just help me adding videos to the lists... what was the best and worst video you saw this year?
well.. these are mines:


SLOW - Kylie Minogue ( this video gives the word "annoying" a whole new dimension. it's just borring, and what's the story anyway? I don't get it. but ei! maybe I'm the one who's to SLOW.)
GOD IS A DJ - Pink (oh..just go and read my full critic about this one, and you'll see why it's in my worst of..)
MILKSHAKE - Kelis (ooh, too nasty. bad hair. clothes that don't fit.)
HIT THAT - Offspring ( this one gets my CREEPY OF THE YEAR AWARD. what was that?? scary..)
MAD WORLD - Gary Jules (a mobile? I don't think so. and the music depresses me)
AMAZING - George Michael ( major reason but I just want to change the channel everytime this video is on, and the music doesn't help either..)
ME AGAINST THE MUSIC - Britney Spears feat. Madonna (ohh, so desapointing! freaking video! evil clothes! were those outfits STILL about the MTV thing? the bride and the groom, and the kiss..oh, so desapointing)
ANY THE WHITE STRIPES VIDEO ( what? doesn't Jack White has another pair of pants?? what about shampo??)
LOVE PROFUSION - Madonna (oh, those were the worst. shoes. EVER. in a video.)


IMMORTAL - Evanescence( I guess everyone fell for that song, so the video was a plus. very good, as I said once, looove love stories with sad endings, and that's sad people. awesome set. the little kids playing around... an award for Amy for BEST FEMMALE please.)
BREATH EASY - Blue ( hell yeah.. again the freak for sad endings..God! those guys look HOT! HOT! when in pain! the whole funeral scene in the snow, and the boys in black..just beautifull)
WHEN YOU KISS ME - Shania Twain (aww..isn't she gorgeous? and so natural.. lovely video. very resembling to the "you're still the one" one, but what the hell )
YOU DON'T KNOW MY NAME - Alicia Keys (good story for a video. lovely. very "Maid in Manhatan". and what an exelent choice of names. who else but a MICHAEL to be part of your fantasy? eheheh..)
THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST - Sheryl Crow ( again. isn't she gorgeous?? Sheryl just gets prettier and prettier with the years. she looks like a teen! playing the guitar..riding her horse. hair. hey! another thing beseides the video: doesn't she looks a LOT like Sarah Jessica Parker?? or it's just me?)
BATHWATER - No Doubt ( very funny. the whole dance, and the guy playing Gwen Steffani! just sweet)
THANK YOU - Jamelia ( aww, don't you just love her? she's sooo adorable, and HOT! HOT. "Superstar" is great, but then I saw this one. I guess it's all recorded in green screen, but it's great anyway. four elements theme. fine clothes and make up.)
Y TODO QUEDA EN NADA - Ricky Martin ( that man is HOT people! and he's in pain too.. poor hot guys.. all in pain for this spring.)