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Swedish is Finland's second official language and therefore big cities have both Finnish and Swedish names, Helsinki being the Finnish name and Helsingfors the Swedish name. So both are fine, depends just what language you speak.
What about Norway-Denmark? lol!

I keep forgetting about this place....

Oh about summer plans... I'm going to Stockholm and Gotland this summer :)
Hehe yeah I bet... My friend whom I am meeting in Stockholm and going with has told me like a gazillion times how much she loves Gotland and how beautiful it is... Hehe... I can't wait tho.. Gonna be the best ever :)

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Haha, yeah I'll have to see, my cusin wants me to come to her han watch her kids in the summer too, but my friends wants me to join them on a Stockholm trip so I'll have to see ;)


Ugh I'm not going to Stockholm :( I usually go there every summer.

But I'm going to Portugal and Holland instead so I guess that's okay ^_^


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No. I haven't got a summerjob :( There's still time to find something but I've given up hope. I'll probably do some school stuff in summer..