past a certain date in their procedures, as if the very process they use to clone is actually cloning memories too, memories that start to resurface later on in the clones existence.

    this becomes good science.

    when the first answer, the tribal memory idea, came into my head i thought the storyline was lacking a plausible idea, that there should have been a doctor/scientist working in the base that was secretly implanting hypnotic training in ewan mcgregor's clone mind. training in escape and evasion, an impulse to find his "sponsor", to destroy the company in the public eyes. but when finally the science of copied memories starts to become apparent in the clones, the film becomes more plausible.

    i wasn't trying to pull the film apart, but it shows that until you've seen the whole film in it's entirety, you cannot make a clear opinion on it.

    at first i was seeing a lack of swearing, although some swearing popped up later, but not until after some extreme violence is shown on screen. this film is definitely not suitable for anyone under the age of 12 due to this violence. some of the scenes when killing off part grown clones will be especially upsetting to youngsters.

    the special effects are rather good, it seems that technology is finally here to stay for films, i didn't find any CGI technology that showed at the seams. although i feel the sky filters used for cameras is a bit olde worlde.

    there is no political statement over cloning in this film. various ideas are shown and explained. we have the public idea of vegetative clones, used to harvest organs, with the real truth being that the clones are aware. if anything the moral implications shown are the people working with these clones and their lack of humanity whilst treating them. for people to become like this, something is definitely wrong. this isn't cloning but people problems. and when it shows that many if not all of the people with the money to clone are discovering or knew the clones were sentient, we only see these rich people not caring about the clones, just their own lives.

    on entertainment programs i've seen many stars in the media eye being asked about the film, many saying they weren't into scifi but the cloning theme attracted them given our current climate. i think these people are going to be dissappointed as is evident in the film, cloning is not attacked, instead it is those media stars themselves that are under attack!

    the joke is on them :)

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