Britney Spears

Ok, ok..I admit: beautiful song. Beautiful video. It totally beats Christina's " Voice Within " and " Beautiful ". TOGETHER.
I have a thing for love stories with sad endings. So this video gets my vote.

So, we get to see Miss Spears drown to death. I bet lots of people enjoy it. I was one of them. Shame on me! you know, I'm actually a nice person. Do you know whose fault is this? me becaming evil? Somehow this is that freaking lettucehead's fault. Cause her evilness is TV borne too. I know this is a non-ALIAS forum, but she's like those fungus that grow in everything, and everywhere.

Sorry. I'm kind of deviating from the subject, ain't I ? Actually as I was watching Britney drawning in her bathing-tub, I was all like: ei! there's a good idea for the COW'S death. Just picture: she choking in her bathwater, after Syd had smashed her jellyfish-head in the wall. Bamm! Yeah. Now that I think about it, I'm quite sure the cause of death wouldn't be suffocation but poisoning. In her own skin venom.
Yeah. Deviating again. Too good for J.J. to give us the pleasure of watching. See? it's growing on me! Seriously, if my hair stars to go blonde and my eyebrows black, I will shoot myself in the face.

Anyway. Back to Britney I see she got fashion tips from Pink. Whatever. I guess the word UNDERWEAR is a lot more complicated that what I imagined.

Really. I'm fine with it now. You can go out in public in your lingerie, that I don't care anymore.[ Lots of therapy into this.] Actually Britney's bodice in this video looked a lot like one my grandma used to have. Hmm.

Ok, back with the bathing-tub. Bathing-tubs, and baths are quite " in " this Spring, among the celebrities. Just remember Dido in " Life For Rent ", or Sarah Mclachlan in the AMAZING " Fallen ", or even No Doubt in " Bathwater ", great video btw. So if you want to be " in " this season don't forget to wash.

I just watch the video for the fifth time, and just now I realize she doesn't die. Or does she? Damn. I suck at this. So for this fifth time I increased the TV set volume and watched and listened it respectfully. I feel like I'm at a funeral. And suddenly I get " Glitter " flashbacks. This is soo not god.

Bathing-tubs: part two. I know, from the bottom of my being, all this bathing-tubs scenes are just another excuse to imitate Sydney. But, NO WAY you people will EVER get Michael Vartan to bring you red wine.

Oh, yes. Well done Brit. Well done.


Tragic Romantic
The one thing I don't like about the video (I've only seen a few clips of it) is that she is practically promoting suicide. I mean there are times when people get so depressed and feel the need to commit suicide, but you do not use a music video to do so!! There might be young, impressionable kids watching it! Oh no, now I'm sounding like the FCC. But I don't like censorship. So I'm not the FCC. Baaa...Getting off-topic.
I don't agree with the 'she's promiting suicide'-if i see people on tv have sex or jump of cliffs ,that doesn't mean I want to do it-artistic expression is what it is,maybe that's how she felt at the time,maybe others will be able to relate.The human condition is a complex thing.


Tragic Romantic
That is rather true. I was actually arguing about that with my parents earlier. I guess I was just being a hypocrite. But now I think about it she isn't promoting suicide. It's just like me wearing my rainbow wristband, since I'm bi/potential lesbian, but not everyone who sees it or wears it will become homosexual or something like that.


Actually, I don't even think she committed in that video, did she? Right before she drowned she touched her head and there was on her hand.
This may sound rude, but I don't care: If someone kills themself because of what they saw on TV, a movie, heard in music, or any media form; than honestly they desereve to die. If you're that stupid to do such a thing because of media influence than you're too stupid to live, period.
On Spear's video, well, she stinks. She doesn't produce anything that isn't cr*p because she can't sing and she's just annoying to watch.
I was shocked to see actor Stephen Dourf (sp?) in the video; what the heck happened to this guy? I guess his acting career was going down the cra*per and he needed some publicity.
Anyways, I can't wait for Spear's career to flop so I can listen to the radio and watch TV in peace again.



The Bubbly
Spongy, I must say for someone who loathes all things Britney - you seem to have a hard time changing the channel when she's on :lol:

I've said my piece in what I think is probably every Britney thread on AA so I won't get into it here.

I haven't seen this video for lack of MTV/slow downloading due to s*** dial-up/etc, but I have and always will be a huge Britney fan. Everytime is a beautiful song. ^_^