Fantasy The Librarian - Spear of Destiny

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An Old Friend
'The Librarian-The Quest For The Spear' on TNT

I totally enjoyed this made for TV movie. I hope this is where TV movies are heading.
I would watch a series based on this premise.



Code Monkey
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Darn it, I missed it! :(

Is it worth tracking down a copy? From the commercials it looked like it would've been pretty good. I'll have to check the TV listings to see if it's going to air again.


An Old Friend
If you go to scifiResearchers there's a link to TNT airing dates and times. I liked it but I'm not really hard on films like a critic. I can enjoy just about anything, just about...


An Old Friend
On TNT Tonight again

TnT is airing 'Librarian- Quest for the Spear' again tonight right after 'The Wizard of Oz' around 9pm cst.