Sci-Fi The Mad Planet by Murray Leinster (Audio Book)


An Old Friend
The Mad Planet by Murray Leinster (2014) (Audio Book) Sci-Fi - 2.75 hrs.avi

When the twenty-first century drew to a close the whole human race began to revert to conditions closely approximating savagery. The low-lands were unbearable. Thick jungles of rank growth covered the ground. The air was depressing and enervating. Men could live there but it was a sickly fever-ridden existence. The whole population of the earth desired the high lands and as the low country became more unbearable men forgot their two centuries of peace.They fought destructively each for a bit of land where he might live and breathe. Then men began to die men who had persisted in remaining near sea-level. They could not live in the poisonous air. The danger zone crept up as the earth-fissures tirelessly poured out their steady streams of foul gas. Soon men could not live within five hundred feet of sea level.

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