The Last Resort


Creative Writer

The Captain of a US nuclear submarine receives unusual orders to use his nukes whose orders he tries to clarify before he turns the key but cannot, so makes an executive decision not to fire them. Suddenly he comes under attack, the original targets are hit and the blame for the horrendous loss of life is placed upon foreign nations in the media. An island where a NATO listening outpost is situated (and a crime lord) is safe harbour for the crew and a new nuclear nation is setup.

There is a link to Yahoo movies for US viewers to pre-watch this series beginning airing the end of this month.

The music is tense, the action macho, and Andre Braugher heads the cast with 'awesome' speeches. One thing I did notice is that the female characters in the series are 'strong' and near the beginning we have a scene played out which goes over 'equality' regulations in the military service. There are a number of elements which should attract a wide selection of viewers (there aren't many shows that can say they appeal to both parties in a relationship!)



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This looks like an interesting show, but I already have enough tv viewing on my plate. If I watch any more tv, my eyeballs will literally fall out of my skull.