The Official NFL Thread


OK, I am jonesing to talk sports. I realize that nobody here really deeply cares about the NFL (too many frickin' limeys with their "real football" nonsense)... but I wanted to spout off just a bit about my Carolina Panthers.

I just love the adjective that the national sports media is using to describe my favorite NFL team -- "surprising". As in, "The surprising Carolina Panthers are 2-0". I've been saying this all summer -- everybody was sleeping on this team, and missing the obvious improvements that they made. The receiving corps was dramatically upgraded -- witness how well they did in beating San Diego and Chicago without Steve Smith -- the defense is stout, the offensive line has been rebuilt and redirected toward a power running game, and our QB is completely recovered from offseason surgery. Add to that a stellar draft class (three starters, with two others competing), a set of coaches with a win-now mentality, several key players in contract years...

Mind you, I'm not guaranteeing that the Panthers make the Super Bowl. But anything less than the playoffs would be a shocking disappointment.

If you have stumbled into this forum and, like me, love watching the NFL every week... tell us your favorite team, share your thoughts, and explain to me why I'm crazy to envision a champagne-soaked Jake Delhomme and Julius Peppers hoisting the Lombardi trophy over their heads in a new months.
I am not a sports fan at all. But...

The Philly Eagles are playing Dallas tonight so I may have tune for that, if for no other reason than to see if the Eagles are gunning for Owens yet.