The Only Thing That's True

awwwww. i love this story. Syd n Vaughn are so cute together. i'm glad they got rid of Logan. he was an ass.
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“My biggest fear, on top of anything else in the world” Sydney took a deep breath, “is living my life without you”

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awesome chapters sweetie. sorry i dont have time to quote..
“My biggest fear, on top of anything else in the world” Sydney took a deep breath, “is living my life without you”

Oh, that was great. I love them together...but really Syd needs to lay off the sugar!!! When Jack found them together, he reacted so mildly!! My dad would have freaked!!!!!!! That was really sweet thought, they're game of truth-or-dare. Love it!!! Can't wait for another update!!!



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Chapter 24: Anything For You (Riley)

“What’s it going to be, Gumby?” Vaughn asked sweetly staring at his movies.

Sydney giggled, “Serendipity!”

“Seriously?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“No, I just really, really wanted to say that word,” she replied.

“Why does this happen every time you come over to watch a movie,” he muttered under his breath.

Sydney got up from his bed and grabbed his collar, “What was that Mr. Vaughn?”

“I was just saying how much I loved you,” Vaughn said covering up for himself.

“Oh really?”

Vaughn nodded.

“Just for that, we’re watching Star Wars, the, um,” she paused thinking of one. “The one with all the ice at the beginning.”

A small sly smile crept onto his face as he grabbed that movie and put it behind his back, “What happens if that one suddenly disappeared?”

“Then someone would be in BIG trouble,” she explained looking at his movements.

“Well, I think we could arrange something,” he said walking over to where she was sitting.

Sydney smiled, “I’m prepared to do anything.”

“I propose, you kiss me, and then you pop the popcorn tonight because I have to watch this,” he instructed holding up the movie.

She put on her pouting face, “I don’t mind the part where I kiss you, but I don’t want to go up there with a bunch of little kids. Your sister is having a slumber party! Jenny hates me and knows I’m here to be with you. She might make me stay up there!”

“My movie or you follow my agreement,” he said flatly smiling.

“Fine,” she said and kissed him tenderly on the lips. She pulled away after what seemed like an eternity, and then stomped up the stairs, occasionally looking back down to see Michael smiling and laughing. “I’ll get you for this!” she screamed from the top.

“Truth or dare,” one of the girls said from on the couch. All of them were looking at Anell, Jenny’s best friend, whose turn it obviously was. Sydney tried to ignore them, but couldn’t help but listen in on them as she searched the Vaughn’s pantry for popcorn.

“Truth,” she heard Anell say regretfully.

Sydney placed the bag of popcorn in the microwave as she heard all the girls giggle, “Have you ever had a crush on Jenny’s brother?”

Sydney couldn’t help but sneak out into the living room and listen to what they were saying. She saw Anell go pale, “Maybe.”

“That was a yes or no question Anell, and you must answer it,” one of the girls spoke up.

“Y-n-Yes,” she admitted.

Sydney couldn’t help but giggle too, “Anell, I’m sorry to tell you this, but he’s taken.”

All fourteen girls spun around and saw Sydney behind the couch looking at them, “Uh! Eavesdropper!”

Sydney rolled her eyes, “First of all, I was making popcorn and just happened to hear a game of Truth and Dare going on. And I heard MY boyfriend come up. Now, if your boyfriend was being talked about, wouldn’t you like to hear about what?”

Some of the girls just scoffed her off, but some of the ones that she had never seen before gasped, “You’re Michael’s girlfriend?”

“Yes,” she answered and walked off into the kitchen to get the popcorn out of the microwave and go back downstairs to Vaughn’s room where things were civil and the world was right. She grabbed the bowl and started walking and passed the living room. All the girls looked at her, some with amazement, and others with disgust. She just stuck her tongue out at those looking at her with disgust and trotted down the steps.

“I got the pop-“ she started but saw Vaughn sitting on the bed with a rose in his hand and their song playing.

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time

Vaughn grabbed the popcorn bowl and placed it on the bedside table. The song played over again, and he asked, “May I have this dance?”

“Of course,” she said smiling. The started to slow dance to their song and she was beaming, and almost in tears of joy.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it's worth it was worth all the while

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

He leaned her back at the end of the song and pulled her back up, “See, I was thinking. Prom is coming up really soon, and I don’t have anyone to go with. Would Gumby like to go with me?”

She laughed, “I’d love to.”

“That’s what I thought. And because I want to be the most beautiful girl there, I’ve arranged for you to go shopping anywhere you’d like. You and two friend have a limo to pick you up tomorrow at one o’ clock. You have until six. Then, on the day of the prom, you have an appointment at Magnifiqué to get your hair and nails done,” he explained looking into her eyes, waiting for her reaction.

Tears were collecting in the corners of her eyes, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“Anything for you,” he said smiling and leaning in for a kiss.

Lyrics- Time of Your Life by Green Day

Chapter 25
I Love Shopping

“I cannot believe this” Sydney gaped as she looked around Neiman Marcus at all the dresses she could choose from.

“I can’t believe you made me come with you” Will groaned.

“Think of it this way, Vaughn’s paying for it all” Sydney squealed as she continued to look.

“Why couldn’t you have called Francie?” Will asked her.

“Because Francie is somewhere making out with my ex boyfriend” Sydney shrugged bitterly.

“So you two aren’t on speaking terms anymore?” Will looked at her.

“Well; I mean…this could be a huge mistake for her and she knows what he did to me, I just don’t understand how she could completely disregard our friendship for him. It’s not like he’s all that special” Sydney sighed.

“If I had of said that Logan was an ass 4 months ago…you wouldn’t have believed me” Will tried to reason with her.

“I know that…but the thing is…it’s not like I lied when I said what he did to me” Sydney sighed and picked out a couple more dresses to try on.

“You know Fran, she always has to make her own mistakes” Will told her as Sydney began giving him the dresses to carry.

“Yeah, I know” Sydney sighed, “I just…she’s still one of my good friends and I don’t want to see her hurt”

“How many more stores after this?” Will asked her.

“This is the last one, so I had better find my dress” Sydney smiled.

“You can say that again” Will laughed, “can we get some food after?”

“Sure, it’s all on Vaughn” Sydney laughed and waved his debit card around.

“I do not know what he was thinking when he gave you his pin number” Will shook his head slightly.

“Love makes you stupid” Sydney laughed.

“Understatement of the year” Will smirked.

“Shut up Tippen” Sydney slapped his chest.

“What about this one?” Sydney walked out of the changing room in the 4th dress.

“It’s fine if you want to wear the exact same thing as everyone else there” Will shrugged.

“Ok, you’re right” Sydney threw her hands up and walked back into the changing room.

“Syd, I’m sure you’ll find something” Will called.

“I think I have” Sydney smiled.

“Can I see?” Will asked her.

“Nope, it’s a surprise” Sydney told him.

“If you go wearing something made out of duct tape Mike will shoot me in the face” Will told her.

“I promise it will not be duct tape” Sydney laughed, “just trust me okay?”

“Fine” Will agreed as Sydney came out of the changing room in her regular clothes.

“I need to go find shoes” Sydney smiled.

“Do you want me to go look at menswear so you can do this all in secret?” Will asked.

“Would you?” Sydney smiled sweetly.

“Yeah, sure” Will shook his head and walked towards the menswear.

“Ok…shoes” Sydney smiled as she walked over to the piles upon piles of shoes and scanned for the perfect ones, “gotcha” she smiled and took them off the shelf.

“Alright, let’s go” Sydney took Will’s arm and pulled him out of the menswear.

“Find everything?” Will asked as he looked at the bags she was carrying.

“Yeah, can we go put these in your car?” Sydney smiled.

“Sure” Will agreed and took out his car keys.

“Thanks” Sydney smiled as she put her bags in the trunk, “what are we eating?”

“Subway?” Will shrugged.

“You read my mind” Sydney laughed.

“Lets go kid” Will smiled as they walked back towards the mall, he watched as Sydney’s smile fell when she saw Logan and Francie leaving. “Don’t do anything rash Syd”

“What would I possibly do?” Sydney clenched her jaw.

“Syd” Will warned her again.

“Hi Sydney, I didn’t know you and Will were together now?” Francie walked up to Sydney.

“We’re not, I’m shopping for my prom dress and needed some help” Sydney shrugged.

“Oh, well, too bad you didn’t call me” Francie smiled.

“No, it’s really not all that bad” Sydney shrugged.

“What’s your problem?” Francie looked at her.

“Are you kidding me?” Sydney laughed.

“I haven’t done anything to you” Francie leaned back against Logan.

“No, you’re right. You haven’t. But I never thought you would date my ex boyfriend, and not just any ex boyfriend, the guy that hit me. I thought you of all people had some respect for friendship, and some standards” Sydney spat.

“Look Sydney, if you want him back…” Francie muttered.

Logan just stood there, his hands on Francie’s hips, he had a sly grin on his lips, Sydney couldn’t help but want to smack it right off.

“Want him back? You cannot be serious! It’s really a funny thought” Sydney laughed, “I’m sorry but I just don’t understand how one day your telling me that he’s the worst thing to ever happen to the world and the next your screwing him in your basement? He’s not that great…with anything” and with that Sydney walked away.

“Syd” Will caught up with her.

“I’m sorry, I know you told me not to…but I just couldn’t take it…that smug look on his face” Sydney told him and her eyes began to water.

“Syd, it’s ok” Will told her and hugged her gently, “I was just going to say that he doesn’t deserve this. He doesn’t deserve to make you cry”

“Thanks Will, let’s just go eat” Sydney smiled.

“Alright” Will nodded.

Sydney laughed as Will pulled into her driveway and opened the trunk and Sydney grabbed her bags.

“Thank you so much Will” Sydney smiled and hugged him gently.

“No problem sweetie, go put your felgercarb away, I think your boy toy wants to see you” Will winked.

“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow” Sydney smiled and skipped into her house with all of her bags.

“Sydney is that you?” Irina smiled.

“Yeah mom” Sydney smiled and put the bags down on the landing at the stairs.

“Did you get a dress?” Irina asked her.

“Yes I did” Sydney nodded.

“Can I see it?”

“Not till prom” Sydney bit her lip and then took Michael’s debit out of her wallet, “I need to go give this back to Vaughn, I might be a while…if you need me I have my cell” Sydney skipped back over to Vaughn’s house and knocked on the back door.

“Hey” Vaughn smiled as he slid the door open.

“Hey yourself” Sydney kissed his cheek, “this is yours” she handed him the debit.

“And here I was thinking I’d have to cancel it and get a new one” Vaughn took it from her and winked, “you and Will had fun?”

“Yes we did” Sydney smiled and put her arms around his neck.

“Will called, he said you ran into Francie and Logan?” Vaughn asked her.

“I don’t want to talk about it” Sydney whispered and pressed her lips upon his.


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