The Only One That Walks Beside Me


Apr 25, 2005
I felt Vaughn stir under me and decided to help him wake up a bit. I put my hand on his chest and slowly made my way down his torsoe. Then, with no less passion than our first kiss, I kissed his lips hard. His eyes opened, then closed again as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his lips parting in a smile and returned the guesture. He rolled over on top of me and I giggled, running one of my hands through his hair. Words could not express how happy I felt, that was where I belonged, laughing, playing, really living, in Vaughn's arms.
that's the way it should be....such an awesome story... please pm me with an update
Aug 29, 2004
Somewhere over the rainbow...
really short update, i'm trying u guys!

Sydney and Vaughn eventually got out of bed and spent the day together, almost constantly in eachother's arms. The two went out for lunch and talked over all of their issues, about Sydney being scared, about their love for eachother, and about their future. When they got to the future portion of their discussion, Vaughn got quiet.

"What's wrong? I said something about our future and now you're not talking? That's not like you." Sydney said, worried that something was wrong.

" No, everything is fine. Listen Syd, I want a future with you. I mean, Sydney, you are my future. It's just that...." Vaughn trailed off.

" It's just what Vaughn?" Sydney asked, truly worried at this point.

" It's nothing, let's go take a walk." Vaughn brushed off Sydney's obvious concern. Sydney and Vaughn walked out on to the pier, and eventually ended up back at their bench where they had met the night before. Vaughn stayed quiet and Sydney knew better than to prod him. Something was on his mind but after what they had been through, she was sure he would tell her when he felt the need to do so.

The couple sat on the bench; Sydney leaned her head on Vaughn's shoulder and Vaughn held Sydney's hand in his lap.

"Okay Syd, this is driving me crazy." Vaughn said suddenly.

" What is it?" Sydney asked as she lifted her head up and looked into Vaughn's eyes.

" Sydney I love you so much. The time I was away from you was the worst time I have ever experienced. I don't ever want to be without you again." Vaughn stood up and bent down on one knee.

" Sydney Bristow, will you marry me?"

Sydney looked down at Vaughn, tears threatening to escape her eyes.

" Yes, yes I will!" Sydney yelled and pulled Vaughn up off of his knees.

sorry it was so short, but it was an update! R&r please!

Nancy O

Dec 23, 2003
He proposed! How great. If she hadn't said yes I would have strangled her myself.
Thanks for the PM
Mar 26, 2004
Omg, So adorable!
Vaughn proposed *dabs eyes*
Syd said yes *smiles*
That chapter was awesome Laur, cant wait for more!
Update when you get the chance!
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