So, Pink there was obviously jealous how much all those Mickey Mouse freaking celebrities look w***** in their last videos.

That was the cheapest. Lowest. Tasteless. Music video. EVER. I’m quite sure this EVER will expire until the singer’s in question newest video. Hmm...lets wait. But for now we get Pink there, who just awoke for a nice day of sleep, along with some very nice people, walking down the street, taking the subway...making friends.. touching and licking strangers...all this in her tiny red underwear. Pink, dear: that’s why we call it UNDERWEAR. Because it’s supposed to be UNDER THE CLOTHES YOU’RE WEARING. SO. DO. YOU. NEED. VISUAL? Cause I can sketch for you.

Too much make up. Way too much. Her’s and the club’s security guard too. Freaking make up artists. What kind of security guard goes to work looking like Boy George? I mean, can he impose himself to the drunk people who behaves like circus clowns when he himself looks like one??

Well, apparently. Not . Cause Pink manages to get every single person she wants into the club. Yeah, isn’t she nice? And then there she behaves like she normally does. Takes over the dance floor, looks under other people’s skirts, like I said. Her usual behavior. For Caviezel’s sake...