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why are we stuck w/ our dumb system? my dad told me that a while back there was a bill that said we would switch, but it didn't pass. i guess it would be way too costly... but still
Well, most multinational companies make professional/scientific things in metric units anyways.

The metric system is superior... except for one thing: a foot divides easily. You can evenly divide it by 2, 3, 4, and 6 (not counting 1 and itself). A meter can only be even divided by 2 and 5 (not counting 1 and itself). That’s double as many for the current US system.

However, I am still in favor of complete conversion to the metric system because it is still superior and we would be uniform with the rest of the world.
we really should use the metric system. the rest of the world does and it is much easier. (except the foot)

US just insists on being unique, huh? :rolleyes:
i'm not sure either... maybe the US wants to hang onto their "own ways", like their own currencies. A great example is when the Swedish people didn't change their currency to Euros. I think it goes the same way with the States.
i know. see, time zones make sense and I can deal with em, but this... Why oh why can't we all use the same system? We all use latin to classify species! why can't we all use the metric system?!?
i dont like our system either, cuz i mean, who really knows how many quarts are in a pint? the only thing that works for me is the whole height and weight thing (5'7" and 150 lbs.), but that's it, all other heights and weights should be metric
The only thing I don't get about the metric system is kgs and meters... I'm so much more comfortable with feet and pounds. But I don't know how long a mile is, I know it's 1.6 kilometres... But yea, the metric system is good. :smiley:

And someone said that a metre can only be divided into 2 and 5, but a metre is 100cm, so it can be divided (easily) into 2, 4, 5, 10, and then of course 20, 25, 50 etc. I use cms for everything except height, because once I get into 2 metres 76 cms, it's hard to picture how tall that is. ;)
did anyone hear about that one time in us history where the govt tried to convert to the metric system? that's so hilarious. i saw it on VH1's "I love the 70s"
it would be better if the whole used the same system.
yours is complicated, everything is different.
pounds instead of kgs.
foots or miles instead of metters or centimeters.
i dont see why you have to use a different system.
when i see threads like "how tall are you?" im completly confused trying to convert my height to foots.
and its again, confusing, when i watch a movie and they say something about height or weight that i dont get.
after years of watching, now i get at least the general idea.
but still, it'll be better if you just went along with the world.
the us always did things there ways..thats also like sayin why do americans drive on the right side? cuz thats the way it is....-_- :blink: